Lightning Trap


The Atlanteans knew perfectly the effects of lightning on the human psyche, so they had designed lightning-powered power plants to awaken their powers through electro-therapy. There were risks, but the stakes were worth it. We must believe that our distant ancestors knew what they wanted to brave death. Anything that doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.


Magic Cat

Many legends speak of the benefits of lightning. In Japan, during the Edo era, in an old temple in Setagaya, lived a monk, a very poor monk who had nothing but a cat. The good priest often deprived himself of food to feed his only friend.

Every day he asked him the same question: O cat, cannot you do anything for this temple? So that the cat was moved, deciding to rescue his master, who was so good with him. That day, a nobleman, Gutokuji-San, caught in a shower, took refuge under a tree.

Then he saw the temple, and on the threshold of the temple, a cat beckoning him to approach.
The nobleman went into the temple. At the same moment, the tree he had just left was struck by lightning. A white fireball reached Gutokuji-San who immediately knew enlightenment. After this event, the nobleman often returned to the temple which became his family’s temple and named Gutokuji Temple. One might think that the awakening of Gutokoji-San was a gift of the magic cat, but it is rather an old legend about the power of initiation by lightning.

You have eyes to see and you do not see. Let hear those who have ears. 


Tombs? What Tombs?

Most archaeologists still believe that the dolmens were tombs. They think the same for the pyramids of Egypt or Mesoamerica. In both cases, they are wrong. To capture the energy of lightning, the Atlanteans have developed power plants.

OK, you will say, but if such power plants have existed, why don’t we find any trace of them today? Oh yes, there are traces. We just have to know where to look.These monuments that dot our countryside, standing stones, alignments, dolmens, stone circles, what were they used for?

Despite they never found the slightest evidence, several archaeologists still think that the dolmens were tombs. They think the same of the pyramids of Egypt. In both cases, they are wrong. We must face the facts. Neither the dolmens nor the megalithic pyramids were designed to be tombs.

Remember no archaeologist has ever found a body buried under a dolmen, except those of Gallic chiefs, much later than the erection of those monuments. Similarly, no mummy has ever been found in the pyramid of Cheops: because the access corridor to the “King’s Chamber” is too narrow to allow the passage of a royal sarcophagus.  And besides, even if we had found a skeleton there, what would it prove? The megaliths were re-used by many peoples. Why not as tombs?

Egypt’s very long history is one of decadence. In more recent times, the ancient Egyptians had the same naivety as our modern archaeologists: they believed that pyramids were tombs, and only tombs. Since they did not have the technical and financial means to build pyramids, they invented the mastaba. Similarly, we find traces of simulated embalmments in these periods, which exclude any prospect of astral survival, contrary to the oldest embalmments. Such embalmments could create ghosts of sorts, like the viejos videntes cited by Carlos Castaneda.





I know that many pyramids served as tombs. The Egyptians were buried in mastabas in a more recent periods. But it corresponds to decadence. When we no longer know what an ancient monument was used for, we invent a new use for it. It must be used for something. And these grandiose constructions that are the pyramids of Guizeh date from the dawn of time. Neither Cheops, nor Kephrans, nor Mikerinos are the first builders. They have rebuilt them, at most. The limestone coating is probably their work, nothing more. In any case, one thing is certain: Cheops or any other pharaoh had never been buried there.

No mummy was discovered in the Cheops pyramid. Another fact shakes the thesis of the tomb pyramid. The access corridor of the King’s Chamber is too narrow to allow a royal sarcophagus. Besides, ifever a skeleton have been found, what would it prove?

In ten thousand years, when discovering our nuclear plants or our silos of atomic rockets, will any archaeologist of that time get their use? How will our descendants explain them or use them when our civilization will be forgotten? On the other hand, if future archaeologist find the bodies of bishops and great characters buried in our cathedrals, will they be stupid enough to conclude that these cathedrals were built to serve as tombs? Once and for all, we must forget the thesis of burials. This nonsense has been trotted out too long.

