Kill the Old Adam


Killing old Adam is a Christian expression that means replacing Adam with Jesus. Going from the Old Testament to the New. This restrictive interpretation has discouraged unbelievers who understand it in the sense of a makeover. So they say: to kill the old man. But there is a third meaning.


What Certainty?

If the historical existence of Jesus is called into question by mythologists like John Lamb Lash and myself, the existence of Adam, or better to say the Adams, is obvious. But evidence does not make a certainty. Certainly, it took a first man, or a first people of clones. But is there still a trace of this divine program in the present man? Is it worth killing Adam if he’s already been dead for so long?

Evangelical discourse is imbued with good feelings, discordant piety and redundant pity. But what does it bring to the revelation of truth? To kill old Adam would only be to take Jesus as a model? To extend the left cheek when slapping your right cheek? Suffer the torment to redeem the sins of others? A character like Jesus hardly fits with the Essene faith, the lessons of Gnosis, and the mentality of the time, that of an invaded people, dominated by more powerful, victim of contempt and injustice as the Hebrew people has always been. In a word, Jesus is a Jew seen by Christians.

Give to Caesar what is to Caesar, and to God what is to God, said Jesus. In such an atmosphere of oppression, this soothing discourse seems strange. One would expect a rebellious christ, instead of this mystical lamb. The Gnostic tablets of Nag Hammadi are the oldest documents on which the various narratives of the current New Testament are based. Now we discover a very different redeemer. His name is not Jesus, but XS.I precise: XS means Kristos and not Xavier Séguin.

The Two Adam

Killing old Adam can be interpreted differently: replacing the old Adam with the new. As R.A. Boulay points out in his book The reptilian past of humanity, there were two Adams, two very different Adamite peoples. Old Adam lived on Hyperborea. He was reptilian, covered in scales, which is why Genesis tells they were naked in paradise, Eve and him.

“According to the Haggadah, the bodies of Adam and Eve had scaly skin. Adam’s skin “was as bright at night as by day and covered his body like a luminous garment.” Adam therefore had the appearance of a reptile with his scaly and shiny skin. For this reason Adam and Eve did not wear clothing as protection or comfort.” (source)R.A. Boulay, The Reptilian Past of Humanity

There were two Adams as there were two distinct periods at the origin of our species. Before and after the fall. Before the fall, reptilian humanoids lived, not on Earth, but 200 km above the North Pole, in a reptilian mother ship from the Great Dipper, which the Bible calls the terrestrial paradise, and following Plato, I call Hyperborea. But this wandering planet has carried more than one name.

“Genesis also says that the Adamites did not sweat before the fall. This was their punishment for eating the forbidden fruit, for then they said to him, “You shall earn your bread by the sweat of your brow.” Before the fall, Adam did not sweat. Perspiration is characteristic of mammals, not reptiles.” (source)R.A. Boulay, The Reptilian Past of Humanity


The Fall

As long as they remained in the Garden of Eden, another name of the earthly paradise, the Adamites did not procreate. Sumerian tables explain why: they were like mules, unable to reproduce. The incident that the Bible calls “the fall of Man” was to acquire the ability to reproduce, adopting more mammalian traits. This is made explicit when it is said that Eve must now undergo the pains of childbirth like all mammals. (source)R.A. Boulay, The Reptilian Past of Humanity

The fall of man is interpreted as a metaphor. Christianity takes it in a symbolic sense: it sees it as a moral fall. I disagree. There is no symbolism in the original texts. This smoking discipline is recent, and as useful as a cautery on a wooden leg.

The symbol is what is left when genuine reality is forgotten, said Lao Surlam, pit of science, treasure of scholarship, pillar of wisdom, Himalaya of humility. I precise: Lao Surlam is a pseudonym. At his request his identity must remain thoroughly secret.

Don’t be afraid of the world, my friend. The world should be afraid of you. (Lao Surlam)


The fall is a real fall, from Hyperborea down to 200km, on Earth in the polar region. Other biblical characters experienced the same fall, this divine staff in revolt, the fallen angels.



The Forbidden Fruit

The transition from the golden age to the silver age is brutal. The Bible calls it the fall: that of Adam and Eve out of paradise, out of the Garden of Eden, out of Nibiru, in a word Hyperborea. The fall of the Adamites is accompanied by another fall, which followed the first. It is the fall of the angels

In Hyperborean paradise, the Adamites lived among the gods, they were reptilians like them. But the forbidden fruit made them mutate. When they crunched it, they left the reptilian family to become mammals. Women no longer have scales, their skin is soft and silky. Men have a valiant sex that just needs to be of service. You may imagine the angels have understood the situation perfectly.

They saw the luscious beauty of mammal females and it tickled their glottis. Among other things. So they dropped their prestigious positions among the gods to mate with humans. The Bible calls them fallen angels, but they’re not ordinary soldiers.

You have to be a military officer to hit on people. Those who have descended are captains. Thus seven Archangels, seven faithful servants of the Goddess on her flying ship, became the demons of the Earth. Gnosis calls them Archons. They represent the divine authority on this still wild planet, but populated by intelligent beings, endowed with supra-consciousness and finally able to reproduce.

The Christian gospels show us a remake of these archangel couplings with humans: when Archangel Gabriel accosts the young Mary. This coupling makes Jesus not the son of God, but the son of a god — quite a difference. I mean ifever Jesus had existed.

