Test Your Vitality

Do you feel tired when you wake up? You do not have the shape anymore? No longer fishing or potatoes? You have no taste for food? Good dishes leave you marble? The marble leaves you cold? Hey, it smells of coffin!

No, I’m laughing … Reassure yourself. Bad shape happens. To prevent it from dropping, react. Before accusing an unknown virus and stuffing you with antibiotics that will only serve to weaken you more, take your time, it’s good for your health. Take time to measure your vitality rate. The pendulum will help you there.

Of course, nothing replaces a consultation with your doctor. The vibration rate measurement just helps you get a better idea of ​​what’s happening to you. Often these untimely barbells have no other cause than a trivial fall of vitality. And this can be rectified, even remotely, by a geobiologist radiesthesist. It is possible that the fall of vitality is linked to morbid factors, and there, return to the box doctor treating.

With all the precautions of use, I would like to give some notions of dowsing. If you have a pendulum, the following paragraph is not for you. If you know how to use it, the next two paragraphs can be skipped. Hop! Hop! Long live the glide! A black track for a while, and you catch the red track at the next turn.

Tuto: the pendulum

If you do not have a pendulum, find something to do with you. Even if you live on a desert island. Besides, she is no longer deserted since you were there. Find something a little heavy, enough to stretch the piece of string lying in the back of your pocket. A bolt will do the trick, it is already hole, so easy to hang. The bolt of one hand, the string of the other, you will find without me how to assemble. Bravo! Your clock is ready.

The clock must be held with a hand that does not shake. Strive for immobility so as not to impress the very sensitive instrument. The length of string will not exceed 25 cm. I prefer it shorter, but it’s a matter of taste.

To test the vitality, you will throw your clock right in front of you above the dial, that is to say in the direction of the 50, which is the dead point. Then, without moving your hand or your fingers, observe where the clock is pointing. He will move then stabilize a figure. You will only have to interpret the result.


Here are some benchmarks to start, with the habit you will find yours. Good health is 60, you feel good – 70, you feel really good. Impossible to get sick at this vibratory level. The Olympic form is 80. Higher is another matter. 90 is the vitality rate of the great mystics, the meditators, the old sadhus who have completed the four ritual stages, the old wizards of the Yaquis or the Bretons, the great initiates and other seeds of divinity. 100 is the threshold of divinity. Reserved for the gods.

50 is neither good nor bad. 40 is the mistrust, you feel petty. 30, you have no more energy. The slightest effort leaves you flat. You do not care about everything, you move constantly. 20, you’re sick in bed. Below 20, you pull the face and you look very bad. 10, The cure of sleep is contraindicated, you sleep already three quarters of the time. 0, death of the physical body.

To laugh about all

Before ordering your coffin, read this: the rate of vitality can vary significantly in a single day. Digestion difficult, annoyance, negative emotion, pain, all factors that severely lower this rate. If the result surprises or displeases you, repeat the measurement two hours later, or the next day.

After a good night’s sleep, in the cool of dawn, the results are more reliable. It’s true for me who am in the morning. Late risers will prefer the early evening.

So no hurry, no worries. Some fundamentally pessimistic subjects will unknowingly influence the movement of the pendulum to obtain a more negative result. Others, on the other hand, naturally satisfied, have such a good opinion of themselves that they raise the clock beyond their actual level.

Remotely even

If you want to have fun while learning, know that there are many other ways to use this dial. For example you can measure the vitality rate of another person, a company, a connected object, a car, what do I know? The house where you live? But yes, this simple dial can replace the bovis dial.

To test another person, you do not have to be in presence. Think about this person and observe the pendulum. If you do not get a convincing result that way, look at a photo of that person. Then it will work. To test a place, simply point to where it is on a map, aerial photo, etc. You can also write the address of the place to test, and watch your pendulum as you show the address.

Ditto for a company. For an object, it’s very simple if it’s in front of you. But you can also evaluate it remotely using the stuff that I just gave you or others that you will not fail to invent yourself.

A hobby

The use of the pendulum and this dial can give you valuable indications. With the habit, you will not need the dial any more, you will know how to imagine it. Subsequently, you will calibrate your subtle perceptions, you will read the finer reactions of your body, and you will not need the dial or the pendulum to see and to know.

No worries. Dowsing is not an exact science. It’s a hobby. Or a passion for some. As for the illustrious Bovis, inventor of the scale of the same name – his double portrait opens this article. As great as he may be, a radiesthesist is not a magician. The art he practices will probably be a science one day, but not right away. The results are closely related to the practitioner’s donation, or lack thereof. Keep in mind, as always, it’s about believing without believing

Your turn. Test your talent. Your hand very still. Willy-nilly your unconscious dictates the oscillations of the pendulum. No magic in there. This little piece of wood, stone, glass or metal is not animated with a life of its own. It obeys you, that’s all.

Say this gadget allows you to read in your unconscious the answers you do not have in mind. But the power to see what is hidden is not in the pendulum or in the dial. It is in you.


You want a better world, more fraternal, more just ? Well start doing it : who’s stopping you ? Do it in you and around you, do it with those who want to make it. Do it small and it will grow.
Carl Gustav Jung