The Engram


The concept of engram was approached from two complementary angles, theory and practice. Unfortunately they do not communicate. The theoretical angle was developed by neurophysiologists and similar who were content to study the physiology of the brain, as well as that of neurons and synapses. The practical angle was mainly explored by Lafayette Scientology’s Ron Hubbard. This guru of the guru has made the engram his trademark.


Dubious Scientology

Alas, Scientology is a lethal sect that hides dubious methods behind its church status. It claims to bring clarity to the followers, it only binds and enslaves them. The pseudo-awakened that it produces have the title of operating thetan, which does not make them awake, far from it, but rather indoctrinated morons.

The state of OT (Operating Thetan) is a state of spiritual consciousness in which the individual is able not only to control himself, but also to control his environment. An EO is someone who knows that he knows and who can produce positive effects and likely to strengthen the ability to survive all his dynamics. (source)

Our species was once called Homo sapiens sapiens, the man who knows he knows. We all have this characteristic, no need to be stuffed with years of false studies that cost a blind in classrooms called churches, under the inevitable and triumphant portrait of the greedy founder of the sect.


Sleep, I want it!

Awakening is characterized by total independence from all doctrine. The awakened believes, of course; but he believes without believing. The Scientologist thetan, on the contrary, is indoctrinated to such an extent that one can speak of psychic conditioning. If he is operative, he acts in one and only direction: celebrating and promoting Scientology.

The United States counts the most shocking sects under the protection of a pseudo freedom of belief. It is a convenient but partial system, since it deliberately excludes atheists, all those who, like me, do not recommend themselves from any ward. If it were absolutely necessary to choose a religion, my taste would carry me to those of before. Former religions are referred to under the generic name of paganism. These are the most suitable for awakening, so the most decried in this period of sleep.



The Mnesic Engram

Mnesic is a learned word that refers to memory. More simply, one could say the memory engram. Which is a complete contradiction anyhow. Because if the memory is stored in the brain, engrams are not. Contrary to the opinion of brain pros, the engram leaves no material trace. It belongs to the realm of the unconscious, from which it would be difficult, in a scientific framework, to say where it is located. “The engram, that is to say the physical substrate of our memory at the cellular level, would be these networks of selected neurons, the famous “cell assemblies” described by Donald Hebb in 1949. It is indeed the leading hypothesis that guided the exploration of the memory engram.” (source)

This is why this exploration has given nothing concrete for a century of research. The problem is materialistic rationalism that guides all our pseudo-mind sciences. How do we subjugate the mind to matter? It depends on the mind, not the other way around. But this era is an ocean of ignorance, a desert of superficiality.


Dating Back 1904

If rare researchers express a doubt on the question, the scientific methodology and the sectarian opinion of the colleagues and the hierarchy has quickly brought them back into line. Does a memory have a physical existence that could be seen through a microscope? A theory enunciated in 1904 by Richard Semon, introduces the concept of engram describing the set of biological and physical changes of a population of neurons that leads to the persistence of memory. The subsequent stimulation of the engram, by the same signals as during its formation, leads to a recovery of memory. The stronger the connections between the engram neurons, the more lasting the memory will be. At the time, no experiment could confirm this theory. (source)

This amounts to saying that it remains unfounded. Like all attempts of the same order, let’s face it.


When Pride Breeds Ignorance

As long as we do not admit the subordination of matter to the immaterial spirit, as long as we refuse to believe in the subtle aspects of the living, such as the subtle bodies, the aura, the energetic scheme and the chakras, to name only the most known, Western science will be in trouble. All these notions come to us from Hinduism, because since time immemorial the sages of India have worked on these notions, of which they were not the discoverers, but the transmitters. Every ancient civilization had remembered a small part of the traditional teaching of the former gods, our initiators. The modern era has banished these remains, storing them out of the scientific field.

Happy India that has not repressed anything of this ancient knowledge! Happy traditional cultures that have protected this precious legacy!



