Our Creators Lightning


Our creator fathers are the former gods. The terraformers. Let us remember them. Their pure achievements still serve us every day — ungrateful we are, who have the nerve to thank nature for their work! They have worked for millennia, bending natural evolution so that it goes in the right direction: ours. Thank you very much.

Nature has nothing to do with it, but the gods! They worked so hard, for so long! We are all tiny dwarves next to them. We all do shit in the shadow of their masterpieces. The more I see them do it, the less I trust us. Defeatism of age, forget it.

In terms of energy, their most brilliant achievement is in mastery of lightning, an area we know nothing about. Or almost. I promised to come back to the point, here I am. Lightning is a renewable, inexhaustible source of energy. The terraformers knew how to attract it, then shatter the lightning, crumble it into balls of lightning. Before the Flood, lightning provided most of the energy they needed. It took a lot to operate their huge ship and its countless machines. Terraforming a wild planet is not a picnic on Mars.
Love at first sight in Avebury

In England, in Wiltshire, I had the following intuition for the first time. I have seen the Avebury Megalithic Ensemble function in waking vision. I had studied these questions for years in old myths and sacred texts. But nothing beats fieldwork to understand the unimaginable. One after another, all the cogs of the great stone machine came to life under the blue lightning. I understood that it was a lightning factory, a powerhouse of lightning energy, and I took a great lesson in humility. The terraformers were superhuman. Despite all our science, we are very far from equaling them.



A lightning power plant consists of a lightning sensor, a spark gap and a transmitter. The spark gap can be called a lightning rod, because like this the role of the sensor is to attract lightning. The lightning sensor can be a pyramidion, a small pyramidal structure at the top of the great pyramids. The sensor can also be any metal or mineral part, charged with a negative potential which attracts lightning. In Avebury, the sensor was perched on top of a conical pyramid, Silbury Hill. It was metallic, it is missing today.

The Silbury Pyramid was designed as a giant electric battery, with granite compartments filled with alkaline limestone. It formed an accumulator capable of supplying the summit sensor with negative energy, in order to attract lightning.

This lightning being fatal, it is advisable to keep only the divine power – this sacred power which gives awakening by opening of the crown chakra, the fontanel. This is the role of the sparkler: to separate the lethal power and the sacred power. In this exemplary site, two alignments of polarized menhirs form an electric line. In this line, the vril energy from the stone separates the lightning from the balls of lightning. A basin of water surrounds the foot of the pyramid. Water participates in the process both to burst the lightning and to transmit the balls of lightning.
Energy galore

These lightning balls behave like intelligent beings. They are the manifestation of the purest vril energy, which I call the vril of awakening. Why did terraformers use lightning energy? They used it for a triple purpose.

-Primo, lightning vibrated the water in the basin at the foot of the pyramid. All the pyramids were originally surrounded by water, an essential element. Vibrated by lightning, the water was used for human, animal and plant consumption, in the form of vegetable and cereal irrigation.
-Secundo, the balls of lightning were used to awaken warriors. The vril of the lightning balls increased the resistivity of their neural nervous system. Electrical awakening occurs when a strong electrical potential (eg electrocution) triggers a rise in kundalini. It is the vril of awakening.
-Tertio, the basic electrical energy separated from the waking vril was used to run machines and motors.

This is the great truth that is hidden in our electricity. It is threefold, like each one, like each of us. The complete human being is BODY + HEART + SPIRIT. Electricity is the body, vril is the heart, lightning is the spirit. The Atlanteans and their neighbors mastered many sciences of which we know little or nothing. So, by studying the ultra- and infra-sonic ranges, they discovered antigravitation. They have always explored the powers of spirit over matter. It was the study of these powers that introduced them to geo-energy or Vril.
End of abundance

The mega-civilization that preceded our own used several types of energy. The electricity produced by the terrestrial globe seen as a giant dynamo is Vril energy. It is the main source of energy used by “the gods before”. Self-produced by terrestrial magnetism, Vril circulates around the globe in vast flows. Geo-energy was captured by pyramids, shattered by temples or stone circles, and then channeled through water pipes and polarized alignments.

