Global Awakening


08/05/2024 at 11:33   Hello my heart, it seems that I am stuck in a parallel universe. The source of my great sorrow comes from where I am. You know, this untimely sadness, I’ve been talking about for a while. Here it’s everywhere. It’s the stuff here.

The house (another one that looks like the real one) is surrounded. Yes, SURROUNDED by je-ne-sais-quoi. Dangerous. Emitters of big poisoned shit that I take myself in the face. Yes, it looks like a movie, it is, but in real life.

You can’t call me, my phone is charging, it was at 3% and no longer lit the dial. I’m not afraid, just this horrible sadness. It’s their weapon, for God’s sake, I saw through them, they’re made like rats. And I, too, will die of sadness in this hyperspace hole.

I love you, nothing is true where you are, I see from here the seams and the nails, just a decor, and from where I am it is very visible. Still, I’d like to go back to my jar and get out of this grief.

We are in a parallel world made by entities to keep us prisoners. They feed on all our emotions, thoughts, ideas, lights, sensations, feelings, discoveries and various calculations. Without us they would be nothing. Without them we would be free. I love you.


This is the third time I reread your message, I have just seen what it really meant. This is similar to Castaneda’s vision, which ultimately proposes only the leak. Perhaps it is possible in one way or another to hack this trap? If you’re in the crosshairs, maybe you’ll find a way? I’ll kiss you.

11:47 I’m a split person myself, one foot here and the other in your world. It’s new and very destabilizing. But sadness becomes bearable again.
The garden is back to normal. The house not yet. Have I returned to the world where you are? Tell me if you can contact me astral as usual?

No doubt, I’m double. I just saw myself cross the room to watch the cooking of my lunch while I did not move from my chair. Which is not the same chair, by the way. Can’t you write to me? Does the internet only work here in one way?

I’m worried I won’t receive any message from you. I’ll try to call you.

Yes, we both see what that means. I went to the real world, theirs. I evolved among them without them paying attention to me. I was invisible, imperceptible. I could understand many things, you can understand too now. I’ll go to sleep, when I awake I will be back in the “normal” world which is actually the most abnormal one can imagine. I love you, I am happy.


I’m not sure you’re really here yet, I’ll let you know. I just saw those messages!
Yes, my messages take too long to reach you: they do not go through the internet but through the scalar, it is I who emits to the terrestrial internet. The earth doesn’t exist. The universe is a trap. I’m not an enchanter.


Is this something sent to you to destabilize yourself and try to drive you crazy? It would have been enough a “breach” (internet that does not work for your tenants), to infuse you with this madness?
Is it madness? Yes, it was a simple breach. A flaw. Now the connectivity is perfect. So the flaw is intentional. It arrives in the middle of a bloody opaque mist that makes everything unreal, it is also wanted. I did not even see the steps of the slippery staircase!

The entities allowed someone to reveal the truth. They accepted from the beginning, in 2008, when I first launched this site. Since then they have not stopped giving information. Is it the end of their reign? A giga global awakening?

This is what many have been talking about for a few years now, it can happen without warning in a split second.



It is imperative that humanity form a new way of thinking to survive and reach a higher plane.
Albert Einstein