Geobiological Networks

Geobiology is a new science dedicated to the study of cosmotelluric energies in relation to the living. This new science has more than one chapter.

We have seen to what correspond the large bands of Vril energy running from west to east all across the globe. Geobiologists call them sacred streams.

Much more frequent and less beneficial than the sacred stream, the geobiological networks are cosmo-telluric residues. We know two types of networks, Hartmann and Curry. Hartmann networks form a kind of tight energy frame, oriented north-south and east-west. This grid covers the entire planet, sea included. The meshes are about 2 square yards in France.

Their size vary depending on the parts of the world’s network Curry looks like him, but his orientation is not the same.

 Another fact that may be important: every ten stitches, you will encounter a double network. The intersection of two double networks is detrimental to the living. This is a negative like the Libera Me in medieval churches, or at the Hotié (home) of Viviane in the Dark Forest. Thus, when unfortunately a double crosses network right on your bed, you may develop insomnia, headaches and other drawbacks damaging.

If you have doubts, start checking the orientation of your bed.

In France, it is helpful to sleep with the head to the east or north. Sleeping with your head to the south exposes you to greater fatigability. You do not dream anymore, or rather you do not remember any dream. If it happens in addition that your bed is located on a crossing of double network or other geoenergetic break, discomfort can become troublesome. There are also triple networks, which are more powerful, so in some cases, even more dangerous. Their occurrence is irregular.


Libera Me  

It can be seen in medieval churches, usually to the left of the choir, a long masonry niche in the wall. There is not any service to lay the instruments of worship, but a curious dispostion worth some attention. The niche is large enough for us to lie down, but I strongly advise against this practice, which may be dangerous, and here’s why. Libera-me is Latin Let Me Free. Now it happens that in this niche, the vibratory rate is extremely negative.

An animal would not enter such a place representing a great danger. Some caves, yet healthy, never served in an animal shelter as their vibration is negative. A negative point is ever found next to a positive point.

The more powerful is the positive point, the more dangerous is the negative point next to it. Sacred medieval builders knew how to move energy in the stone churches. The strongest point, or the celebrating point, stood before the altar where once stood the priest celebrating mass.


The medieval custom was to develop in the wall at a location calculated by the clairvoyant contractor, a niche focusing all the negativity that the art of building had evacuated the nave and choir. This lodge is called the libera – me. Who could get free there? The dead. This device was used to separate the soul from the corpse. A smart way to prevent ghosts. The vibratory rate of libera-me was so unbearable that the soul of the deceased had no choice but to flee, continuing the journey towards the light.

Another advantage, more practical one: in a libera-me, life can develop no life, not even the maggots, flies and other vermin. Thus, the frequent case where the body should stay a bit too long, it is not rotted, gave off no unpleasant smell and long retained a waxy, clean and clear appearance. Many saints have gone through the libera-me after death. Which may explain the astonishing case of ancient corpses remained intact, not rotten , in a state of perfect freshness long after the burrial.


Other geobiological accidents may compromise the delicate balance of a place: fault, underground rivers, druidic wells, cave, ancient galleries… or more current pollution: relay antenna, power lines, etc.. If you notice disorders that could have a geobiological origin, do not hesitate to ask a specialist. If you can’t find any, ask me.

John Michell and the line St-Michael

Note that there is in England a system of alignments not orientated east-west, but quite interesting in terms of energy, the lines of ley. Their discovery dates back to the 19th century. According to Watkins, they would date from the Neolithic period and would correspond to ancient communication routes. “After a period of vague forgetting the existence of ley lines, John Michell gives them a major contribution in his book The View Over Atlantis (1969).

He makes know the observations of Watkins, relocates them in a wider context that appeals to ancient knowledge, energy, dowsing, UFOs, and provides the impetus for further investigations. He highlights a line that runs through the whole south of England on 372 miles. It starts at the southwestern tip, in Cornwall, at Michael’s Mount, a pyramidal island located in Mount’s Bay. The line crosses famous landmarks such as Glastonbury and Avebury.

It crosses numerous religious buildings dedicated to St Michael. That is why it is called the line St-Michael. Of course, this is only a relatively recent name, as it existed long before christianization, and its name was Atlas line. The line St Michael is oriented on the ray of the rising sun on May 8 which is precisely the date of the spring festival of St-Michel.” (Source)Alain Boudet on a website unfortunately disappeared 


In the Andes, there are also remarkable alignments that can not be reduced to mere coincidence.

As we know after OsirischanceFrench: hasard does not exist.

I know I am right and everyone else is wrong.
Bernard Werber