We saw that there was a misfire on takeoff from the ship island called Atlantis. By falling heavily, Atlantis caused the flood. Commander Atlas son of Poseidon led the maneuver of the gigantic machine. Atlas would have caused disaster. Or not ? The same Atlas that the Hellenic mythological tradition holds responsible for the tilt of our planet on the ecliptic plane. When it did, anyway, something stuck in the celestial mechanics. For lack of oil in the cogs of our mother Gaia, the new tilt of the Earth caused the vril energy production to drop.



To make up for the energy shortage, the power stations were adapted to lightning-fast energy … Vril energy has not disappeared, however. It is vital, therefore it circulates everywhere. The usual language constantly testifies to its presence: it is the good vibes, the good vibrations of the 70s when “the current is fine” we are “on the same wavelength”. Someone attractive exerts an attraction comparable to that of a magnet on iron. A loving heart attracts to itself the hard metal of suffering hearts. Love is energy.
Vril and kundalini

Vril is also the nerve impulse that runs through our body. This is one of the languages ​​in which Mother Earth speaks to us. To feel it, we have the soles of the feet, which is the most suitable subtle organ. By walking barefoot on sacred land, the first peoples know that they are recharged with subtle energy, without which all living things quickly wither and die. I have a thought for all urban people, wearing shoes, socks, soles, all the holy day on the concrete, tarred, tarred, useless or trampling on the synthetic of modern offices. To recharge your batteries, a geranium which has dried up for four years and the African violet which will imitate it by dint of withering away in a pot that is too small.

The monks, when they still felt the vibrancy of life, wore only barefoot sandals with thin soles that protected them from the cold of medieval slabs, without depriving them of the good vibrations that can be felt in Roman crypts or gothic cathedrals.
Ancient vril

The Vril energy had a sacred function, that of transforming man into a god by restoring lost powers – those psi powers that result from the synchronous use of the two cerebral hemispheres. The carefully dosed vril increased the electrical tension of the central nervous system and triggered a surge of kundalini.

The technique was probably very complex, which explains why, after having been perfectly mastered by the Atlanteans, the exact knowledge was gradually lost, transmitted to only initiates, such as the Levites who were the only ones authorized to handle the Ark. ‘Alliance. Regardless of the time, latitude and circumstances, it seems that our ancestors always sought awakening, enlightenment, and inner wholeness. Countless techniques have been used for the same purpose. Egyptian bas-reliefs show us the use of what I believe to be a Vril chamber, modeled on the hyperbaric chambers of divers or the sensory isolation chambers of the 1980s.



We can note the presence of electric cables connecting the boxes to generators. Lying naked in this box, the postulant received his baptism with an electric vril. Electricity is one of the many means of awakening used by the gods. The properly regulated discharge ensured awakening without major risk. The different scenes of the bas-reliefs or the Egyptian frescoes are very precise, so precise that one can think that each detail is significant. We do not have the right to neglect a single one.

The djed is not a symbol, it is a precious device, of major utility, hence its omnipresence in Egyptian iconography. In ancient Egyptian, djed means stability, duration. A clue that leads me to think that the djed could be used to prolong the existence of the mortal gods, such as soma for the Hindu gods, ambrosia for the Olympian gods and mead for the Celtic gods. A little boost, and presto, the DNA was rectified, the subject rejuvenated.
Egypt heiress

This fascinating country would have gathered only goatherds in rags if it had not received the Atlantean inheritance. And our beautiful human species, of which we are so proud, what would it be without the precious help of terraformers? Now that we are going to become terraformers of the planet Mars ourselves. One of those centuries. it is important to review the successes and failures of our terraformers. In order to try to be better than they have been. Which will not be so easy.






There is no difference in kind between the human and the divine. Just a difference of degree.
Lao Surlam