Ten Keys To Witchcraft

Another world is found
Deep inside of this one
Inner the border is
Away the fear has gone

The witchcraft I’m talking about has nothing to do with the image above: the facetious (and talented) Kervor had fun teasing me. My sorcery is not that of Breton villages either. It comes from Latin America.


In the 1970s, U.S. ethnography student Carlos Castaneda was trained by several Yaqui sorcerers in Mexico. He found out a set of singular practices which he called nagualism. Millions of copies of his books has been sold worldwide. Revolution in the young skulls. We all started playing Yaqui wizards. Over the years, the game has become a way of life. Some are still in.

The yaqui sorcerer does not send spells. He does not heat the retort, he ignores the athanor, he does not consult any grimoire under the trembling light of a candle. No pentacle, no invocation, no magic potion in my nagualism. The demon has nothing to do with it. Nor the good god, by the way. Ifever he exists!

Sorcerer is not a job, but a way of life. We’re not sorcerer during office hours. From my poin t of view, sorcerer is a level of achievement on the path of the warrior.

Any warrior can become a sorcerer. This is what happens to him if he persists on the path of the warrior. The Japanese bushido. Except that the tarot is not the Tao. Although? … Do not all roads lead to the Way?

There is another world inside of this one. Going there, knowing how to access it, continuing to explore it, pushing back the limits of the inconceivable, such is the art and purpose of this particular sorcery, the nagualism of Mexico.

Four French Naguals

Any warrior can become a sorcerer. But not every wizard can become nagual. Nobody becomes nagual. It is a predisposition that one must possess from birth. A certain energetic configuration which results in a modification of the luminosity – this is what is called the aura in nagualism.

My benefactor Jean-Claude Flornoy initiated four lines of Nagual sorcerers in tune with our continent and its energy very different from that of Central America. What remains is the heart of Castaneda’s teaching. The practice is adapted to our climate and our customs. Thus Flornoy brought up the living source of nagualism in Gallic country.

Two of the lines are headed by a nagual, two others by a nagual woman. One of the lines lost their first nagual, my lifelong friend Jean-Claude Devictor, who recently disappeared. But the succession is assured. I have no news from the nagual women, I doubt they will continue their work. There remains the fourth, mine.

The luminosity of a nagual is divided vertically into four quarters, which are called branches. Jean-Claude Flornoy and my friend Devic were four-branched naguals.

Nagual women too, I suppose. Not me. I am a three-branched nagual, like Castaneda. Note I got no pride: I don’t know what it is.

Don Juan Matus, benefactor of Castaneda, had forgotten the part of the Rule that deals with three-branched naguals. Castenada never knew anything about it. Neither do I. But I don’t care.

Restoring the old religion

The role of these new lines is to re-seed a millennial tradition of white mages, as it once existed in Celtic land. Hence the purpose of this site. Re-enchant the world around. Bring dreams to life, marvel at the distressing reality, change everything but what is going, promote the spread of positive thinking. Our thoughts create the world. So let’s think of a world to live. Or let’s go to the other world.

My dear Devic, on the other hand, had been given the task of restoring the old religion. The one practiced by the Druids according to the teachings of Ramos, also called Ra, Ram, Rama, Lama …

I do not know if the impetus he has given will be enough to revive this beautiful phoenix. What I do know, on the other hand, young or old religions do not interest me at all. Neither sects, parties, clubs, or circles. I only care about my friends whose numbers are constantly growing.

The other world

We can come out of life’s trials grown up, it’s the way of the warrior. We can learn to walk on the clouds, to ride comets, to enter the consciousness of an oak tree. The other world begins here and now. This is the key that opens the door. The adventure does not need a particular place. It is in you. Or not…

Which doesn’t tell us how to set foot in the other world. Is there a recipe? A particular method? Or do you have to rely on an innate disposition, like the nagual? Certainly the presence of a nagual can help. It diffuses a particular energy which the sensitive ones perceive clearly and of which each revel. But other than that, Madame la Marquise, no provision required. You just have to control the movement of the assembly point. This is the second key to nagualism.

