Futuristic Atlantis



Considered too futuristic, Atlantis is scary. How to accept a technological past, people dressed like us, who take the bus to go to work, planes, rockets, international TVs, fashion, cooking contests? … Just like us, whatever. Impossible, shocking, nonsense.

Consequently, the authors do not dare to show this kind of Atlantis. They postdate their intuitions, especially those involving technological development.

Belgian cartoonist Edgar P. Jacobs shows Atlantean UFOs, but by a trick of scenario, he puts the scene in present days. 

Edgar Cayce was not that modest: in 1935, he reported that the landscape of Atlantis was strewn with power plants. Some authors have wanted to see nuclear power plants, we think instead about Vril energy plants. And also lightning power plants, given the taste of ancient gods for the fire from heaven.

Edgar Cayce had a pleasant nickname, the sleeping prophet, because he prophesied when he was asleep. Cayce demonstrated the incredible technology of the Atlanteans, with jetplanes, rockets, UFOs and other sophisticated spacecrafts.

Quite different from ours, their science was based on the use of natural forces in the field of agriculture, sound and image. 

They had kind of mirrors made out polished obsidian, to receive distant or past images. They knew photography, X-rays, lasers. Moreover they mastered gravity.

They also had Vril energy power plants and lightning power plants. The great ancients had inherited of the first giants a taste for lightning, they called fire from above.



The control of the Atlanteans did not stop there. On top of a multimillenial history, their civilization had explored the most secret mysteries of science.

Their technology was so sophisticated it might seem magical to us, like ours would look magical in the eyes of a savage of Papua or Amazon, if any remains by chance.

Their science was not magical, but their knowledge was. Because they were animated by the desire to surpass. Their main aim was the quest of enlightenment. Their highly sophisticated technology was just a way to inner light. Atlantean engineers were not limited by the use of a single cerebral hemisphere, as we are. 

They knew how to use both the logical mind that the intuitive mind, the jewel of the mind. Against the current of the awakening of Aquarius, our time relegates the right brain and its fabulous creativity to mental tasks, called cultural or recreational tasks.

Our engineers can count, apply recipes, create lots of money by selling peanuts, which is a great achievement, but very mean a job.




If there was an Atlantean barometer of the quality of being, initially, our engineers would be scored on half of the note. Even worse, our inventions are half as numerous as theirs, and they are much less valuable.

Indeed the EEG of any modern human shows that the right brain has a much reduced activity. The left brain – the logic computer – takes all the credit.

Disturbing fact: the areas of activities are strictly the same in both hemispheres. The right brain does not play its own partition, as it should in a less biased world. Instead of inventing the coming world, the right brain plays the partition of the dominant left brain, that of logic. How sad!

By dint of being condemned to mental jobs, our direct line with the divine renounces its sacred task. To keep busy, it serves as a calculator to the left brain – the master of numbers. The reign of quantity leads us to drop the prey for the shadow, while Esau sold his internal clock for a plate of Rolex. (source)my own Bible’s version 

The Atlanteans were using all the powers of the mind. They believed in alpha, practicing the middle way. Their legacy is huge: the Pythagorean theorem, the geometry of Euclid, Archimedes, Voodoo, sorceries, witchcraft, Hippocrates, sacred trance, cereals, Heraclitus, Plato, Jesus, Sufism, Templars, spells, Leonardo Da Vinci … and you, my dear.

Not to mention makeup, African dance, divination, sauna, astrology, alchemy and natural medicine are a few faded relics of the Atlantean science. Our categories have changed, not the reality that escapes them.

Do not exclude anyone or anything, let us love alive. Such is the lesson they gave. Say the lesson I choose to see …


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. (Arthur C. Clarke)


There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle ; or you can live as if everything is a miracle.
Albert Einstein