Into The Light


Sooner or later we cross the narrow door that leads inside. Sooner or later the keeper of the threshold allows us to enter that place of peace and light. Then we have to stay there…


Jesus said: Be passer-by.


From immemorial time, insiders have dedicated themselves to this priesthood – the passage. Here are the confidences of one of them: “I am clairvoyant since my prime and I have a conscious access to astral life. I have wandered a lot into other worlds. And I have this gift of reading consciences, even in the unconscious. This is an exciting – but terrible gift. When Jean-Claude Flornoy gave me initiation, there was a condition: I have committed myself to giving it to others.

This is the rule and I accepted it. I knew what I was expecting.

It is not difficult to read in people, what is very hard, it is to help a being of light going down and down in. Heavy task, sometimes heartbreaking: support someone in his shadiest depths… but what a great reward when the much lighter and dazzling person enters inner light. Sometimes the joyful catharsis is lasting for days. A blessed time for the one who crosses as for the crosshelper. Sometimes you have to wait long for the catharsis. But it always comes.” (source)Stephane Kervor

If the light sees a hundred thousand persons, it descends only on the one whose essence is light. (Rumi)


Catharsis is a Greek word meaning “cleaning, purification”. Nietzsche talks about it in The Birth of Tragedy. According to him, the antique Greek theater was not a passive show, rather kind of trance in which  the public was projected. Each one revived his engrams and cleaned up his brightness … to the final release, the catharsis.

For psychoanalysts like Jung or Reich, catharsis is the bright and joyful ecstasy that takes a subject after cleaning a major engram. An engram is an emotional trauma, sometimes associated with a physical trauma: loss of consciousness, coma, loss of control, anaesthesia, etc.. The content of the engram is forgotten, it is unconscious. Nevertheless the engram is still somewhere in our body, acting unbeknowst and sending absurd orders. If not defused, an engram keeps a lifelong activity.

Some engrams may origin in previous lives, the case is not rare.

Locating the engrams is the job of the crosshelper.
Revisiting his engrams is the job of the crosser.
Defusing the engrams is the purpose of the passage.

“I use the deep trance that I provoke by various means: internalization, suggestion, magnetism, Shiatsu, Reiki or holistic massage. But no hypnosis, a touchy method for me. Then I lend my energy to the candidate to help him descend inside himself. I can also use the focused energy of megalithxsxss: after all, they have been erected for this very purpose. Cathedrals and their crypts are blessed places, but uneasy to use. We therefore opt for ruins. Templar commanderies are commonplace in French coutryside …

There are powerful places everywhere in the wild: springs, forests, moors… Luckily, I live close to Mother Forest, Broceliande i.e. Dark Forest, which was often the best passage.” (source)Stephane Kervor




The crosshelper has no choice:
the rule decides.

Our crosshelper does not refer to a specific rule for the Wolf Clan. He mentions the unwritten rule that applies to all the sensitive people in search of light. “This same rule was incessantly taught by Juan Matus to Carlos Castaneda. A Rule reproduced nowhere, because it is known to everyone. It shines, incandescent, in the secret of our hearts.” One day or another, some greedy neophyte will lay a booklet in which will be presented the Rule of any inner life.

I pity his readers.

“Writing the Rule is not only useless, it is dangerous. The Rule, when it is written, ceases to be alive, it will no longer evolve in respect of itself, as does every living being. DNA does not need to be written and understood by reason to be effective. One will read the written Rule, one will say: “This is permitted by the Rule, so I can do it.” Then one will say: “This is not prohibited, so I can do.”

We will not look at the bottom of our hearts, where the fire letters will eventually die out.

Thus the sacred becomes a religion of the book.
The written freezes and kills. The oral gives life. “  (source)Stéphane Kervor

Ferrymen do not apply the same method for each recipient. It should be the third eye of the seer to find the way that suits. There is only one, and the ferryman must find for sure, and find quickly. The path once found, result will follow.

What the use to write these effusions with the ineffable? Why record what never will be twice?

The candidate for the awakening could always tell his experience to anyone, if only he finds the strength, talent and interest to do so.

The ferryman, forever, will keep silent. He will retire, quiet, forever tombstone of the past. Lips and eyes wide shut, and the three ears plugged. He will never paint trait nor write line on the detail of one of those mysteries – no word can be added nor the slightest image subtracted.


The first knowledge is the knowledge of my ignorance: it is the beginning of intelligence.