The Megalithic people had a functional project in mind. Their huge monuments served life – not death. We are told that the ancient Egyptians were obsessed by the survival of the soul. That is wrong. The Ancient were more concerned with super-life than with survival.

Super-life? Oh yes! Their goal, like that of all evolved beings, was to develop their minds, here and now, and to gain the superpower of a superman.

The menhirs, the pyramids and their pyramidion, the lightning rods of the temple of Solomon, all lightning sensors that the ancients knew how to use: they were nothing but ligntning traps. The lightning energy they caugt wasn’t put back into soil, as we do now. It was use more properly. 

And the gods did love these devices as much as they appreciate their use!


Celestial Fire Baptism

Adam and Eve ate an apple that gave them total knowledge. Gilgamesh came to the Gods’ abode and understood that a secret liquor gave them youth and longevity. The hunter-gatherers of the Neolithic opened the skulls to provoke awakening. The supermen from Atlantis built temples where the initiate received baptism by the fire of heaven. Thus tmajority of megaliths on the globe are tools or machinery, developed by the Atlanteans to capture the celestial energy and benefit from its gifts.

To this end, they built Tiahuanaco, Stonehenge, Carnac, Machu Picchu, the pyramids of Guiza, Teotihuacan, Avebury, the Roche aux Fées… In UK and Britannic Celtia, they had raised large stones, erected pyramids and built covered alleys to receive lightning baptisms, and enjoy the heavenly gifts.

In America, in Central Europe, in Egypt and North Africa, they had built pyramids surmounted by a conductive metal pyramidion to capture lightning; it penetrated inside the pyramid by the pseudo “ventilation ducts”.

The “discharge arcs” burst the lightning bolts to turn them into lightning ball, much less dangerous. Just below, they had set up a vault with a stone sarcophagus where the initiate lay down; there he earned the benefits of a baptism by fire from heaven without risking his life. Jesus would have received the initiation of Isis there, at least that is what Edgar Cayce asserts.

I imagine Jesus lying in the same sarcophagus, while the lightning shook the enormous mass of stones above him. Precision: this is not Cayce’s thesis, but mine. 




The Gift of Isis

Lightning factories. Electric power plants and power lines. Rooms where the initiate received God’s fire. Such was their deep purpose: mission superman. That is the hidden source of the myth of Superman and other US superheroes: each time rewrites its own version of the eternal mythologies. Each culture develops its own dreams, the Americans have draw theirs from the old Indian legends and other remnants of Atlantis.

This is the secret of the ancient gods: they were men, and they had found a way to become gods. The pyramids of Giza and Teotihuacan, the Abydos’ Osireion or the Avebury’s megalithic site are both clinics and machines. Ruined power plants and power lines. The remnants of fabulous temples, mountains of huge stones, excessive, impossible sites on top of the world, tunnels to the heart of Earth, all feats barely imaginable.

The King chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza was called once Isis chamber because in this very place, inside of the sacred sarcophagus, that the grantee after a thorough initiation received enlightenment through lightning, the gift of Isis … The top side of the sarcophagus is engraved with goddess Isis, symbol of awakening. This shows that the first destination of this sarcophagus was not to protect a mummy but to expose a living at waking lightning.


Gods Again ?

What does lightning do on the human brain when it does not grill its neurons? What change of the brain wavelengths gives these mysterious powers? Are there other ways to get this result? Why not exploring this exciting way?

Don’t we all want to fly, to teleport ourselves, to effortlessly lift the mountains, to create the material world with our sole mind? Who would refuse to live much longer and keep eternal youth? Who would refuse to know everything, to have full, immediate, absolute knowledge

 Who would not want the free and permanent access to the many universes that are parallel to ours?

I bet that lightning makes it all happen. It is in the collective memory of this distant golden age that is the origin of the myth of Superman and his pals. They look like us. We can be like them. With the help of Isis.

What are we waiting for becoming gods again ?
The end of the world? The disappearance of our species





If you wonder how stone monuments could attract lightning, if you wonder how lightning energy could be delivered without cables, by jumping from one menhir to another, if you have any questions about that, I can understand. I myself had to answer it with extensive research and numerous articles where I hope you will find answers.


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