These Hands of Love


Reiki, it is said, comes from Japan. But it existed 2500 years ago, right here in Brittany. I have already told you the true story of the Reki of Rekinea. His practice was transmitted until the Middle Ages in Celtic land, I found it for you. You too can perform feats if you have hands of love. It is about that love that has no season. It is called unconditional love.


As a child, I removed the fire by passing my hand on it, and I also erased the wounds of my friends. Old man, my technique has refined: I master the art of healing without contact. I know how to activate the energy of your subtle bodies and restore weak or damaged chakras. It is my hands that act, their power is multiplied by the ancient technique of reki whose sweetness is marvellous.

The hands of love are a great strength and the reki of Erquy, a great happiness to live. For me and for my visitors, some of whom come from far away. Many of them have come to see me every year. We can understand them: when we love, we come back. This natural gift is not new. It comes from a time when we did not treat anyone. Everyone knew how to heal themselves. Better yet, no one was ever sick…


The Teaching of the Gods

The art of healing goes back to the pre-diluvians. Their civilization is largely unknown. What was before Greco-Roman antiquity was set aside. History scorns mythology, yet rich in accurate and valuable information. This site dedicates hundreds of articles to it where I collected many original data. I set out to do justice to our true past that has been forgotten. Denatured. Hidden.

The happy age before the flood was that of the former gods. The time when the giant gods walked among men. Giants in size, they were also by knowledge, rich in the countless know-how of a civilization whose memory is counted in billions of years. The former gods taught us everything, starting with the art of healing, of relieving, of awakening.

Man has received their precious teaching. He did not have to progress from the beast to the human being as we naively teach paleo-anthropology. As long as the human sciences refuse the evidence that blinds the mythologists, the present humans will remain convinced that before them, no other civilization had reached such a degree of development in all fields. Serious mistake that deprives us of the most ancient knowledge of the world, how effective, how precious!

But the societal ego is not about to let go.



The Ancient Art of Healing

Educated by such masters, man has always been able to heal. First he healed himself. Then he doubted him, reason and religion dissuaded him from helping himself, for the soul as for the body he trusted specialists. Came shamans, druids, monks, gurus, confessors, rabbis, imams and ayatollahs. They heal the body by healing the soul … or they weaken it by blocking the soul.

As long as you knew the art of healing yourself, as long as you trusted your own healer, the one I call the inner healer, you didn’t need an intermediary to talk to the gods, or graduates reimbursed by Social Security to treat you. We were never sick. We knew perfectly well that any disease is a malfunction, and that the cause is to be sought in oneself.

Of these simpler times, still remains an almost magical practice, the art of healing. Those who practice it are no different from others, they have simply kept – or found – the path of their inner magic.

Healing has always been practiced, sometimes clandestinely, and under a host of names: magnetic passes, imposition of hands, reiki, subtle cleansing, holistic massage, touch-assist… Each era, each school, each practitioner will eventually meet his personal method and find the words to talk about it. But without unconditional love, the best method is worthless. It is like the love of a Mother who heals her children better than all medicines.


The Mania For Labelling

Cure! The big word is out. This is a very old bottle that has received too many labels. The passion to name, to label, to baptize, to appropriate the thing with the word that designates it is a disease that resists all healers. They are the first victims and I am not exempt from the rule of good doers. Their frenetic labelling illustrates their imagination…and their need for recognition. Both are limitless.

I cured people with generalized cancer, duly metastasized, terminal and so on. It’s easier for me to remove than a thorn or a cold. I don’t know anything about it, I don’t need to explain what the doctors are saying. It takes years of narrow studies just to understand their gibberish.

My studies and my taste take me elsewhere.


There Is Reiki and Reki

Yes, as a result open your eyes — the good one. The fairy eye wide open, you can not confuse. If you know the first, do you know that the second comes from my home in Brittany? More precisely from the city where I live, lovely port of Côtes d’Armor where my parents dropped anchor a little over 70 years ago. I have 75, so I’ve always known Erquy. It was once called Rekinea. Read his story, you won’t find it anywhere else.

Reiki was founded at the end of the 19th century by the Japanese Mikao Usui who reportedly received the “keys to healing” through a mystical revelation. Do you want me to tell you? What Mikao Senseiprofessor, master calls a mystical revelation, I call it akashic annals. After a meditation that put k.o. Mikao, his assembly point shifted until the period of the ancient Celts, around -2500. And there he received the teaching of Druids. Following Druid Ramos, they practiced the reki of Erquy.

The Druids were the most learned men of the world. (Pythagoras) … who plundered them a lot! (xs)


In Japanese reiki, you lay hands on the skin or walk your hands a few centimeters from the physical body, on the first layer of subtle bodies. The purpose of this passage is to cleanse the energetic scheme, which the Celts called the Tree of Life. Still, it is necessary to be able to feel the chakras… I practiced it the second way, on the first subtle body, for three good decades. Until the buried memories of my city infused me this principles, more Celtic, more Druidic, more authentic.


