Jung And Synchronicity


My dear friends, you know like me that chance does not exist. All that happens is close to what we need. Not what we want, but what we need.

These pseudo-hazards that do things so well, strong minds call them coincidences, and shrug their shoulders before returning to fiddle with their smartphone. The psychoanalyst and philosopher Carl Gustav Jung had the wisdom to be interested in it. He understood that chance did not explain this curious phenomenon he called synchronicity. We all remember examples of synchronicities that happened to us, and that we could identify as such. They can focus on everyday little things, or touch more fundamentally our destiny, our dasein – our reality as being here, modality of our “being-in-the-world“. (source)

I have been accustomed to these sympathetic phenomena for many years. Sometimes they hurry, sometimes they are more rare, but they always accompany me. These days, however, they are jostling in such numbers that I do not see anything else. They are everywhere. And you ? Have you noticed this spectacular increase in disturbing coincidences? Coincidences, they are hardly, but disturbing, if!

The thing is particularly delectable in my literary activity. You know that I write a saga in the saga, entitled “Tales of Eternity”, which details the odyssey of Patriarch Enoch, aka Aorn. Each new episode of his adventures gives me the opportunity to illustrate this or that forgotten aspect of our nature, our secret powers, our true origin, etc. I chose not to publish them all together, but to space their publication by other articles, two in general, so as not to tire the reader. I like to offer the widest range of topics, especially since they always overlap.

Well, I notice this: whatever the intermediate subject, it is always in close relation with the next episode of Tales of Eternity. Everything happens as if Enoch himself dictated in my head the words I write, the subjects I cover, and the sources that Google gives me. It is the total synchronicity, driven to its most incredible degree of abstraction, that reigns me at every moment.

So I have trouble doing anything other than typing on my keyboard. So I go through a compulsive phase, I write like a feverish, I become a scriptomaniac. Or rather, my ordinary scriptomania takes a sharp turn. If I were superstitious, I would fear for my life. But on this level I am quiet, because I am not superstitious: it brings bad luck! And then I plan to live again until 130 years, which leaves me another sixty years to entertain you, educate you and try to comfort you on the way of awakening, which is, I admit, the deep reason that pushed me to do this site ten years ago. Already!


Jung’s discovery

“Synchronicity is obviously one of the main theoretical nodes in Carl Gustav Jung’s thought and work. He discovers very early the presence and the manifestations, declaring about the Yi Ching that the latter “rests indeed, not on the principle of causality, but on a principle not so far called – because it presents itself only at us – to which we can give, provisionally, the name principle of synchronicity “, he however decides to publish about him in a systematic and regulated way that very late in his life, at the end of the forties and early fifties. Still is not it for Jung to provide a definitive explanation to a domain which he describes as obscure and problematic.” (source)

Jung discovered the phenomenon accidentally. What? What a nasty word for someone who does not believe in chance! Nothing is fortuitous since chance does not exist. Jung thus discovered the fact in 1946, by treating a patient too rational who tried to explain all these behaviors in a logical way, which opposed any progress of the analysis. “One day she tells him a dream in which she receives a gold beetle.At the same time, she hears a noise at the window, Jung goes to open it, he seizes the insect that is there and shows it to his patient: “Here,” he said. Here is your beetle.”(source




It gives such a shock to the patient that everything is unblocked, the mind fades and the therapy becomes very effective. Thus people who are too rational, as well as “people with a life well adjusted by habits have very little chance of living in it. The dominant rational thought can only respond to it by invoking chance or subjectivity. of the observer, but this does not explain the essential characteristic of these phenomena: their strong improbability.It is fair and healthy to invoke in the first hypothesis the chance of such phenomena, it becomes obscurantist to maintain and against all this assumption in the presence of cases where it does not resist the calculation of probabilities.For decades, many authors have proposed alternative theories to chance.They are all interested in understanding the underlying order of the real that seems to preside over these manifestations.”  You will find the list here: (source)

Jung’s Explanation

Decidedly Jung is a great man, compared to this perverse naughty Sigmund. This is why I do not like psychoanalysts: they are all Lacanians, that is neo-Freudian. And Jung, fuck? Must see not to be confused with tea towels and towels! I have always had a soft spot for Jung, whom I believe to be a philosopher, and even a wise man, although these two qualifiers rarely mix well.

“According to Jung, there exists a “collective unconscious” situated in another dimension outside space-time, at the same time memory of humanity and soul of the universe, a kind of cosmic supraconsciousness to which we would be connected by our In this collective unconscious, “centers of potential psychic energy” are called archetypes, which are neutral and become good or bad only in contact with the consciousness of the individual. (source) What Jung baptizes the collective unconscious is precisely what the esoteric tradition calls the Akashic annals. Personally I prefer this last term, less connoted by psychoanalysis and what it can have of barbarian.

Certain circumstances are conducive to the emergence of synchronicities, for example: mystical states, altered states of consciousness, very close affective and empathic bonds, dramatic situations, serious illnesses, social or family difficulties, psychic disorders, spiritual research, artistic creations, scientific discoveries, the omens of happy or unhappy events, archetypal help or protection …” (source)

Everything happens as if the collective unconscious was experiencing a very significant increase in activity, which has been steadily increasing for two to three years. I have seen it since 2016, even at the end of 2015, at the same time as the significant increase in solar flares. They happened several times a year twenty years ago, several times a month five years ago, several times a week – or a day! – at the moment. If you are subject to such things, or if you have experienced extraordinary synchronicity that you agree to reveal, please, write to me. Your testimonials will come in support of my analyzes, to allow all the readers to progress on the way of the discovery of oneself. Be blessed my dear friends.



If the Devil sometimes speaks, God is always silent. We must find the answers alone.
René Barjavel