The True Story Of Reiki


A universal method of Japanese origin, Reiki is a healing system by hand laying. Warning ! Reiki can also be written reki. It’s important and I like it a lot. You’ll see why. They say it comes from the land of the rising sun. I doubt it. Reiki was not invented in Japan. It is a very ancient technique of training and energy cleaning inherited from the Greeks and Celts.


Origin of Reiki

REI: mind, conscience, soul
KI: energy, strength, life
REIKI: universal life energy, life force
Reiki is an energetic hand-laying technique from Japan.

“Its story begins with a Japanese monk Mikao Usui, Doctor of Scripture and Literature, born August 15, 1865, died March 9, 1926. He will search in the sacred texts for the miracles of Jesus and the cures of Buddha. Sanskrit Texts, Symbols and Mantras Mikao Usui meditates and fast for 21 days on a sacred mountain, and on the last day symbols and mantras are revealed Mikao Usui discovers the secret of healing by laying on of hands.”

All this is absolutely correct, and at the same time totally false. Japanese reki is the work of Mikao Usui. This Nippon needed for that to fast 21 days in his place of power. So he had so little? His method is only a rediscovery that he put in his sauce. Japanese sauces are delicious, it’s true. But in France you can treat like the French.

The grass is always greener on the other side. And in terms of martial art as healing, Westerners are complexed compared to Asian. To the point of forgetting that the Knights Templar practiced yoga much more effective than his Japanese counterpart.

The invention of healing and healing by the laying of hands was not made by a Japanese at the beginning of the last century. It is practiced everywhere and at all times since the world is world, and it is populated by sensitive humans. Every healer has his own method of reki. Otherwise it is zero and gets no result.

It has been given many names: magnetism, imposition of hands, energetic massage … One can even add tantrism, because Ayurvedic medicine knows a form of sexual tantra that activates the inner healer and causes healing. Lafayette Ron Hubbard, fishy founder of Scientology, has developed a method of reki that he called touch assist. Asistance by touch. Fishy he was, like all gurus. But his method works, I practiced it.




No need to study the method of a Japanese to feel the subtle body and rectify the energy flow of a subject. Any sensitive person is able to do that. Bookish knowledge is an obstacle to true knowledge, that of the body. The knowledge of another is an obstacle to good practice, yours.

The reki – I have the weakness to prefer this spelling rarer, but in my opinion more authentic – the reki is not a simple tool for healing. It is also – I should say it is first – a process of energy rebalancing. Rebalancing that can be written re-written, it saves time.

Eternal Reki

Reki has been used since ancient times. Jesus and his apostles used it, like most of their contemporaries. The ancient Mayas knew him. Indians of the plains of North America too. Like the traditional Chinese doctors of the 5th century BCE,before common era contemporaries of Confucius and Lao Tzu. The latter is credited with the invention of the Tao – but all the great inventions are only rediscovered. Lao-tzu wrote: He who is aware of his strength and who keeps the woman’s sweetness, has the Tao in his hands. To have the Tao in his hands is to feel the healing power in his hands.

The Egyptian priests of Sais did the same thing at the same time,5th century BCE as Plato testifies. Not only did ancient Greeks master this technique, but they gave it its name: REKI or RAKI. In Russian, reki means “rivers“, like those thousand and one energy channels awakened by this practice. As for raki, it is an aniseed aperitif consumed in Turkey. There is a Greek variant called ouzo. According to its consumers, raki gives a nice energy. Like a whiplash that animates the subtle body. Google trad says the word raki would be of Malagasy origin.

Why not? Everything is possible. Still I have my own opinion. I maintain that Japanese Reiki is originally a Greek invention, or rather a Greek takeover of a very ancient awakening technique called reki or raki. Yes, it’s very close to the Japanese name! Re or Ra is the sun god of the Egyptians. It is also light, including that of enlightenment. And that’s the energy. In Slovene, ki means who. As in French: qui … In Vietnamese, khi means when. And in Bosnian, kih means men. Where reki would mean: the light of men, the light that, the light when. It’s up to you.



Energy rebalancing

In the initiatory practice of the ancient mysteries of Isis, the laying on of hands on various points of the physical body and the subtle body was one of the means of preparing the recipient for enlightenment. When I was the smuggler for the same little mysteries that DonI’m only joking Flornoy and I used to call arcana XIII, the subtle and physical massages were part of the arsenal used to allow the petitioner to go down to the bottom of him. even, in deep trance. But conscious, always conscious.

I knew Jean-Claude Flornoy in childhood, we were Scouts of France in the same troop. Long before he became the tarot specialist and master cartier that we know, he was a shy and uninsured boy. When I found him years later, I did not recognize him. The awakening had changed him totally.

Faithful to his great discovery, Jean-Claude loved reading tarots. I walked on his trail. With him and two other initiates, my friend Jean-Claude Devictor and Christine Durhône, we co-wrote in 1999 a scenario on the subject for a video that was never made for lack of money. That’s a shame. One day I will put this script online for the construction of my readers – very lucky indeed.


