Big Bang and Black Holes


Man lived it, conceived it, realized it. The Big Bang is a human work. I see humans attending the Big Bang. They look like brothers to us — probably bigger than us. I think these great beings who look like us are the authors of the Big Bang. They look through a transparent surface and on the other side there is… the Big Bang!! Boom badaboum, v’là the universe!


Fertile universe

These gigantic humans could be the source of the whole mess. The universe they created is a living organism. Like their human creators, he was born, he lives, he will die. The universe is like all of us. Just a little bigger…

These guys have imagined and created a self-breeding universe. Here’s how. Black holes lead to white fountains.  They overlook another universe that is created to the extent that they expel it. It’s a continuous stream. This new universe springs from every black hole and can create other universes that reproduce in turn thanks to the white fountains. Thus is formed the multiverse.

The cycle is perpetual. Our universe is fertile. A new universe emerges at every moment. And the moment can last a century or a nanosecond. It depends. Black holes absorb all the matter that enters their sphere of attraction. They also absorb light. We can even add the souls of the deceased, all species together. At least that’s what the nagual warriors believe.


Each of the universes thus created can reproduce in the same way, injecting matter, light and consciousness into other fetal universes. As they grow, they reproduce in their turn. Life is a perennial, inextinguishable process. A universal phenomenon, or rather, multiversal.



White fountains

A white hole, also called a white fountain, is a theoretical object likely to exist in the sense that it can be described by the laws of general relativity, but whose existence in the Universe is considered highly speculative. (source)

Astrophysicists are familiar with black holes, and have been for a long time. Yet they have never been able to observe a white fountain. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The lack of evidence is not proof of absence. Let’s say that if they exist, they are well hidden. Our universe may not have them because it is the first. It would then be the mother universe from which all others are created.

We are here in the field of hypotheses. Astrophysics remains reserved, the unanimity of researchers is not reached, far from it. As a seer, I willingly accept this hypothesis as a basis for reflection, and I let my imagination seize it.

Delirium? Yes, certainly. But de-read in the sense of “getting out of reading”. To refuse the credo of the printed word that was imposed in the 19th century, era of positivism and the triumph of reason. Today, he still exercises his diktat on many people, rightly or wrongly. But rather wrongly…


The egg and the hen

I saw that at the origin of everything, there is a group of researchers working in a lab. These researchers may be 7000km high. They may be bigger than the multiverse itself! No matter how big they are, they are no less human.

If this is really the origin of everything, where do these researchers in white coats come from? And their lab, who designed it for them? Through them, I am enchanted by the idea that man should attain the status of divine creator. But who are they themselves, where did they come from? Who created them? Did they make themselves?



We fall back on the oldest history of origins: who came first? The egg or the hen? Are we to believe that this whole vertiginous cycle in time and in scope is an uncreated principle? Should we conclude that this has always been the case? Who can be satisfied with the Shiva hypothesis, that of Shiva’s dance?

The dance of Shiva

A Hindu tradition says that Shiva, the universal creator god, is dancing. As long as he dances, everything is fine, no danger. But as soon as his dance ends, the universe will collapse. Tantrism has a more crude version: Shiva dances and it makes him come. He ejaculates, and the universe creates and develops. And the universe will collapse at the last drop of the ejaculate. In either case, we have little chance. Nothing depends on us, tiny and insignificant as we are.

Wait? If Shiva was one of the giants in our image who triggered the big bang? For what it changes… We are irretrievably subject to the arbitrariness of an almighty superman. For the triumph of the religions that have always said so

Shiva stops, the universe dies. Okay, we know it’s deadly. But the multiverse? Does it disappear too? Children don’t die when the father disappears. Other universes can very well survive the disappearance of one of them. Ultimately, this tale tells us that the universe is mortal. Nothing new under the stars. Astrophysicists have a name for this final phenomenon: Big Crunch, the opposite of the big bang. But the Shivaite tale does not speak to the fate of other universes — all those that our universe creates through its countless black holes.


Big Crunch

In cosmology, the Big Crunch or terminal collapse is one of the Universe’s possible fates. It refers to the collapse of the Universe, that is, a contraction phase following the expansion phase. So it’s kind of an upside-down Big Bang. (source)

We’ve done everything, we’re going to undo everything. Down here it’s already started.



The solution to escape the Big Crunch is obvious on paper: we should win another universe that may not be affected by its disappearance. How to change the universe? Easy, just go through a black hole. Here, here?

At the end of the story we find the wisdom of nagualism. Going through the black hole around which the Milky Way gravitates is what they think is waiting for all of us. Humans, animals, minerals, gas, plants, light, consciousness, everything goes into it. And it’s necessary: it takes everything to make a world.

At the end of the tale

I hope this walk beyond our human limits has entertained you. Everything I tell you comes from my own dreams. You can laugh, shrug, or admire my imagination. I don’t believe it.

No one ever imagines anything: we just borrow what already existed in the endless shelves of the Akashic records. It stores all the information, all the adventures, all the stories of all the worlds. To know them, just go there in a dream.

Astral flight

The dream is the door to awakening, it’s what the Flying Wolves are experiencing right now. Every night, until January 24, they will explore infinity through the astral path, that of dreams. They will find answers to their questions, or questions to their answers.

They will discover that they had only partial — and partial — vision of themselves. Their true nature and the meaning of their existence completely eluded them. Why wonder?

Waking life is the tip of the iceberg that we are. If we dive into astral to discover it, we may discover other lives taking place at the same time as this one, but on other planes. In astral.



There’s still time to register … for the next session.


Rely on dreams for in them is hidden the door to eternity.
Khalil Gibran