The Fourteen Chakram

You know the seven chakram that pulsate on the body of energy. But the extended range covers two octaves: the chakram are then fourteen in number.

You wonder why I’m talking about octaves when it comes to chakram. I established a correspondence that seems obvious to me between the chakram and the notes of the range. This is how I name them abbreviated, by the letter code which indicates the note in English speaking countries. I have already had the opportunity to say and show that French is an initiatory language. You will have the opportunity to check it again in this article.

Here is the equivalence between the international notation of musical notes, and the Italian-French notation:
C = ut
D = re
E = mi
F = fa
G = sol
A = la
B = si

These names come from a religious Latin song, more precisely the hymn to St. John the Baptist. It was Guido d’Arezzo who named them using the initials of the seven sentences composing the hymn: “Ut queant laxi, Resonare fibris, Mira gestorum, Famuli tuorum, Solve pollti, Labii reatum, Sancte Iohannes.” The C top is a transformation from the bottom one, Ut, which becomes Do of Dominus.

I mention fourteen chakras. Others do exist, these fourteen are only the main ones. In the diagram, we see that the intervals between the chakras are far from being as regular as the intervals between the musical notes.

Yet I persist in this equivalence. The chakras emit vibrations that correspond to the notes of the Western scale. In other countries, particularly in Asia, the range is different. I leave it to the Asians to make a transposition that speaks to them more.

The diagram shows a human being in white and his aura in yellow. I did not represent the subtle body, everyone can imagine a few inches around the physical body.

From top to bottom, here is the enumeration of the fourteen chakras on which I work in my reki sessions: two major chakras are above the physical body, in the upper part of the aura, D and C. They are written in black on my diagram. The exact location of the chakras corresponds to the lines, themselves located just below the letters.

Follow the seven chakras of the energy body or subtle body, B, A, G, F, E, D and C. They are noted in red. Still on this same body of energy are three other so-called minor chakras: B , A and G noted in blue.

Finally I mentioned two tertiary chakras in the lower part of the aura, written in black.

Before going further, I would like to emphasize the equilibrium of the top and the bottom: to the two major chakras in the upper part of the aura correspond the two tertiary chakras in the lower part. Thus the wise precept of the Table of Emertia is verified: what is above is like what is below.

The seven central chakram

I have already spoken of these chakram in a previous article to which I invite you. I will be content here to return briefly. From the bottom up, we have red C, the basic center. It is the vril energy pump that feeds the entire energy scheme. This vril pump is assisted in its task by a secondary chakra, the soles of the feet, denoted G blue.

Above the red C, the red D corresponds to the sexual center. In my practice of reiki, the sexual center is intimately connected to another secondary chakra, that of the ankles, noted in blue A on my diagram.

Above the red D is the center of the belly, denoted E red. It is the hara of the Japanese. He manages assertiveness, assurance, self-confidence. Those who suffer from excessive shyness will benefit from a rebalancing of the energy circulation towards this chakra, followed by a belly massage.

The higher the center of the heart, the cardiac plexus, the red F. In my reiki practice, the heart center is closely connected to the secondary chakra of the knees, in B blue. The opening of the heart is the precondition of all interior life. Only those who have been heartbroken, torn, crumbling, are able to love. This love is the path that has the heart. It leads to the Way more surely than any other.

Higher up is the center of the gorge, G red, which presides over the magic. The sacred song, the haunting word, the energy of the uttered word as well as all the sound magic are governed by the opening of this chakra. The center of the gorge is connected to the summit chakra, the gate of the sky, located at the top of the aura and noted D black on my diagram.

Even higher we have the third eye, denoted A red, which opens the clairvoyance, the clear hearing and the immediate knowledge. This chakra is connected with the first major chakra, noted C black. When the third eye is wide open, the head empties like magic. The fantasy machine and the thought factory are on strike. Believe me, it’s relaxing.

At the top of the skull is the crown chakra, at the fontanelle. It is marked B red. When the crown falls, the fontanel opens wide, it is the awakening. Your body becomes the House-God. So much for the most famous chakras.

The major chakram

There are two, the black C-vibrator and the black D-star, they are major, not because the others would be minor, but because they are in a dominant position in the aura, just above the fontanel, therefore watered constantly by the flow that springs from it, and at the same time engulfs it, because the movement of awakening is felt as an aspiration as well as as an absorption, that of a powerful flow that comes from above. The upward flow amazes and makes you say thank you. The downflow cleans and regenerates.

The function of the vibrator is to activate the circulation of the wakefulness flows from and received by the fontanel. It is a bit like the base center that pumps telluric energy. But it is largely ignored by most practitioners. Sometimes I wonder if these people are really sensitive. When I watch them work, when I listen to them, I ask myself the question.

The opening of the vibrating chakra corresponds to the second degree of awakening. An optimal vibrator does a tremendous job. He activates everything. For many of us, the vibrator is lazy when it’s open. Often he is not. Asleep, it does not help the flow of cosmo-telluric vril, it can even hinder the process. Lively and alert, the vibrator makes the eyes shine, the aura, the skin can even become luminescent. The Sons of the Sun and other gods before had a transparent skin that shone even in daylight. It is an effect of the hyper brightness of the aura. And it’s due to the action of the Vibrator.