The rebalancing and the awakening

After awakening, energy rebalancing remains a recommendable practice, very beneficial. The cleaning of the chakras and the regonflage of the body diagram are the guarantee of the good subtle functioning essential to the awakening. Flornoy said we were subtle plumbers, because we repair the invisible piping where the vril flows. Or the ki … It’s the same. In term of tarot, this cleaning of the chakras corresponds to the arcane XV the Devil, final stage before the awakening of the arcane XVI the House God.

No master so powerful can he awaken anyone. His role is limited to preparing the ground. It strives to create the maximum conditions favorable to awakening. But it is always the Vivant who chooses. The Living comes from the vocabulary of Jean-Claude Flornoy. Carlos Castaneda would say Intention. Others will talk about the Source. So many labels for the same bottle. Capitalization is necessary for all three words.

Jean-Claude was a year younger than me, but his life ended before mine. And I deplore it. His precious advice and his counter-example often miss me. He practiced the path of blame, or way of the left hand, with a delectation which confined to provoking it. I try not to follow this counter-example. But I do not know if I succeed. Flornoy was awakened by lightning in the late 1980s, in his area of ​​Rochefort Mayenne.

I’ve been awake for a long time, probably as early as twelve, in 1963. Or maybe I was born, hard to say. I can see the auras forever, it never seemed to me surprising or bizarre, although I had the wisdom not to mention it. I see the auras of others, not mine. This is how. Before the recent arrival of new auras, I observed two kinds: blue and gold. Then came the indigo, forty years ago. Then the crystal. Finally the rainbow.

I thought myself golden, a clairvoyant friend revealed to me that I was crystal. It caused me a big surprise. The very first crystal children are in their thirties today, so I would be 40 years older than them. “Of course,” she said. You had to be crystal to take care of them as you always did. “

This remark seemed well-meaning to me. It is true that I initiated many crystal and indigo. If I am crystal, then enlightenment is my birth condition. I did not know any crystal that is not awake by birth. Neither indigo nor rainbow. One day I will write an article on auras, I have promised myself for a long time. I wear this article in me, it will be necessary that I lay it on paper. No, sorry: on screen.



The new Reki

Do you know where I live? To Erquy. The inhabitants of Erquy are called the Réginéens. You will tell me why not Erquissois or Erquiens? I am going to tell you. The city of Erquy was a port already well known to the Roman invaders, who came there on holiday. A Roman road ran straight from Condate, the Latin name of Rennes, to Erquy, via Coriosolis – now Corseul – and its Roman temple dedicated to Mars – another name for Rama.

It does not tell us why Erquy is home to the Réginéens. This is because the Latin name of the ancient Erquy was Réginéa. The suffix nea indicates the Greek origin of this pretty fishing and pleasure port, protected by its cape and its point. Nea means new in Greek. As for regi, that the Romans pronounced regui, it is the Latin deformation of Greek réki, become subsequently erki by inversion of the first two letters, frequent with the accent gallo, for which Bretons become Beurrtons.

Before becoming a Roman holiday resort, Erquy was a Greek counter. His name was Rekinéa. The new reki. Which implies that before, there was an old one. The reki does not date from yesterday … Then the Romans went through there. Reki Latinized in Regui. But according to their habit, the Gauls resisted. Their talk of gallo has changed into erki. That’s how I live the new reki. Of an exceptional vibratory rate, the place is more than conducive to the reequi as the reki. And I know it since the 50s.

The Gauls who resist the Roman invader, a well-known story … But do you know that Erquy is the model of the Gallic village of Asterix? Before becoming a successful cartoonist, the young Albert Uderzo lived the war here at Erquy. So when his friend Rene Goscinny offered to draw the adventures of the dwarfish little Gaul, Uderzo, naturally, chose to locate it here, in Erquy. In my village. Today the invader is no longer Roman … But the Celts still resist!

On the cape Erquy where I live are the remains of a Roman camp. Is it Laudanum, Babaorum or Petibonum? I do not know, but he’s here. The cover page of Asterix’s albums shows a magnifying glass magnifying a detail of the Côtes d’Armor. This detail represents the village of Asterix. It’s right at Erquy’s location. Uderzo has endowed this village with a cape that extends three rocks that emerge. It is the cape Erquy and the Three Stones, well known browsers.

I am fortunate to live in the village of Asterix and the world capital of reki. Come see me, I’ll make you some pancakes. And if your heart tells you, you can discover on your own the beneficial effects of Erquy’s reki.



RE: sun, light, spirit
KI: energy, strength, life
REKI: spiritual energy, light of life

The reki is an energetic technique by laying on of hands, originating from Reki (today Erquy) in the Côtes d’Armor.


There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the Doors of Perception.
Aldous Huxley