The Neo Reiki of Rekinea


It all began in a disconcerting way. I received an impeccable warrior, Djian. I saw that he knows a lot. Detachment, acuity, control, sense of timing, Djian has all the qualities… Does he come to test me?


My dance

The fact remains that for him, on Thursday morning, the reiki session is not as usual. The work room is a powerful, magical and invigorating place. I recommend that my trainees sleep there. This is the best way to determine the benefits received during the day. 

Upon entering, I find the trainee in meditation, ready for reception. He/she took care to settle there a few minutes before I came to take the time to internalize, even to enter into meditation. In this way he will receive the best care.

Djian does not suspect anything, quietly lying on the massage table, he seems to sleep under the June sun.  Surprise: I start to dance around him. In the big bright room, I twirl, I spin, I waltz — not without grace, I think. I am euphoric.

While performing my power dance, I realize that I have one! First news. The result of this unprecedented procedure is ten times stronger than before. I no longer walk my hands on the first subtle body, a few centimeters above the physical body, as before. I act on the second layer, 35-45 cm from the skin. And again, very briefly. The essence of my action lies in this surprising novelty: my power dance.


Vibratory Rate

So I discover how powerful my dance is. Its impact increases in intensity, its effect also. In return I receive a healing, full and lasting wave. All the lights are green. I keep going.

Djian is wrapped in a halo of light. A vaporous, vibrant aura of energy. My soft movements play with this light. I change the energy currents at the rhythm of my dance alone. What I had to do with the subtle touch, a few centimeters from the skin, is now done alone, modulated by the air that my dance moves. Or by the light of my cats.

Frame by frame, Djian has changed vibratory rate. The color of his aura is changing gradually, that’s my indicator. It goes from electric green to blue then purple, purple, parma before vibrating even stronger in white light.

Djian is a receptive subject, okay. But to get the same result, I had to row long minutes. With my dance, it takes a few seconds. And it’s dazzling!



The Erect Sphinx

Djian seems asleep. I stop. I am two metres behind his head. Standing I am too high. I kneel. My head is exactly at his height. He can’t see me: lying on his back, he can only see the beams of the frame. Not even: he keeps his eyes closed. I am totally released. My body tells me the exact position I must adopt. I obey him in every way.

Kneeling, body at a precise 90° angle with legs, back flat, arms extended to Djian at a precise 90° with trunk. The head perfectly vertical in the exact axis of the trunk. Rigor. Precision. The slightest deviation, I get an electrical discharge from the wrong place.

As long as the position is not perfect, rigid, hieratic, nothing happens but these punitive discharges. It works. I understand what my body has to do. I help. I’m there. As soon as I find the right attitude, an incredible surge of energy crosses my body and runs to the end of my arms, towards Djian who takes everything in the body.

Slight spasms run through it. It does not seem affected by the intensity that I feel bubbling in it. He absorbed everything without leaving a shred. Good, because if he rejects some, this energy comes back to me ten times stronger, and always negative. It is an automatic defense of the subtle body and aura. Anything too strong is rejected. Return to sender in negative form. But not with Djian


The Discovery

I take a few steps towards him, turning on myself. What does he take me? I don’t direct anything anymore. Now I start twirling, turning, dragging with me the branches of energy that come out of his skull. Along these branches are several outer chakram that my dance is purifying. The fluidity returned in this area, I turn around the table without ceasing my curious leaps.

Under its broad beams lights the large room under the summer sun. I turn around the rays of light that flow through the velux. The light is everywhere, I feel like it’s coming from me. I twirl, I twirl, I waltz — with grace, it seems. Nobody filmed me, I hope it will happen, sacred sequence, delicate and healthy, careful eyes, walk on eggs.

While dancing, I watch myself do. Volte, revolt, I fly and twirl. Amazing ease, agility, fluidity, I can’t believe it. Let’s say I’m a poor dancer. I love to move my body, no doubt very badly. My son once told me: – Stop Dad, you dance wrong!  Fuck it, I don’t see myself, I don’t judge myself, because this time I’m just dancing. The strongest thing is that while performing my power dance, I discover that I have one! Perfectly! For a long time, without knowing it, I have a power dance! To say that I had forgotten…

It was transmitted to me thirty years ago by a warrior of my age, Henry, a precious magical travelling companion, to discover the megalithic Wiltshire, Stonehenge, Avebury. On a beautiful summer afternoon, on the side of a hill marked with a crop circle, this warrior had shown me his dance of power. I only understand it today. It was to gather this precious testimony that I met this magnificent warrior.



Eagle Dance

His dance is prodigious. It has the effect of aligning the emanations of the Eagle. I now know that he has given it to me purposely. Thanks to his power, Mike shifted my assembly point. He gave me a special position to see the Eagle and align its emanations. They seem to me like very tight or looser vertical lines. My dance plays on these bars as on the strings of a harp. I manage to twist them, spread them, tighten them, etc.

If I add the spellbinding sounds of my power song, the result is stunning. My benefactor left me a powerful song of power straight from the Lakota Sioux. I made it my talisman, my grigrigri, my still. It helps me sanctify the sessions, it allows the trainee to tune in, harmonize, exorcise.

When the lakota chant is added the dance of power, all the armies of the groves of Wiltshire, the spirit blows and the mind flies away. Memory of a light time that is no more, posthumous celebration of the only discreet hero in vehemence, furious with kindness, unknown very famous at least in his village, sad or cheerful sire he laughs in hot tears — madness quiet me, air, I suffocate, hap-haphap-hap-hop.

Goodbye ego. Mind collapses in its tomb. 


Switchtender To Elsewhere

This dance of power endows me with the powerful powers of dance. But dancer I am not. Call me a modeler through dance, the swifter of the Eagle, the one we leave, who we hold for leave, quickly avoid Levite O sacred cantor of extra-normal and para-ordinary phenomena. So I know how powerful my dance is. Ten times, twenty times more than before. What has changed? Me surely. A hundred times me. Not only. The houses, the garden, the whole place I live appreciates the beautification that rises and takes me away.

Rekinea la Belle, o very ancient city, our time is vicious, ambitious, distraught. Doubt is forbidden. Faith is washed with weight. I believe in it. The cross I believe in, but not this one. The ancient and magical energy in the noble city of Erquy blessed my dance and strengthened my gifts. Too many useless words that are silent with great noise. Intense cry in silence in unison tarnished. Grinding grain sowing. Gire.

I dance so I am. Shiva shows the Way. Dance your life, sing the Way, double the sight, turn the winds.



Thus appeared to my soul this brand new reiki, born in Rekinea — now Erquy, pearl of the Côtes d’Armor. So I called it the Neo Reiki of Rekinea. The new Reki of the New Erquy. It was born to grow and embellish, to mature and bless and heal and dance.

To finish it is enough, besides we don’t care.



“Some dragons look dead when in fact they are in a state of deep meditation”
Lewis Trondheim