Erquy Reki

It was then that I, in turn, succumbed to the mania for labelling. Wanting to emphasize the evolution of my practice, I baptized it the Neoreki of Rekinea. As time passed, my practice was enriched by experience. My Celtic reki just went up. It’s now called Erquy reki.

With this reki, it seems to me to have reached the fullness and the accomplishment of a very ancient technique which came from distant times, when this pretty seaport was called Rekinea, a Hellenic colony lost in Armorica. The advantage of having its own method is obvious: one can evolve according to energy fluctuations, cosmo-telluric variations, etc. Those who stick to the teaching received, that of Japanese reiki for example, will never have an optimal adequacy with their time. Following the incredible boost we receive from the sun, with each solar flare, adapting is vital. Who does not evolve, do regress.

I also sometimes walk my palms on the first subtle body, like in Japanese reiki. But it is becoming more and more rare. I prefer to work at a greater distance: the need is often felt, so instead of following a ready-made method, I obey my sensations.  Distance is not a handicap, on the contrary. You feel better from afar than from close. We are then able to correct malfunctions that affect the most distant subtle bodies, as well as the aura.

So rewarding to work on the energy layers that surround the body of all living beings! So great to have the hands of love, to be an allrighter!


Fourteen and Eighteen Chakras

I work on the 7 chakras of the physical body, to which I added 7 others, the secondary chakras: ankles, knees, elbows, wrists, thumbs, palms, ears. As you can notice, all the secondary chakras are double, right side and left side.

Very recently, my practice has led me to further expand my field of intervention. I included four additional chakras extending the physical body toward zenith, above the head; and toward nadir, under the soles of the feet.

These four chakras are only perceptible to highly trained sensory people. They alone demand more work than all the others. To abstain from it, is to ruin the benefit of the entire meeting. Now that I have included them, I cannot imagine one day being able to do without.



Respect the Aura

Certainly I could add one more to the nadir, and one to the zenith. For now, I refrain from doing so in order not to encroach on the first layer of the aura. I prefer to stop before reaching it. The aura is our immortal soul, or rather its earthly image. It imposes total respect. As long as we are in this body of flesh, the aura is our surest protection.

In the tradition to which I belong, the only action a healer can have on the aura is compaction. It is exercised by acting on the subtle bodies, and not on the aura. We feel the subtle bodies and chakras with the palms of the hands, while the aura is perceived with the backs of the hands. But the bio-energy company doesn’t try to correct anything else on the aura. Is that possible? Some believe that yes, I would be curious to see them do and measure the impact on their patients


Inner Healer

By its action on the subtle body and on the energetic scheme, the practitioner restarts subtle mechanisms that are just waiting to work.

Native Americans call these mechanisms “the inner healer” and I adopted the expression. That’s what it is. The physical body gains in a proportion difficult to believe by those who have not tried. Stunned by disproportionate allopathic treatments, our inner healer mopes and dies. Just reboot it. With the back of the hands, we evaluate the size of the aura. With the palm, we act on the chakras. This subtle energy could be called vril energy: there is no difference in nature between the energy of megaliths and that of the human body.

And that of a lightning bolt or that of a ball of lightning: it is all vril.




“Life is only a set of links. May this site create harmonious links between us and convey information conducive to the development of Life in us and around us.” ~~ Thierry Janssen

Thierry Janssen was a surgeon, he is now a psychotherapist. Step by step, he has travelled the long road from mechanized, almost dehumanized medicine, to a holistic, holistic approach to the person and their disorder. “Healing is a concept that connects body and mind, he explains. In Asian cultures, which have never separated body and mind, energy is at the centre of healing systems: Prana in India, Qi in China, Ki in Japan, etc.” (source)Nexus n°66 page 30

At the moment, I call myself a bio-energeticist, not a healer. Always the delirium of labels! It is true that I do not heal. Bio-energy like Erquy reki are techniques, they can be shown and taught like all techniques. The art of healing cannot be learned. It’s innate, or transmitted by a healer to a subject he thinks has the necessary qualities — in the foreground, humility. Then the method does not matter, as long as unconditional love guides our conduct.

Janssen won’t say otherwise: “Whether we choose existing rituals or we invent new ones, the important thing is that these allow us to create what we hope for“. 

Body Heart Mind

Mind-body, a slogan that is a recipe for success right now. It is so bogus that it makes me mad every time I hear it. Other cultures have kept away from this unfortunate dichotomy between body and mind. For the ancient Celts, the person is triple, not double. It has a heart, a body and a spirit. The heart that vibrates, the body that knows, the spirit that acts.

If one of the three is missing, the person is incomplete and therefore unable to heal, to help by his hands of love, etc. The ancient cultures of the great European north, that of the Vikings in particular, work on the same model as the Celts.

The traditional cultures of Africa and America have the same approach as Asian, Celtic or Nordic cultures. In fact, before the increasing debility that cut humans off from the wilderness and the access it gives us to nagual, all our ancestors were healers.

All men were enchanters, all women were fairies. These days, as in the past, there are also enchantresses and fairy men. Labeling is all around me and it’s every where I see.




Words are a pretext. It is the inner bond that draws one person to another, not words.