Previous Lives ?


The ancient peoples have often believed to successive incarnations. For the Greeks and Romans, the soul of the deceased went to a land of the dead called Hell, until his next incarnation.

“The ancient underworld amazingly resembled to our world, sometimes located under the ground and sometimes across the river Ocean in a far western area that the sun did not lit. Hades and his wife Persephone reigned over the underworld that was also called the Hades. Greeks located the door of the underworld in the caverns close to Cape Taenarum, in the south of Peloponnese; the Romans initially located it within the depths of the lake Avernus, or in the caverns close to Cumae.

But all the crevices and cracks could be a potential entry of the kingdom of shadows. Surrounded by a triple wall of brass, Tartarus was the deepest place of hell. This dark place of the underworld was as far from earth as earth is from heaven: If they threw an anvil, it would take nine days to reach the bottom. From the beginning it was a prison for the gods or heroes who had broken the Gods’ laws and dungeons for opponents. 

Cronos had imprisoned the Cyclopes that Zeus freed to help him gain power. After his victory Zeus imprisoned in turn Giants, Titans he had them kept by the Hecatonchires, GYES, Cottos and Briareus.” (Source) You got it, the Hades is the other world, the kingdom of shadows, the land of the dead. Here they’re just passing through. They stay there just the time it takes, between two lives. 


For the unfortunate immersed in the infinite darkness of Tartarus, it’s harder, but eventually they will get out too. If they’re helped to … all the others are just passing through. While staying in the other world, the soul is aware of its former incarnations, what gives it the elements to carefully choose its next incarnation. 

The future incarnate chooses when he wants to live, location, physical conditions, he chooses everything. His plan is clear then, he knows exactly why he is reincarnating, and what his mission is in the coming life. Unfortunately, prior to reincarnate, there is a small formality … An obligatory swim.

Neither in Tartarus, nor in the Styx, but in a third river of Hades called Lethe. Its waters have a magic power, it is a potion of amnesia. The one who bathes there loses immediately the memory of what he experienced before.

It is a new start, he can be reincarnates as if he was brand new, and live a life that he has not chosen, since he can’t remember. This is the traditional view, to which an ounce of quantum physics can restore a youthful look.

Belief in reincarnation, or metempsychosis, was interrupted in the West at the turn of the Middle Ages, which do not exist. As chance, but that’s another story. In Asia, it is quite different. Most of the Asian people readily accept the idea of ​​successive lives, Buddha taught it, not just Buddha, Rama also presented the reincarnations as an evidence, and a constant of life on earth.

Does this mean that the “gods” who have taught us are not reincarnated? I do not know, but I must admit that I am extremely disturbed in front of these superhuman astronauts who are not gods, who know it, and who, in addition, do not believe in any God.

No reference to the source in the teaching of Zeus, for example, or in that of Yahweh, claiming himself the origin of all when he was probably a two-stars general of a divine army. Yahweh is not part of the Elohim, while Elijah or Allah are. Big difference. Or not ?

I have long believed that the past lives were part of the indisputable spiritual reality, though hidden in this corner of the world where I live. When I did my recapitulation for the passage of the Arcanum XIII, I could find 27 previous lives. Not just one or two, twenty-seven. Lives of men, women, but deaths above all. Mostly violent deaths, painful. For years, I was convinced of the phenomenon.

That’s hardly surprising. How doubt when so much evidence are given? I had lived on every continent, in every age, and I has been woman or man. With a preference for my female lives: higher, more consistent with the idea that I have of myself.

If I am a man in this life, I have often been woman in other, so I do not have the slightest desire to change sex. Another future life will give me another, why rush things?

That’s what I believed for years. Until the day I started to write these found lives, to keep the memory first. And then I got into it, I tried to make a kind of novel, unanimously rejected by 18 publishers. With good reason: the book was not good.

Nevertheless it allowed me to understand a huge thing. For the purposes of my book, I had to return to visit those lives many times. But there came a curious phenomenon. Gradually these lives began to change.

Believing the official history is believing criminals on parole. (Simone Weil)

My previous deaths, I had first found, were no longer there, as erased. The progress I had been able to accomplish in this life were transfered automatically on my other lives, as if they were all taking place right now.

Every being has an alter ego who lives on another plane, says Garnier-Malet. This alter ego remembers everything, he has not bathed in the waters of Lethe, him. He stayed in the other world, therefore he helps us the best he can. Every night, on the astral plane, we meet our alter ego.


He gives us the information we need to live the coming day in the best way. Then comes the time for reunion. In the other world, we merge again with our alter ego, to better choose the coming incarnation. In this quantum vision, the other world is not a physical residence, or even a temporal residence.

We do not need to be dead to find back our alter ego, we do it every night while sleeping. Each morning, when we awake, we cross the waters of Lethe which erases our memory. The memories are still there, but we need to fish them out deep in our dormant memories … or switch to alpha mode. Sensitive people do it without noticing. In fact, anyone who can stay in alpha mode has access to another world without leaving this one. This two-places-life is the ordinary life of shamans  and warriors of Nagual.

This is the Middle Way, which allows to use independently and harmoniously both hemispheres of our brain. In the astral world, or in the other world, since it is the same, we don’t know how to “think” differently. The alter ego is more than quick, it is instantaneous. Reasoning that builds up down here with time, by successive proposals and trains of thought, appears immediately in the astral world, where everything is instantaneous. Like watching a movie or a painting.

The film has a beginning, a middle and an end. The picture is given in one shot, we get it immediately. The alter ego perceives an infinity of shades in less time than we need to grasp one. In this perspective, the idea of reincarnations does not mean much. The astral is another world where there is neither time nor space. Everything is synchronous, present, eternal. The other world is not a place to stay for the dead, since we can get there by sleeping or with our consciousness.

I explored these found lives, I visited the lost worlds they brought to life. One day I observed a curious phenomenon: those lives were changing. The more I went there, the more misunderstandings vanished, the more tragedies fade, my most terrible deaths disappear. 

The progress that I could accomplish in this world had also an incidence on my anterior lives! They are not past, they are simultaneous. We live many lives, more or less consciously, in the same time. We know an infinite number of worlds that we can find again, bewildered, in the old stories of the Legend of the Humanoids.

We are infinitely larger and more powerful than this sleepy existence only makes us believe. We do not have anterior lives, but an infinite number of lives in parallel universes. The end of time may come: even if we are not aware, we already know it.

Our so-called previous lives are inner lives, parallel lives. We live in an infinite number of lives during this actual one, and when it will stop, they all will stop.

Will there be something after? I would say yes, even though I do not know at all what it is. Que sera sera, qui mourra verra.


Regret is always an illusion.
Claude Sautet