The Heavens Door chakra opens to the third degree of awakening. His name is eloquent: to rub the stars, what a program! No need to spoil this sublime effusion with usual and used words. They could not describe a single petal of this lotus which counts a hundred thousand. Just know that there is nothing more enjoyable than crossing that door. All your life, you carried it, this door, out of your reach, yet close to you in your aura. Just above the top of your skull. Let’s say away from headgear …

See how the French language is initiatory. The chef, in old French, is the head. We can not agree more. In our hyper-intello era, we have lost consciousness of our body. And when I say ‘we’ I’m talking about our heads. Everything happens in the head, everything comes from her, even our dreams. I am talking about ordinary dreams. Directed dreams come from the belly.

The head is the leader. It’s the head that wears the pants. Yes, the head comes first, you silly head. Better keep your head or go to the head. But I go astray.

The secondary chakram

I baptize secondary, it does not mean they are less important. On the contrary. They are too often neglected, which is unfortunate and damaging. Noted in blue, these are the knees, calves and soles of the feet. As we see, they are not only secondary, but double. The energetic pattern of the caduceus does not apply to them. No more than major chakram. It is necessary to feel and visualize another circulation of the vril, the practice can lead to it.

Under the base center, the main vril pump, is a set of chakras that activate two other vril pumps, the soles of both feet. The raw energy of the vril is transformed by the ankles then by the knees, before joining the central flow which originates with the perineum, base center. The cosmo-telluric energy enters only through the perineum.

The soles of the feet are connected to the base center because they perform the same work of energy pumping. My reki sessions always start with taking in hands the bare feet of the patient lying on the massage table. So I communicate a powerful energetic flow that will shine the blocking points, sleeping chakras, blocked sections, etc.

The ankles are connected to the sexual center. Knees in the center of the belly. In the knees are concentrated all engrams related to tenderness in one form or another. A knee massage may well cause tears in people who have suffered in childhood from a serious lack of tenderness.

Please note the word sole sounds like the music note G in French: sol. Feet soles are at ground level, in French sol, like the music note again.

The tertiary chakram

The tertiary chakram are the Black F anchor, and the black E root. As a counterpart to the major chakras, these two chakras are under our feet, in the part of our aura that sinks under the ground. The material does not stop the radiation.

Ghosts and astral bodies pass through walls, mountains and even the sun. Why would you want the aura to stop at ground level? It is all around us, in the air, the sea or hard matter. She does not care. It is our soul, it surrounds us. The poor laws of physics have no effect on it. On the contrary, it has effects on the laws of physics.

The Anchorage
The anchorage chakra has an eloquent name, too. It sets us in a subtle position where it is easy to pump telluric energy through the soles of the feet, but also through the basic chakra. The subtle pumping will be much more effective when on the earth, rather than cement or tar. Stone, provided it is polarized, has many advantages in this necessary energy absorption. The bare feet, placed directly on these sensitive surfaces, are an additional asset. To fully feel the strongest energy flow in the world, namely that of the eye of the labyrinth of the cathedral of Chartres, I have repeatedly experienced this asset. Wear barefoot shoes, easy to remove when you go there; it’s more discreet than having to take off closed shoes and socks!

About labyrinth, notice to my friends Bretons: that of the cathedral of Guingamp worth the detour, if not the trip like that of Chartres. It is under the porch of the commercial street, unfortunately in the passage of the entrance, but that does not prevent it from sending you high. After the test, pls email me to describe your feelings. I am fond of all sharing of experiences.

The Roots
Finally the Roots are the subtle part of being that sinks deeply into the infra-world. Their role is controversial. Through them, the creatures of the infra-world have the good luck to rise to our level, which is even inside our aura and our subtle and physical bodies.

When I understood this phenomenon, I decided to close this passage that I called the trapdoor of the cellar. I wanted no more crap to rise in me and poison existence. The crap in question is nothing but the allies of nagualism.

My benefactor had two allies, a man-door straight out of Castaneda, and the gray man of the Val without return, in the forest of Brocéliande. Both were frightening, and Flornoy did not hesitate to take them out of his flask at the right moment. The terror that then seized the audience seemed to delight him greatly. I had one too, at least I was criticized. Terrifying, this monster was coming out of my head when I got angry. I am cured now, I gave him his freedom in Val without return, precisely. This place is a negative pole that holds the entities of the infra-world, as the fairy Morgane wanted.

You do not have to close the cellar door, Flornoy told me. Lower creatures need it to climb. What would we say if all ascension was forbidden to us? For the inorganic, to rise to our level corresponds to the awakening. It is unfair and cruel to deprive them of it. The key is to let them climb and not hold them in us. Let them continue their ascent without worrying about the wizard who pulled them from their depths.

What is above is like what is below. The more the tree grows, extending its branches to the sky, the more its roots sink far into the earth. That’s why I named this tertiary chakra Roots. I know that name is confusing. For the Hindus, “the root chakra, also called Muladhara in Sanskrit, is the first chakra at the perineum, which is located at the base of the spine and is turned towards the ground. the life and the seat of the Kundalini, rolled up on itself like a snake.” (source)

This applies only to contemporary Hinduism. The Hindu science of the chakras has become the pale reflection of what it once was, when Rama of Hyperborea taught it to humans. The root located at the perineum is valid for the yogi in the position of the lotus who spend his life sitting on his ass. But for the warrior who has legs and uses them, the roots are lower. Our feet have a soleFrench: plante des pieds – soles of the feet and this plant needs roots.

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