Remember Atlantis

It may seem incredible but the Atlanteans lived just like us. With probably little nuances in the form, because we did not develop quite the same technologies.

Their TV, for example, used a different technology, that of crystal balls. The same technology is found in the plates of polished obsidian.See below

The processes used were different. Cayce describes the Atlanteans as followers of natural resources, a point on which we may agree with him. You may have noticed this expression, the former gods, that recurs frequently in these pages.

Who are the former gods? A convenient label under which I gather all developed nations before the flood. All these people seemed to be gods in the eyes of their fearful creatures, our ancestors. Indeed, the extent of their knowledge and mastery of the natural forces made them giants next to the dwarfs we are.

Edgar Cayce gave detailed descriptions of Atlantis: “In the city of Peo, in Atlantis, there are those who were interested in the transmission of sounds, voice and images to people of that time …”.

What techniques did they use to transmit sound and images? Airwaves, numerical technology or something else? “In the land of Atlantis, at the time of the development of the electrical forces that applied to transport of gears or vessels from one place to another, to remote photography, even through walls, overcoming the force of gravity itself, preparation of the crystal, the crystal terribly powerful … The consultant got interested in mechanics and in chemical forces … The consultant was responsible for the application of the electrical forces of radiation and heating and of their commercial application …”

Yet their science does not quite overlapped ours, which is much more narrow. Today’s point of view in fact deprives us of 80% of the mind possibilities, because we only use half of our brain, and not the best. Take the example of the “big stones” like dolmens and menhirs. Some archaelogists are sure they were tombs. No one even ask the monuments themselves.

Yes, that is what an Atlantean would have done.

Both Science And Magic

Covered walkways and menhirs have indeed the fabulous ability to record images, as seen in the study of the Roche aux Fees and that of Avebury. This amazing ability of the mineral is probably the first secret of the crystal skulls…


Tezcatlipoca, one of the Feathered Serpents of Meso-America, had got a smoking mirror, a polished obsidian plate on which we saw images. Does it not look like a flat screen TV? Thanks to that TV, Tezcatlipoca got information that enabled him to triumph over their pacific leader Quetzalcoatl who was forced into exile.

But then the clairvoyants who scan the images into their crystal ball, are they not currently using an ancient Atlantean technique? All what simple men do not understand, they call it magic.


But this so-called magic that powers our laser scanners, our laptops and our quartz watches, this is simply science. And these mysteries that still disconcert us, tomorrow will explain them.

Thanks to the field theory, the physics will soon revolutionize biology, medicine, pharmacology, surgery, horticulture, and many other areas related to the Living. In fact, we can assume that the “former godssee note above” lived better than us.

Remember they belonged to the civilization of the Silver Age, and that we are of the Iron Age. The decline has worsened significantly in 13,000 years.

In what their life was it better? Their technology, less polluting and free, was far superior. They traveled in a large part of our galaxy.

Their mastering of gravity suppressed a lot of painful efforts. Their knowledge of climatology made them enjoy a paradisiac climate. Their science in medicine and genetics gave them a much greater longevity.

Their cosmic experience and their spirituality were immeasurable. But their desire for power and domination led them to an atomic war which consumed their quasi-extinction.


“Jehan was just amazed, not by the country he could not see although they were very nice, but by the race. At first it was still pretty average in size and bright and jumpy. The souletine race. But after the Osquich pass, everything changed once again, the shepherds that gave us a shelter for a cold night in their cayolar were tall and dry, broad shoulders, long face, forward chin, the nose right with the forehead. Thus, the Prophet found that they looked like, but yes, to the God of Vézelay and to figures that carved the children of Master Jacques.
– The Atlanteans! Jehan thought aloud.
– Their bastards only; but listen to them: it is their language!
We were entering this part of the Basque Country which is called Basse Navarre today.”  (source)Henri Vincenot, Les étoiles de Compostelle

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind. The answer is blowing in the wind. (Bob Dylan)


I would never want to be part of a club that would accept me as a member
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