Divine Mathematics


‘Einstein, without being able to explain it, marvelled that the whole cosmos could be described by mathematics. Lichnerowicz says the Creator is Mathematics. Henri Laborit stresses that everything in the cosmos is built on mathematical models.” (source) Richard Sünder, L’envers du réel, éditions Montorgueil 1992, p.36 And every morning Malebranche did not fail to thank God that the sum of the angles of a triangle is always equal to 180°… Only mathematicians are ecstatic about math. Non-matheists don’t understand their infatuation. I’m one of them.


Chess and Math

Math is the most abstract thing I can think of. It’s boring, it’s painful, it makes me hack to pieces. Or the opposite. The same goes for logic, which goes back to modern math, the whole theory. Computer science, triumphs over logic and mathematics, what does it generate? A virtual world. If math is really capable of describing the cosmos, it is because it is also virtual. If everything is built on mathematical models in the universe as we know it, the universe is virtual. And if the Creator is mathematics, I say the Creator is virtual, too.

We’re in trouble. Those who need help, get out your tissues. The unfortunate ones who are failing school because of math, change the program. It is possible. Desirable.

I think the multiverse is a program, that of a gigantic video game. Life, love, death, birth, suffering, joy, grief, everything is virtual. A mega giga tera video game where we are avatars, where billions of creative players, more advanced than us, have fun with the avatars that we are.

They see everything you do, they listen to everything you say. It’s easier now, they just have to hack Google.

“Hello, big boys?” Can you hear me? You like this game, don’t you?


The Intention

Everything is Consciousness. There is no transmission of energy without transmission of information. The sum of the information we receive is organized through Intent. Thus is articulated the universal trinity: Consciousness, Energy, Intent. (source)

Richard Sünder, whom I quoted in intro, is a founder of a new discipline called pansémiotic. Semiotics is the study of signs and meanings. Pansemiotic is a kind of generalized semiotic based on the observation — or the assumption — that in the universe, everything is a sign. It all means something.

I would add that it is up to us to decipher these signs, to decipher these symbols, to explain this information to penetrate the impenetrable: the Divine Intention or Consciousness. For myotic thinking, no problem. God is in the machine. It’s called mathematics. It was once written that mathematics is the language of God. Pansemiotics goes further. Language becomes the Supreme Being. Math is God.

Okay. Then who invented the math? Are they there forever? There is something wrong with the development of this science that borders on pataphysics.


This parody of science appears in Gestes et opinions du docteur Faustroll, pataphysicien, a book written by Alfred Jarry in 1897-1898. It is then defined as “the science of imaginary solutions that symbolically accords to lineaments the properties of objects described by their virtuality.” quotes Wikipedia.

For me, Pataphysique is a big student farce, like Wikipedia? A relaxation of schoolchildren in need of cramming, a flamboyant bullshit that has the merit of not caring about pseudo-sciences or science at all. And God knows it’s short!

Take a a breath of fresh and then, take the delirious definition seriously, you’ll discover with astonishment that pataphysique and pansémiotic are close cousins. Neighbours on the landing. Binoculars where we would look through the little bits… If pataphysics is described as the science of imaginary solutions, pansemiotics lends itself to the same game. “My conscience is creeping into a forest of analogies that I think are relevant.” said Raoul Vaneigem, quoted by Alain Snyers to illustrate pansémiotics in an eponymous article. I prefer Baudelaire.

In an emphasis of this same article, which is intended to be the birth announcement or the profession of faith of the pansémiotician, we can read this joke: Pensée myotique.Myotic Thinking. Which means nothing, but it makes the joyous jokers laugh. Jarry himself would have appreciated… For my part, I suppose that Paon s’est mis aux ticslost in translation would have been better…



Jung and Jarry

This author seems to ignore the work of Carl Gustav Jung on synchronicity. He is not interested in my own research on the language of the Goslings, but that is excusable: I am not Jung. If the language of the goslings also has its pataphysical side, it probably comes from the city of Laval, Mayenne, where I lived several memorable years in the company of JCD and JCF. Laval happens to be the birthplace of Alfred Jarry, the Emperor of La Déconne.joking So the contagion…

What is wrong with giving a light and funny shape to the mysteries of the multiverse? Do we not have the right to say serious things without taking ourselves seriously? Yes, we even have the duty to do so. Too many bitches scold us while listening to each other talk about subjects to which they hear nothing, dressing their confused thoughts with twisted words, and concealing their inner emptiness as best as they can under the banners they consider credible. They are the only ones.


They live in Laval

A world based on mathematics could not be true; it could only be virtual. I have never forgotten the beautiful formula of my master of philosophy, Abbé Jean Millet: “Mathematics is a magnificent crystal castle. Alas, this beautiful building that shines brightly does not rest on anything.”

Father Millet divided his time between two continents, Europe and America. He spent the school year at Stanislas College in Paris, where he was my beloved teacher. During the summer holidays, he flew to Quebec where he gave courses and lectures at the Université de Laval. Again Laval! Yet my good master Millet was nothing like a pataphysicist. He was a wise man, passionate about knowledge and its transmission. A universal hero. His word will outlast him.

He was right, and I outpass him. Math is not based on anything. It’s not good. It’s not leading to anything else. I don’t want this choking, castrating, lethal thing. Math is just a description of the visible universe, which admits more than one. Artists and poets are more apt to describe our multiverse. Great relevance. They don’t care about math. Nagual warriors don’t give a shit for it.




For pebbles

I’m going to argue that NASA engineers wouldn’t do anything without the math. I’ll answer with the Castaneda anecdote. That was in 1969. July 20. The day Aldrin and Armstrong begin their descent to the Moon. Like the whole planet watches TV, so does Castaneda. Soon after, he goes to see his benefactor Juan Matus. Still excited.
“Did you see that, Don Juan? We walked on the moon! We brought back kilos of samples! It’s a historic feat!”
“What feat are you talking about? We sorcerers can go there every night. But we are unable to bring back a single pebble.”

So we would have gone to the moon just for a few pounds of pebbles?

Two opposing worlds

There are two competing worlds. The dream world and the NASA engineers. I don’t have to tell you who has my preference.

As long as you believe that the world built on a mathematical model is more real than the other world, you will die dying. And you won’t be the only one in that case! If, on the contrary, humanity chooses the path of the dream, of the inexplicable, of the triumphant imagination, of the infinite mysteries, it has chances of being saved. But she’s unlikely to do that.

“If you don’t die while you are alive, you will die while dying” (Motto of the Teutonic Knights)


In the first case, money will remain master of the world, because it is quantity. Money and its corollaries: the will to crush the weak, to exploit the masses, to enslave peoples, to kill the enemy, to slaughter the treasures of the past, to ignore what cannot be understood, to despise what does not follow the general path, to murder the nuances, to refuse the law of love.

In the second case, a real change of course will allow this world to survive. But in what state! A new terraforming will prove indispensable. The former gods or their children will undoubtedly come to give us a helping hand. Discredit my poto, because the Great Gods of the Galactic Center might get angry. The little gods our creators promised them to no longer interfere in the evolution of the human species. Wake up, Bill! It’s a fucking big deal!

I woke up and I saw that everyone was still asleep. So I went back to sleep. (Leonardo Da Vinci)


Quality is opposed to quantity. Work on oneself, respect for others, tolerance, empathy, dreams, creativity, free association, revealing delirium, poetry, art worthy of the name — without price, without money: this is the world of quality. It is as vast as the universe, as varied as it is.



Today they call them angels and demons, tomorrow they will call them something else.
Aleister Crowley