End of the Artificial Matrix

The fall also means the end of human cloning. The artificial matrix has done its time, it has cloned thousands of black warriors, white engineers and yellow managers. The angels remaining faithful to the Goddess carefully store this old material that can be used on the next planet to terraform. Here comes the time of flesh robots.

Waiting for the supra-conscious human.

For the former gods, professional terraformers, this phase is inevitable. It must happen sooner or later. It is the key to future emancipation. The gods are not meant to hold our hands. Other wild planets are awaiting for them. Once they have helped us grow, it is up to us to prove ourselves.

One day or another, the clones ask themselves questions. They see how the gods fricotent, it excites them mentally, but not sexually. Not yet. They’re not sexual. There’s no real difference between males and females. Both have orifices to receive, but nothing to give. Or almost nothing.

Sexuality is suffered, not consensual, not enjoyable, humiliating for the sexual object. But the clones have no pride, they cannot be hurt, they are totally devoid of ego. And imagine that it is very embarrassing in the first half of their life.

We spend the first half of our life forging a strong ego, and the second half to get rid of it. (Carl Gustav Jung)


The Robot Clones

No, it’s not a problem. Primitive clones are tough. They never complain. They work 24 hours a day, every day of the year, without hesitation, without getting sick, without making a fuss. They are not protected by any union, their divine employers are not required to declare them to anyone, their disappearance is not a concern for anyone.

But it doesn’t matter. The first Adamites were clones and the clones of Alcor or Sumer are robots. Polymetallic and crystalline mechanical and electronic assemblies. They have no intimate memory, all their days are alike, all their tasks are repetitive. They have no feeling, no feeling, no emotion. The animals approach them, sniff them, sneeze several times and walk away without giving them more interest. The robots have a strong smell of mustard oil. 

I make crates of it, because the fall did not arrive at once without warning. If it is true that the very first clones, say the first generation, were strictly robots without feelings or emotions, terraformers took care to make them evolve gradually. To give them at once a soul and a free will, no god, no archangel would have taken such responsibility.

These people are super-pros. All the procedures are checked by eras of scientific practice. Everything is noted, verified and analyzed in a redundant way. Nothing escapes the formalization of genetic, evolutionary and educational practices. Caution is the rule at all levels of intervention.



Enki’s provocation

The Sumerian tablets give us a precious confirmation of this contractual prudence. This is the rebellious attitude of Enki Ea, Prometheus for the Greeks. While the clones were not yet aware, specialized robots far from the evolved status that is ours, Enki the brilliant geneticist allowed himself to make himself his human, in his corner, for his personal use. He named it Adapa, which the Torah translated as Adama, and the Bible as Adam.

In doing so, Enki questioned the evolutionary programs that terraformers had been running for hundreds of millions of years. The rebellious god knew very well that he was committing a serious irregularity. But he did it on purpose. Enki was a huge provocateur. Not content with having his human, intelligent, skillful, creative and efficient, he gave him a spacecraft. This unthinkable act would not fail to arouse the fury of his uncle Anu, responsible for Terra, whom the Greeks call Zeus.

This provocation finds its equivalent in Greek mythology with the episode of the sharing of Mekone. Prometheus takes a side for the humans, his creatures, and suggests them a great way to roll the god of the gods. It works so well and the humiliation is so strong that Zeus condemns his nephew Prometheus to deportation to the depths of the Scythian plains, where he would remain chained to the Urals while an eagle, every night, would devour his liver. Other times, other manners. The gods are bastards like everyone else.

Anu of Anunna

Continuing the provocation, Enki sent Adapa to visit his uncle Anu or Anou on the Anunna’s mothership. Hyperborea hovered 200 km above the North Pole. Its access was strictly reserved for the divine shuttles, which took off from Baalbek or another divine airport. No one was allowed to go in his own spacecraft, except Anu himself.

Imagine Anu’s shock when he saw Adapa land on Hyperborea! Stunned by the offense, Anu sees an unknown hominid in an unlisted spacecraft on his boards! What to sting a very divine anger. I tell the whole story here.

Anu gives his name to his people : Anunna, Anu’s people. On the other hand, the word Anunna can be cut in two parts, Anu + (A)nna = Anunna. Anna or Ana or Dana is the Great Goddess who reigns over a thousand stars emporium from her mother planet UR under the sun ALCOR. And Anu is her legate who represents her on Terra.


Human Giving Names

So, after a long evolution towards self-awareness and supra-consciousness, the clones became human. The Adamites broke their assembly lines. They received the Goddess in their heart, they adored her for her great beauty, her tenderness and her inexhaustible patience.

They covered her with caresses and kisses. She spent torrid nights and days without schedule with some of the most beautiful stallions and most beautiful cavales of the adamite horde. In exchange for their affection — and more because of affinities — the Goddess gave them an immortal soul.

Big life change. Numbers become individuals. They abandoned their automatic identification by 50-digit numbers and ten letters. The new humans chose their last name, and their first name. All the families started with them. They had no father or mother, since they came from the Cyclone matrix, which clones up to six clones at a time. They had no ancestors, but what does it matter? They themselves were the ancestors of lineages so long that they came to all of us, here and now.

They named themselves. They also named all the animals, all the plants, all the parts of the beautiful landscape where they made their first conscious steps. Suddenly, they had become the masters of the world created for them, gardeners of this garden, guardians of this zoo.

Man gave name to all the animals, in the beginning, long time ago (Bob Dylan). To name is also to appoint. The man giving names can be understood the man who rules. After the departure of the gods, we became the bosses of this planet.



There is no difference in kind between the human and the divine. Just a difference of degree.
Lao Surlam