Emotional discoveries


This article is aimed at experienced warriors or sorcerers. Neophytes may make mistakes. You have to have experienced similar situations to understand clearly. Viscerally. If you’re not totally sure how to interpret this, forget it. It’s too soon, you’ll come back to it later. Move on.




Like all westerners, Carlos Castaneda is in too much of a hurry. At the slightest sign of progress, he rushes towards his benefactor the sorcerer Don Juan Matus who answers: “Do not count on emotional discoveries. First let your assembly point (AP) move, then, years later, make your discovery.(source)Juan Matus in Carlos Castaneda, Fire from within

Mind. I’m not Juan Matus, far from it. I don’t want to compare myself to him or any of the warriors he trained. I happen to have been an apprentice to a Frenchman my age who found this practice working on himself. The filiation with nagualism may seem tenuous, but it is real. Of course, the living conditions and energy of sweet France have no connection with those of Mexico. Idem with traditions, education and so on.

Despite these major differences, my benefactor introduced me to the way of a nagual. And I followed him with joy, without any restrictions. Nagual or not, I am faced with the same impatience on the part of those who trust me. I can help them to reach awakening. This is the only objective. Awakening is not a religious act. We can awaken in many ways, accidental or voluntary. My benefactor was awakened by lightning. I was awakened by electrocution. Others were awakened by emotional shock. What didn’t kill us made us stronger.


My Method

Inspired by the discoveries I have been able to make on ancient techniques of awakening, I have refined a bio-energetic method that allows the rise of energy through the development of kundalini. Pure nagualism which is assimilated to an initiation. Let this word not abuse you. There is nothing in nagualism and its practices that can assimilate it to a sect. This is not a religion, spiritual beliefs, or any act of faith. Believing without believing is my motto and my advice.

The disgust I feel for gurus, the mistrust I have of closed cottages, occult groups, miracle workers and other wind-makers, all speak in favour of my sincerity. I have no apprentices, I leave this term and what it implies to the Mexican sorcerers. Those who trust me have come to know me. They know that I do not expect worshippers, nor do they expect emotion. They are content to keep my commitment to awakening.

Few of them, at the beginning of the journey, have measured the exact amount of work and discipline needed to make real progress. This is why I organize individual internships, say initiations, which take into account the stage of awakening of each one. But I am selective. I accept very few interns. There is no need to create an expectation that would not result in great disillusionment. People do not come to see me by chance, for fun, caprice or to see what it is. Such an approach requires commitment and preparation.



The Assembly Point

Don Juan suggests you ignore emotional discoveries. What does he mean by that? All emotions are triggered by moving the assembly point (AP). When discovery seems distressing, or irritating, or disappointing, negative emotions overwhelm you. It is then catastrophic to want to follow this or that path. Your judgment is too disturbed. Emotional density prevents you from trusting your instincts that usually guide you so well. You are blind and deaf. Often stupid to boot.

When the discovery is exciting, exciting, you are even more diminished because more upset. Do not decide anything under the influence of such emotion. Do not trust yourself when you succumb to it. Wait for it to pass. Tomorrow it will be day.

Positive or negative, emotion is not a good advisor. We say it for anger, we also say that love makes you blind. Personally, I think it dazzles. We also talk about nonsense. For example, that fear gives wings. No, it’s the enthusiasm that gets you off the ground. Fear paralyzes, on the contrary.


The Emotional Zone

I have just listed three states: anger, love and fear. Don’t think I’m lumping them together. Anger and fear are negative emotions. Love is not an emotion. It’s a feeling. Don’t confuse.

There are three notions that are quite similar in everyday language, but which psychology clearly distinguishes: sensation, emotion, feeling. A feeling of unease will make me feel an emotion: fear, which will inspire a feeling of contempt towards me. This contempt is bullshit that adds to a weakness: my fear. I’m in trouble…

Fear is the warrior’s first enemy, the first negative emotion you must overcome. As long as you stuck in the emotional zone, you can’t reach the energy zone that’s deeper inside you. So dig deeper. Six feet under. Unwelcome emotion needs a bouncer. Be your own master.

