Atlantis For Eden Saga



Through numerous techniques, the Atlanteans had developed all the powers of the mind, shamanism, telepathy, healing art, seeing the invisible and the auras, and other psychic powers. But they were also engineers in the modern sense, because they used the two cerebral hemispheres, and not only one as we do now.


If we are to believe Edgar Cayce, the Atlanteans were more developed than us materially speaking. They were mastering “the use of electric generators in nuclear fission to release energy,” but they are supposed to have destroyed themselves with it.

The catastrophe would have started with an animal extermination.  They had to get rid of the last large animals: diplodocus, brontosaurus … A summit meeting between the nations was held on this subject, which led to the use of explosives … Different bombs put an end to the last large animals, according to the famous U.S. clairvoyant. Later, explosives were used against other people, this is how the Atlanteans / Asvins annihilated the empire of Rama, in the Indus Valley. And then the Atlanteans massacred one another. When the empire is too large, the heirs start fighting …  

Atlantean science rather presented as a religion … on second thought, ours too. Only our idols are less sexy. Despite his great clairvoyance, Cayce did not perceive the fundamental difference between their science and ours: it is the use of the brain that was different then. The logical hemisphere was not dominant as it is today.




The supermen of Atlantis mastered an unknown science, gravitology, which would have opened the fifth dimension.

By taking shortcutsin the space-time, they were moving faster than light. Impossible? Yes it is. Nothing can go faster than light. But gravitons go on another way. Just imagine a world folded like a puff pastry.

The light has to travel all the folds, while gravitons pass through the batter and save lots of time. Only gravitons can do that. Gravitons and… the Atlanteans. Gravitology is really a fabulous science that we quite ignore. It included another exciting chapter, antigravity or how to remove the weight of objects. Without effort, the Atlanteans could move blocks of stone weighing several tons, that they were pushing with the tips of their fingers like rubber balloons. Hence, they have built cyclopean walls and erected megaliths all around the Earth. They had excellent reasons to do so, and it did not ask them as much efforts as we thought.

The study and control of the gravitational mechanisms had brought their distant ancestors to accomplish the feat of straightening the Earth’s axis of rotation to bring it back in the ecliptic plane




Unless a false maneuver has brought the opposite result? Let us go to the happy and mythological time when the earth revolved around the sun in 360 days. Our planet was propped on the ecliptic plane, everything was settled perfectly in the great cosmic clock, and the year was divided harmoniously into twelve months of thirty days.

This is not nonsense, many myths attest the fact, and that’s why we share the circle into 360 degrees, like the Earth’s elliptical once shared the year into 360 days.

But this beautiful harmony was found broken, say the myths. A disaster has occurred, but which one? Immanuel Velikowski imagined a collision with a giant comet. Yes, why not?

I rather visualize a very different scenario. Imagine a colossal spacecraft floating in the Atlantic Ocean. Do figure out Atlantis as a bronze island fallen from the sky, a spacecraft the size of a mother ship, floating in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. It occupied almost the entire surface, with its 3300kms diameter. This does not leave much space in the Atlantic Ocean. Through the large floating island, one could easily join both sides of the Atlantic, as Plato said.




During the takeoff, there was a bug in the computer controls of the giant ship. Captain Atlas son of Poseidon could not prevent the ship-island falling back into the ocean. A massive tsunami swept the two banks, the second flood occurred around 2500 BCE. In fact, no need to imagine a pilot error: when a ship of this size leaves the ocean, the volume of displaced water is so considerable that it is enough to cause the tsunami in question.

Do not think that I pick this hypothesis out of a magic hat. I came here after twenty years of research, with lasting blockage on pesky details: according to some authors, Atlantis island was perfectly round, and divided into four equal parts: the French term quartier and the use of dividing cities into quartiers are an Atlantean heritage. This geometric regularity is hardly natural, it evokes rather an artifact.

The Atlanteans were identified with former astronauts, scholars that came from the stars to bring civilization on wild planets. These astronauts needed a ship, right? Why not Atlantis island? This artificial island, huge and round, precisely corresponds to Plato’s descriptions. Note that no trace of any sunken island of this size has been found at the bottom of Atlantic ocean. This artificial island taking off the ocean could explain that puzzle.

If you have a planet to terraform, you can go in small metal boxes, like us on Mars, and make everything locally using 3D printers. But if you are any professional terraforming team, with a civilization that lasted for billions of years, it is much more convenient to travel on an artificial planet, enjoying all the comfort and all the technology of your home planet.




And coincidentally – what coincidence ?? – we have testimonies about this planet of the gods. The most striking is that of Nibiru, the wandering planet. Some authors thought it could be a planet with eccentric orbit, which would come only every 3000 years in the solar system. Come on! If Nibiru is wandering, it is a spaceship.

Last but not least: some other round islands and/or floating planets have been recorded in other oceans : Mu in Pacific ocean, Lemuria or Land of Punt in Indian ocean. These are other spaceships, from the same origin, that came for the same purpose at different times …


You may think I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one Perhaps some day you will join us And the world will be as one.
John Lennon