Engram and Samskara

Engrams are the brain traces that leave us each of our experiences. This process where a small neuronal structure is formed after a certain sensation, a significant event or an emotion impossible to forget, has already been defined by Hinduism: it is samskara, imprinted with a memory of the one who learns. (source)

Big difference between this restrictive definition of engram and samskara of Hinduism. Samskara is a Sanskrit term derived from two roots; sam means ‘well planned’ or ‘well thought out’, and kara is ‘the underlying action’. In this concept, there is no indication of the location of memory. There is no mention of the brain, neurons or synapses. On the other hand, the dull (s)kara, the underlying action, clearly indicates that it is not ordinary memory, but the hidden memory of underlying actions.

This meaning applies perfectly to the word engram, which is not located in the brain or neurons, and which applies only to actions or facts forgotten by conscious memory. I may suggest this definition:

Sam(s)Kara is the action or thought planned by the unconscious.


Subtle memory

The engram is the memory of the body. But not of the physical body. Of the subtle body, tenuous, almost impalpable. These vaporous envelopes that surround the physical body are perfectly perceptible. Under certain light conditions, they become quite visible. The aura, which contains them, is also called brightness. We can also perceive it, if we are sensitive. Bright or dull, ultra-luminous or falote, dazzling or palote, the aura is our master, the Spirit who watches over us and who, during awakening, will penetrate our physical body.

Why is it said that engrams are the memory of the body? Because they are unconscious. This is why the notion of memory engram (or memorial) is absurd: the engram is out of memory. The characteristic of the engram is not memory, but forgetfulness. And it is here that the real approach of the engram is located, by the practice of a mystery cult, that of Isis. By the so-called initiation of the arcane without name of the tarot of Marseille, the arcanum XIII.

Consciousness of the unconscious

This is precisely the other aspect of the engram, which I described through a practical angle. As such, Scientology has been a conscientious trailblazer. No reproaches from that point of view. It is in the use of the engram that this sect reveals its true face — clearly less conscientious.

Having practiced this engram theory during an immersion stay in this sect, I had the opportunity to verify its relevance. Also, some twenty years later, when I found the same practice with my benefactor, I was not disoriented. On the contrary, in this framework open to all experiences, without the castrating constraint of a obtuse sect, I was able to move forward and score points. For fifteen years, I initiated the Mysteries of Isis, through the practice of the arcanum XIII as developed by Flornoy in his initiatory Tarot.

This practice allowed me to conceptualize the engram theory, a colossal work that few psychologists have done. None, I believe. So I’m talking about it from my experience.

Following my benefactor, I discovered that engrams are emotional blockages resulting from forgotten traumas. Some go back to childhood, even to intrauterine life, others touch on a hypothetical past –or parallel– experience. These blockages are located in different places of the physical body. The practitioner can see them at work in the patient’s body. Through deep trance, musical trance, or trance dance, engrams can be revealed to the impeetrant. Living them, reliving them and digesting them, that is what the work of the arcanum XIII consists of. And the initiatory death gives birth to a unified being, freed from blockages, enjoying all its energy.

Arcanum XIII

The concrete experience of the subtle bodies that surround the physical body is essential to understand and practice engram theory. Through the deep trance, the arcanum XIII aims to bring the subject down to the center of itself. Crossing without lingering the emotional layer, the practitioner brings it into the energetic layer. There, no suffering, no blockage prevents the applicant from visiting his forgotten past. He is able to relive the mother engram, the one that is at the origin of all the others. To describe this dream as comfortable is abusive. It takes perseverance for the passing master as for the subject itself.