Remember that everything, emotions like worlds, situations like appearances, everything comes down to one single thing: the position of your assembly point. Do you want to rejuvenate? Change sex? Skin color? World? Do you want to occupy another body? Animal? Do you want to be a giant? Do you want to fly like an airplane without wings? Visit other planets? Cross the heart of the sun? Be fire, ice, fog, wind?

Your only concern will be to make every effort to achieve this. But you’re wrong all along: you can’t find the awakening in a goody bag. No one seeks enlightenment to obtain the powers that go with it. You know powers are the warrior’s third enemy. Because they strengthen the ego.

The ego is the only part of human being which will not know awakening (Lamaist proverb)



False Guru, True Crook

Managing to control the movements of the assembly point is a delicate task in the early days. Delicate but vital. If you’re not lucky enough to have an experienced sorcerer close to you when you dislodge your assembly point and it starts to drift, it’s like slipping into the barrel of a barrel whose wick is lit.

You have no way of knowing where you’re going to land. You have no way of even knowing if you’re going to get back to where you started. I knew a false guru who played this game with unsuspecting neophytes. False gurus always need candid, naive, gullible people. He had set his sights on a sensitive woman overwhelmed by a heavy emotional burden that weakened her. Otherwise she was an excellent astral traveler. Unfortunately, like many of us, she didn’t know it.


The Vastness Out There

Through sleight of hand that he did not master, the false guru sent her to the bottom of the astral, without even sketching a gesture to accompany her. When I came to the rescue of the unfortunate woman, she was squatting in a corner of the room, prostrated, in hypnotic shock. She showed the signs of total confusion. While the crook played cards with his buddies, without a glance for the poor lost.

I’ve had a hard time finding her by tuning in. As Juan Matus says, it is not easy to find a warrior of the astral who strays somewhere in this immensity out there. As soon as I hooked her up, she came back very quickly. I sent her out for a shower. Contact with running water allows the physical body to be reconstituted in its integrity after a too intense astral journey or a induced return. Don Juan Matus outright threw buckets of water on Carlitos, when the apprentice’s excess prevented him from landing with no crash.

All these incidents of astral journey show a lack of temperance. The emotional overflows surface of the being, compromising its impeccability. It is still a manifestation of ego: to attract the attention of the master or presumed such, to monopolize his care, to assert his difference or his alleged sensitivity, while we are just screwing up an exercise.



The inner guide

You have to learn to navigate by sight among the icebergs of the howling fifties. For this you need all your vigilance, and that of your double if you can, that of your inner guide who will not manifest if you bubble of poorly contained emotions. Calm down, get down to earth, get back to who you are. Take your death as your advisor if you want, anything that helps you refocus will be welcome.

You must be able to trust your inner GPS. He alone is your compass in this infinite vastness called the astral – which moreover has neither time nor space, go understand! As he explains in Le pèlerinage des bateleurs, my benefactor was trained by French tarologist Jean Assens. They both assign the same guidance function to the old tarots. With good reason. I myself have experienced the effectiveness of these images. They allow you to find your inner path without being overwhelmed by emotions.

For the inner guide to manifest and assume his role, the emotional must remain in his place. Emotional discoveries do not count at this stage. They are just delusions, manifestations of engrams. Do not confuse them with visions or illuminations! This is why the emotional cleansing of small mysteries is the indispensable prerequisite for awakening. In the tarot, this cleaning is done in arcane XIII, it is similar to an initiatory death. Then, two other arcanes must be lived before entering the arcane XVI The Tower, which represents awakening.


The illusions of emotion

Emotional illusions are all the more dangerous when they seem likely. So is all the rumours, all the fake news. If an emotional flash happens to you, before jumping for joy, ask yourself if it’s not pure ego. You want to experience magic stuff so much! Envy is ego. The desire to impress others, the pleasure of showing off, none of that in the industry. Move on.