Assemblage Point

The concept of assemblage point (AP) is an abstract key of primary importance. The position of the AP not only determines our mood, but it also conditions our vision of the world and the world itself.

A deeper displacement of the AP can modify the physical appearance, the facial features, the morphology, the color of the eyes and the hair, the age and why not? sex. I wonder why transsexuals inflict irreversible and expensive surgeries on themselves? If they are not interested in nagualism, too bad for them. Still further, the position of the AP makes us animals. Wizards love to turn it into a crow. Cultivating moderation, I do not have this vice.

The assemblage point is a bright glow in our aura by which we assemble the world. The world that we perceive with our senses is not the world that our brain shows us. The brain processes the mass of raw information that reaches us to make it acceptable, so that it fits with the worldview we all have. The brain censors. The brain flanges and distorts. Descartes naively demonstrates how our senses deceive us, I affirm no less naively that our brain deceives us. This is the third key to nagualism.


Censoring brain

Our brains filter the info, make up, make it up, dress it in a fashionable garment and present it to us as if it were reality. But no. The real reality, the real truth, is that this pretend dapper pin-up that our brain shows us is in fact an abominable cretaceous monster covered with horns, claws and venom lugs. The world today, like all the others, is not an objective reality but the result of a consensus. The image we have of the world is absolutely not the reality of the world. Fourth key. The keychain is growing.

Participating in this consensus is called assembling the world. And it is the position of the assembly point that determines which world we assemble: the ordinary world, the product of the consensus of almost all living humans? Or any of the billions of myriads of possible worlds? This is up to you.

There are endless realities, all subjective. Objective reality is a decoy, a booby-trap. No Asian can fall into such a rude trap. Reality does not exist, it results from a consensus. An agreement imposed on the entire world population is the worst collateral damage of globalization. Fifth key. Cling! Diling!

If reality does not exist, what about the dream? There are even fewer. No, and that is the paradox. Dreams behave like a non-consensual, non-arbitrary reality, posed there, from all eternity, with its strict and unwritten rules that make them the foundations of another world, more beautiful, more attractive, more graceful than the so-called real world.

Warning ! Not all dreams. Nagualism distinguishes between ordinary dreams and the art of dreaming, when the warrior is aware of his dream and directs it as he pleases in this vastness out there. For the warrior who consciously dreams, dreaming is much more real than everyday life. Sixth key.

The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. (William Butler Yeats)

Astral Mastery

The art of dreaming shakes and rolls the sleeping zombie in the warrior to prevent further advance of sleep. When the zombie leaves, the body exits tumble without warning. So the warrior must imperatively learn to manage the exits of the body. So says the seventh key.

There are several stages in this practice. First, be aware of an outgoing body. We can leave our body while our waking consciousness remains in the body. In this case, our adventures outside the body remain unknown to us. But not unknowable! One day, perhaps, will you remember your secret life? Will you pass on the other side of the mirror? The warrior recap to remember all of himself. This is the eighth key. Everything that was hidden will be revealed, says the Bible.

Second stage, the warrior controls his exit from the body. Even when it occurs unexpectedly, he is not surprised, he stops time, in order to solve the problem at leisure. I suppose there is a third stage where the warrior decides for himself when he comes out of his body, but for not having acquired this fluidity, I cannot testify to it. What I can testify to have lived it several times, when the situation becomes critical, the warrior stops time. While everything around him freezes, he alone retains the mobility and speed that allow him to manage the crisis or escape certain death. Inner speed is the ninth key to witchcraft.

Little Beetle

Everything that was hidden will be revealed. The sacred Apocalypse, the ultimate Revelation, the absolute Knowledge, the Knowledge of the Worlds and the Spheres … The language of the Birds, the Rule of the warrior, the mysteries of Isis, the necessary part of shade, the laser look, the third ear, the hands of love, the healing caress, the interior light … Friend, come in, be baptized in this gush of clarity. Come into your light, you will see, all your brothers are there. To have this ultimate truth is to have in your hand the last key to nagualism.

How can I get into my light? asks Little Beetle. Shift your assembly point, young padawan, replies the old Yoda wrinkled like a coda bridled by a soda.

There si only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.
Aldous Huxley