Flornoy had this happy formula: not only do you have to pass through your engrams, but you have to eat them again and again, bite after bite, until disgust. Then comes the phase of forgiveness, which rehabilitates the executioner, ie the author of the engram… and the subject too at the same time. The subject then will have to forgive himself, which is by far the most difficult point. I have described this process in several articles: The Arcanum XIIIThe Gift of IsisThe Mysteries of Isis



Awakening At Stake

Twenty years ago, this practice was still indispensable. Arcanum XIII is the only stage where outside help is needed, Flornoy wroteunpublished at that time. This is no longer the case. The stage of the initiatory journey when external help still seems useful nowadays is the arcanum XVI The Tower, French: The House of God, arcanum of awakening. Soon, help will be made even further, always higher on the path of light, to cross another degree of awakening.

This evolution is an encouragement and a great satisfaction to me. If the darkness is gaining ground, the light also radiates — more and more.

Now I dedicate myself entirely to the awakened future who want to take the step that separates them from awakening. Let this word not baffle the reader. Awakening is the most natural and simple thing. It is a gift that comes from on high. Suddenly, everything becomes clear. As if the fog had finally dissipated, you finally feel able to understand, with great clarity, the ins and outs.

You have the keys. You can use them as you see fit. My task ends there. No brainwashing, no indoctrination, no life coaching. The life of an awakened is self-coached by the double: the inner god who hovered until then in the aura is finally incarnated.

My current practice is very different from the former one, that of the arcane XIII. I have developed a singing and mimed dance, derived from Japanese reiki, which I named the reki of Erquy, because I support without laughing that my city of Erquy, of its ancient name Rekinea — Greek new reki — is the place where Greek settlers once invented the reki, in front of its splendid bay, at the foot of its cape, in the heart of its site forming a natural amphitheater — but is it natural? — facing the sunset on the old port. I organize initiation courses centered on this practice. The individual courses resume, I am just peachy and totally confident. Here for two millenia energy has reach new heights. Try it. Register now!



Erquy Reiki 

This reki is a touch of subtle bodies, stimulation of the chakras, awakening of the base center, animation of the secondary chakras including above the head and under the feet — I counted 18, there are many more! One day, if it is given to me to initiate the awakened to the higher stages, will I have to invent new practices to stimulate new chakras. But for now, I limit myself to those. 

The world evolves so fast, the vibratory rate of the Earth increases almost every day, what was true yesterday will be false tomorrow, the practices adapted to the past decades must be constantly updated… 

As if by chance — which does not exist — to live with my time, I restore the distant past. To follow them on this ascent, the old passing masters of duty extended me the hand. I follow in the footsteps of my distant predecessors, those of the Middle Ages, those of antiquity, and those still before. My neo-reki opens up forgotten portals. Just give yourself the pleasure to come in.


Rejoicing Program

The mornings pass, magical, in front of a green tea mug. The conversation wraps up and takes place without barriers around subjects that bring forth childhood, nostalgia sometimes, emotion often, always appeases. I used the tarot to give the impulse to start, I use it less and less. He also asks for a rereading, probably a new skin. Track to follow?

The afternoon is entirely dedicated to the neo-reki. Difficult to describe your feeling. You will see when you have lived it, the experience is beyond words. Here I have only the words to talk about it, so it is better to keep quiet. There are still times you will experience with enchanting walks over the old port and on the cliffs of wild beaches. For meals, the table is good, I would say succulent if my humility allowed. Your double bed is more than comfortable. In your large loft room, you see the sea. And two steps higher in the garden, my house watches over a landscape that is not forgotten.

This joyful and user-friendly method is above all very effective. It allows a cleansing of the chakras, as effective, if not more, than by deep trance. And much less heavy to manage for the candidate to the awakening. Engrams are not revisited: their emotional charge is completely erased, which makes all its splendor the circuit of subtle energy. Revitalized, lightened, purified, toned. Euphoria, serenity, confidence. This state extends for your greatest pleasure. Thanks to your conscious care, it becomes sustainable.

A new person is born: yourself in version 2.0! Here you are ready to taste the first morning of your new life…


My kingdom is small, but it is mine. Be king here for a few days. And take it back home.



“There is a time to get comfortable and a time to forget comfort.”