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I took the liberty of calling “our creators” this race of gifted supermen who terraformed this planet by populating it with their alien genetics. Our masters have come very often since their first visit billions of years ago. They come when it suits them. They are at home here. Once ~12,500 years ago~ the giant ship opened its bunkers to give birth to a floating island.

This artificial circular island has landed delicately on the Atlantic Ocean. With its 3300km diameter, the giant island barely had room to hold. It occupied almost the entire North Atlantic, in accordance with the words of Plato who called it Atlantis. The Greek philosopher tells us that very little sea separated this circular island from either side of the ocean. This artificial island was the size of a continent. Atlantis almost touched the American coast, and it was only a short distance from European coasts. The floating island formed a bridge between the two continents – which explains the Neolithic migrations …

Another time, the astronaut gods landed on the Indian Ocean. The African and Indian neighbors called it the Land of Punt. We also say Lemuria. Another time it landed on the Pacific Ocean. It was then called Mu.



When you put a packet of noodles in a pot full of water, it overflows. When a craft of this size lands on an ocean, the volume of water displaced causes sea levels to rise. If the landing, or rather the ditching is very gradual, the disadvantages for the residents are measured: a rise in the level on each side of the Atlantic is however inevitable. But in the event of a sudden take-off or landing, the impact of the enormous spacecraft unleashes a terribly devastating tsunami.

This is what happened during the failed takeoff from Atlantis 12,500 years ago. Indeed Atlas, the captain, missed his take-off. The giant ship landed heavily in the ocean. Result: a terrible tsunami devastated the two riparian coasts. The east coast of America and the west coast of Europe have been ravaged by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and landslides. American and European legends evoke a wave 4km high! There is no exaggeration here. Consider the size of the artificial island. Imagine the volume of water displaced …

From the point of view of visitors, these man-made islands were an ideal hideout. They had all their gear and their stocks in the vast bunkers, the surface had been laid out for eons, a beautiful garden of Eden to cry, that those who saw it say hallucinating to the point of calling it paradise earthly. We would indeed like to stay there forever. Stays there are short. Coming back to earth, to the exhausting work in the fields, exhausting earthworks, exhausting portages, ten days per decade and 360 days per year – which was the length of the year at the time.

Never rest, except on New Year’s Day, the anniversary of their arrival on earth. Never rest except for the New Year in February: the Chinese of Macao practiced that in the 70s. I witnessed it. A lot of them had two fulltime jobs, yes they did. I am not sure that this very ancient custom has totally faded out.



Also, when the terraformers returned, they took advantage of their unfortunate experience: they no longer landed on an ocean. They chose to remain in a stationary orbit close to the earth. For this, they chose the most favorable point, vertically above the North Pole. The study of the stratospheric layers has shown that there is an area free from solar and astral disturbances, and which is also relatively protected from geomagnetic waves. This zone is located in a vertical cone whose point is at the north pole.

They therefore fixed their mother ship vertically to the North Pole, which was once called Borée. We immediately called this new planet very close: Hyperborea, which means above Boreas, the north pole. The star visitors did not come for sightseeing. They had a mission. First of all, make this planet habitable. Their assistants the Angels / Giants helped them a lot in this task. But their high technology was decisive for all constructions: pyramids, cyclopean walls, megaliths, etc.

we adams

The last step in any terraforming is the most delicate: creating, educating, and training an intelligent species capable of taking over when they are gone. Because they will go away. Visitors have other planets to terraform, space is not lacking, and these people are not limited by the speed of light, which is impassable only for beginners. They created several humanities before conceiving ours, the fifth of the name. Or sixth, the authors differ.

Their work thus crowned, the gods are gone. They always leave. They promised to come back. It’s part of the protocol. Promises are binding only on those who believe in them. These gods are rats. But fabulous rats. In a future article, we’ll go back a few billion years to contemplate one of their first mega-achievements: taming lightning. Ride the lightning bolts. The Cyclops did. Zeus inherited their power. A number of gods are responsible for lightning and lightning in all cultures, all old religions, Ramman, Perun, Chac or Tlaloc … Among the Gauls, it is Taranis. His name already shakes like a thunderclap.

master of time

If you are curious to read the links in the previous paragraph, you will find that there are two kinds of lightning: natural lightning and man-made lightning. The gods before had laser beams capable of cutting rock, not to mention damage to humans. Their pistols looked like their hands were throwing lightning bolts. Natural lightning is a meteorological phenomenon that has nothing to do with previous weapons, apart from induced electricity.

Their technology, in all areas, was both similar and different from ours. The notion of efficiency, very present with them as with us, was not correlated with considerations of profitability, profit, investment. They were sometimes selfish, grabbers, thieves, rapists and the like, but not stingy. Money did not count in their calculation.

This enormous absence explains all the difference between man and superhuman. While man is weak, indecisive, easily corruptible, the superhuman invests in the future because he is the master of time.



masters of sky

The former gods used the same energies as ours, including nuclear. They also used weapons of mass destruction in their turf wars: atomic bombs, like in Sodom, Gomorrah, and many other places. And a whole terrifying arsenal … In the description given by the Mahabharata, most of these overpowered weapons no longer exist today. So much the better. Let us not imitate the gods in what they hate.

Let us remember them. Their magnificent achievements still serve us today, and we, ignorant ungrateful that we are, we have the nerve to thank nature for it! They’ve worked for millennia, bending natural evolution, giving it nudges to go the right way: ours. They got over it that Ducros next door is just a dwarf. We are all dwarves next to them. We all do shit next to their masterpieces.

In terms of energy, their most brilliant achievement is in mastery of lightning, an area we know nothing about. Lightning is a renewable, inexhaustible source of energy. Terraformers knew how to attract lightning, burst lightning, crumble it into balls of lightning. Before the Flood, lightning provided most of the energy they needed. It took a lot to operate their huge ship and its countless machines.

In England, in Wiltshire, I had this intuition for the first time. I had studied these questions for years in old myths and sacred texts. But nothing beats fieldwork to understand the unimaginable. I have seen the Avebury Megalithic Ensemble function in waking vision. One after another, all the cogs of the great stone machine came to life under the blue lightning. I understood that it was a lightning factory, a powerhouse of lightning energy, and I took a great lesson in humility. The terraformers were superhuman. Despite all our science, we are very far from equaling them, as you will see in the third and final part of this series:

Our Creators Lightning



This article takes up, completes and updates a conference I gave in Barcelona in 2015. (to be continued)

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