The Seal Of Solomon



Solomon the Magnificent, or “the Just, the third king of Israel and Judah, son and successor of David, reigned forty years. Solomon received the throne of an exhausted father and an ambitious mother. His reign was a short time of inner peace and greatness.

Solemnly anointed after David’s death, he appeared at the beginning of his sovereignty both powerful and tolerant. The pious king walked according to the ordinances of Yahweh, while sacrificing on the high places, accompanied by his people… However, in Gibeon, it is in the sanctuary of the one God that he went, and it is to Yahweh that he offered burnt offerings: there was still the tent of meeting that Moses had made in the desert, whereas the Ark had been moved to Jerusalem. This sacrifice was followed by a dream in which the God of Israel appeared to him, offering to give him anything that he liked. Solomon asked only spiritual favors: it is the wisdom he begged of heaven. The wish was granted and all Israel enjoyed it during most of his reign. Wealth and glory were given to him in addition. The fame of his wisdom surpassed the most distant borders. People came to see and hear all the land known then.” (Source)

The Midrash Rabbah, the Qur’an and the Old Testament show us “King Solomon, builder of the first Temple of Jerusalem, as a sage, author of proverbs and songs, a great expert of the secrets of plants and animals, but not as a magician. It seems that a reputation as an astrologer will be made from the second century BC., and in the first century Jewish historian Flavius Josephus presented him as having written 3000 books of exorcisms and incantations against diseases caused by demons. The first book of magic that has actually been attributed to him is the Testament of Solomon, written in Greek, between the first century and the fifth century, possibly in Babylon or in Egypt, the oldest manuscripts dating from the fifth century. It was translated into Latin, Hebrew and Arabic only several centuries after. Over the centuries, various texts of magic were attributed to Solomon.” (Source)Wikipedia The Bible tells us that Solomon let himself be influenced by his wives, and like them, began to worship idols and deny his God.

This is probably what has strengthened his image of magician helped by demons. The latter, say the commentators, had buried books of magic under the throne of Solomon. After his death, they spread the rumor that there was only to look beneath the throne the books containing the science by which Solomon had subjected men, geniuses and winds. Here is the reputation for high magic made to Solomon that begins to take shape. Afterwards countless exploits were attributed to him, supernatural, divine.




In medieval legends Jewish, Islamic and Christian, the Seal of Solomon was a magical ring that King Solomon (Sulayman in the Islamic version) was supposed to have possessed. This magic ring simultaneously gave him the power to command demons and genies, or to speak with animals. The Koran, without mentioning explicitly the Seal, makes a large part to these legends on the powers of Solomon. In the Tales of the Arabian Nights, we can find an explicit reference. An evil genius, imprisoned in a copper bottle sealed by the ring in question, could not get out for 1800 years. The power of the seal has kept him all along. (Source)The Thousand and One Nights, Wikipedia The evil genius has finally come out when Corto Maltese recovered the ring. Unless it was Gollum.No, just kidding In short, people only lend to the rich. The sulfurous reputation of Solomon comes from his use of forgotten technologies, that the people took for evil spells.

There are countless Sufi teaching stories, which involve demons and spirits. Very often the Seal of Solomon is mentioned or described in them. In some versions, the seal is made of iron and brass, set with four jewels, with God’s name engraved. In later versions the ring simply carries what is now called the Star of David or hexagram, within a circle or Ourobouros, snake biting its own tail, a symbol of the eternal return. Other versions see it as a pentagram, or as other more complicated figures. In an Arab story, it is claimed that the demon Sakhr deceived one of Solomon’s wifes to steal the ring. Sakhr would have reigned in his place for forty days (forty years in some versions) while Solomon was wandering miserably in the country. However, subsequently, Sakhr having thrown the ring into the sea, this one was swallowed by a fish that a fisherman caught, and that was served to Solomon.

As a punishment, the Shaytaan Sakhr had to build
a large and beautiful mosque for Solomon. (Source)Janik Pilet, God or the philosopher’s stone of the physicist

However, the oldest of these stories dates back more than a thousand years after Solomon, and the story of the fish, in particular, has a strong resemblance to the tale of Polycrates of Samos by Herodotus. But there is no smoke without fire. why do we attribute all this magical knowledge to Solomon, making him the biblical counterpart for the great Hermes Trismegistus? Why is it him and not his father David, or his great-uncle Moses, who is believed to possess these shamanistic gifts? Many stories and medieval drawings show how the palace of Solomon was built with the help of the jinn and angels. It seems that the palace contained such wonders that no one could have imagined they were coming from … science! Everything happens as if the powerful Solomon had inherited skills much previous to his time. It seems he used a flying machine; built on his orders, a lightning sensor dominated the Temple of Jerusalem, for spiritual and technological aims.

This temple, the first temple in Jerusalem, Solomon had built it according to a plan and specific indications, and probably also by using forgotten technologies that, in the eyes of ignorant people, passed for magic. As with the jinn, do not forget that the ancient land of Judea was the birthplace of several species of giants. Jews even claim that all the giants who once populated the earth came from their land. Many feats impossible yesterday are now commonplace.




Solomon was an insider of Isis, he received from the Ark of Covenant an electric shock that woke his supernatural powers. These are latent powers that we all possess, and that are awakened by mystical illumination, or even by electronic methods much faster: a calculated boost of the central nervous system. Solomon received this initiation before the death of King David, his father. And there is every reason to believe that David himself had received it in the same conditions, through the effect of the Ark.

David reigned over Israel after his victory over the Philistines, now called Palestinians. The more things change the more they stay the same. With his sling, David threw a stone on giant Golitah. It is therefore the Jews who invented the intifada. David was the nephew of the patriarch Moses, who was of course the first insider of the tradition of Israel, thanks to the lightning and the Ark of Covenant, on Mount Sinai. This whole story has a strong smelling of high-tech and vril energy, Steven Spielberg did not make a mistake in his Raiders of the Lost Ark.