Eyes Yoga


First yoga: empty your eyes. Second yoga: double your eyes. Third yoga: put your eyes on. And you will be you. Warning: I do not address myself to fools. There are plenty of sites for them.

This yoga

Yoga means way, same root as yoke. The yoke constrains the ox, weighs on its neck and enslaves the ox. Make sure that this yoga does not give the same result.

Empty your eyes

First step, empty your eyes. Haggard eyes. Don’t stare. Don’t look at anything. Empty your head while you’re there. Huh? You protest? Looking into the void makes you look like a mental patient? So what? You can’t do that? Of course you can! You can do it and you’re going to do it. This powerful yoga allows you to reach your heart to heal yourself.

Here are some practical tips to test the yoga of empty eyes without taking risks. The practical tips are covered, as I usually do, by funny juggling flashes whose usefulness may escape. It doesn’t stop them from acting.

Looking into the void, the vague eyes, the absent mind, is a funny exercise! Right. It may seem strange, in truth it is. Sometimes it gets creepy. Don’t get hung up on appearances. Empty eyes, empty mind. Try it. Tell me about it. Face your abyss. Pay a visit to the depth of yourself. Visit your deep body. By the way, you can repair your damaged organs, we all have some. Do not neglect the checkup: emptying, greasing, checking the levels, changing the filters. Do it regularly, you will increase the life of your body vehicle. Vavavooom!


Sit comfortably, keeping your back straight. If you support it without suffering, adopt the position of the lotus. Otherwise sit on a chair; it will do very well. Suffering cancels out any benefit of meditation. It is not the lotus that matters, but the meditating one.

Fix the void. Not a particular object, right in front of you, make your bovine gaze. You can move if it helps. Brood. Graze. Ruminate. Graze again. Don’t change your way, it goes from bad to worse. Milk. The cow doesn’t drink milk. A good teat stroke, we pay for it. Nice pencil stroke, you know a lot about it. Drink to the bottle without us nor toast to the Boss though we got this job lot of Coteaux du Layon.

Gourmet and creamy, from the chenin grape variety, the Coteaux du Layon, this sweet nectar with aromas of honey and flowers with its hint of freshness will go perfectly with a blue-veined cheese.” Please!

“The world will experience peace the day the power of love is stronger than the love of power.” (Jimi Hendrix)




Keep the stupid, scary, stubborn and pious style. The more you make the beast, the better you’ll be. That’s what matters. Thick bullshit is one of the ways to cut your head off. To get out of the dictatorial and prison mind. Bovine. Ignorant and vain. Nothing in the hands. No mass. No path. You sit with depraved eyes.

Everything becomes possible. Your eyes no longer have your brain for master and interpreter. In your field of vision as your blurry gaze, everything can appear. The slave and the master. The yard and the meter. The sin to be committed and others to be forgiven. Venial sins, mortal sins, sins by action and omission. Sin by word and vision. Sin, sin, your inner devil to win. Gin, gin, your inner drunkard to win.

This is how bionic watchmaking goes wrong, which you call your brain. So he leaves and gives you the fuck-up. You without its law, out of you its crash finally stops, you come back from very far. You look very far yet you see nothing. Your gaze is closed to better contemplate you. Close your eyes. Farewell. You already see the heavens.

From there begins your inner journey, of which I will say nothing. Your destiny belongs to you. Go, you risk nothing but to look bovine. Beautiful and vain. Boileau drinks wineLost in translation. but Boilet drinks milk.Lost in translation.

Double view

I used to get it, I don’t have it anymore. I could see the auras of beings and things, the subtle vibrations that emanate from the living, the invisible colors that rise above the megaliths, and then I would do something to my eyes and hop, I was back to normal vision. There was even a time when I could see normally and see auras at the same time. The double view.

I was doing something for myself, I couldn’t say exactly what, it was like a click and the double view was in place. Then, in the same way, I could return to normal vision alone, or to the vision of auras and energy flows. Up to me.

Unfortunately, I can’t be more concrete. At the time of my adventures in Rochefort sur Mayenne with my benefactor, we had 3D images that can be used as learning the vision of auras. First the image shows nothing but color spots without defined shapes, and then, suddenly, your gaze changes and in the chromatic brouillamini you distinguish something, it gets precise and hop! you see the image in relief with a hallucinating depth. And no need for special glasses or other gadgets. With the naked eye you can see everything you want.



Mirror Drawer

The image above and the one below are part of these drawer images. Go ahead. Try to look further than the image. And you will see…? Insists, it doesn’t come right away. You don’t stare at anything, you look beyond the image. Deeper. Behind the picture.

When you get the thing, look at it again out in the open. What will appear to you, no need to talk about it now, it’s personal, it’s your business. So the drawers are mirrors where you see yourself. Or not. Why?



Everyone can see what they can see, nothing more. Visual acuity doesn’t really matter; it depends above all on your inner advance. Where are you on the secret path that leads to yourself? That is the question. Where are you on the path of love? That is the essence of the problem.


Time of the Gueks

Another solution is to use the semi-darkness between a dog and a wolf, at sunset. The auras then become easier to perceive. My benefactor often took us to a small barrow named La Contrie du Rocher near Ernée, Mayenne.

Entre chien et loup, at the time of the GueksOrthograph uncertain: the word is Tibetan Strange things can happen. Don Juan Matus, the benefactor of Carlos Castaneda, liked to say that at that time, there was no wind, no cries of animals. There is only power. Happy hunt to you!

The rift between two worlds allows prowess to those who dare to slip into it. The night is the reign of the invisible, the day that of men. People who see the invisible are sailing comfortably between the two. Notice to those who seek the powers to show off and fart. Seeing the invisible is not a part of pleasure. The first challenge of the seer: to tame fear.



As soon as you start seeing what’s hidden behind ordinary things, you hallucinate. After that first shock, depending on your character, you either panic or you laugh. There are those that it makes crazy. They are found guru in a cult, guru in prison or guru in the asylum. Madness, that shot, was not controlled.

Long range gaze

It is a pie with the cream of counter psychology. The gaze is the mirror of the soul. It accurately reflects each of our emotions, except for those who exercise control, to win in poker for example. You don’t have to be psychic. A good observer will be able to read and interpret the signs of the eyes. Even better if he knows human nature well. And if he’s sensitive, it won’t hurt.

Some eyes are closed like prison doors. The eye of the seer collides with this closed door. Why does the door of the gaze close? To prevent people from reading the secrets hidden in their eyes. But also, precisely, to prevent these secrets from coming out. Those who have nothing to hide have no reason to close their eyes. The gaze goes further than that because it is an open door. The law of give-and-take. The law of the human world, and perhaps of the whole world.

Aura in the eye

The colour of the eyes gives an indication of the aura. Especially valuable indication for those who do not see the auras. Blue, light grey, light green eyes and pale glances in general correspond to the blue aura. Dark, black, brown, hazelnut, etc. eyes refer to a golden aura. This is the general rule as I have observed it, but be careful, it has many exceptions. If you get a chance to read the auras, it will be a valuable fix.

The most common old auras are blue and gold. The new auras have a more delicate relationship with the colour of the eyes. It is difficult to establish a rule. All I can say is that the new auras have a piercing, singular and fascinating look. I don’t have enough cases to get meaningful results from my study. I keep silent.




Utopia is simply what has not yet been tried.
Théodore Monod