The first half of life is devoted to forming a healthy ego, the second half is going inward and letting go of it. (Carl Gustav Jung)


It is difficult to sort out. Some of these illusions will look like ordinary reality. They will not manifest in the waking state, they will be inseminated in your brain during your sleep. When you wake up, you won’t remember. But in the hours that follow, an external reactivation will revive this memory as if the situation, instead of being dreamed of, really happened.

The consequences are unpredictable, inconsistent and often fatal. So you have to learn to flush out these illusions. It is your safety, even your life. The surest way to do this is to control your emotional impulses. And the fastest way to control your emotions is to control the movement of your assembly point.

Well, the snake bites its tail. To exercise such control of the AP, you have to be awake… Yes, everything starts and ends there. As long as we sleep, is that living?



Emotional flashes

The sudden displacement of the assembly point results in perceptual aberrations. Until you are able to voluntarily move your assembly point, you will fall victim to these aberrations. It is therefore vital that you now protect yourself against their devastating effect.

The most common aberrations are used by natural seers and all those who have not received training in witchcraft. These are flashes. They manifest as a photo flash: a burst that can dazzle, but that illuminates the whole scene.

In fact of clairvoyance, Madame Irma and her fellow carnival-goers know only flashes. These people are therefore easily manipulated. And always manipulated – without their knowledge, of course. So you have to give them the trust they deserve: none.

Emotional Bovis Units

Who manipulates Madame Irma? Who inseminates illusions in you when you sleep? It’s too early to tell. At this point, all you have to do is consider this manipulator and inseminator a dangerous enemy. Anyway, that’s what they are. Or what he is….

The devil’s most beautiful trick is to persuade you that he doesn’t exist! (Charles Baudelaire)


I was very much in love with Solenn. A magical trip to Provence took us to the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Lumières in Goult in the Vaucluse. I tell this episode elsewhere, so I won’t come back. The result is that we have driven the cattle rate up dramatically. Three times the terrestrial maximum, namely 20,000 BU, Bovis Units as recorded at the Potala in Lhasa, Tibet, as well as in the eye of the Chartres labyrinth.

My clock made three full turns, so the place vibrated at 60,000 BU, which is impossible. Later, my benefactor explained this anomaly to me. There is vril and vril. So bovis and bovis. For more information, see the article The Bovis scale.

And please note this : BU means Bovis Units, and is read Be You.

The UB emotional bovine units are one of the illusions that cause a burst of pure emotion. The loving state in which we found ourselves the beautiful and me led to a movement of our two assembly points. This imperceptible shift put us in a state of receptivity that made us manipulable, so we were manipulated. And I am quite certain that the Blessed Virgin has nothing to do with it…



Years later

“Don’t rely on emotional discoveries. First let your assembly point move, then, years later, make your discovery.”

In Lamaism, there is little more esteem for emotional discoveries than Juan Matus. When an apprentice in this state rushes towards the Most PreciousRimported to tell him of the extraordinary progress he has just experienced, the Most Precious smiles, leans his head and says:

– Loosen your meditation belt a notch.


The art of timing

If you’ve read this article so far, if you think you’ve understood everything — not with your head: there’s nothing to understand about it — if you feel you’re vibrating with this text, ask yourself if the time has come.

One day you’re not ready. The next day you are. Timing. The next day everything becomes possible. Obstacles are swept away. Your interior landscape is so clean that you can see yourself in it. Look at your face.


What are you feeling right now?

Surprised? Yeah, what did you expect?
Excitement? Let it be to raise your kundalini.
Energy? Your kundalini is already up!
Envy? Awakening is not a desire, it’s a necessity. One day, you don’t care. The next day, it’s imposed so much that you forget everything else. Sense of timing.
Emotion? In the singular it goes, in the plural it goes better. All emotions mix. Make a package that you throw in the garbage.
Hope? Forget it, hope is a scam.


Obvious? Perfect timing! Ready to take the plunge? Jump into the void.
Trouble? You shouldn’t have read so far.
Etc? The rest is about you.




The child is the father of man
Friedrich Nietzsche