Electric Awakening



By the year 2005 in Canada, Alain Laurendeau was a house painter. Equipped with a roll at the end of a pole, he repainted the roof of a building when the aluminum pole came to strike a power line. He received a 14,400 volts discharge and fell from three floors high.

At the same moment he started a NDE : leaving his body, he attended the scene without feeling the pain. He saw his body burn under the effect of the discharge and blaze up into flames like a torch as he was falling off the roof. The rescue intervened, and – first miracle – Laurendeau was saved. Severely burned, in shock, he came back to life to realize that some amazing powers came to him. He can hear the thoughts of other people. According to his family, he has a gift of precognition which is verified every time. In his case, lightning has nothing to do with it. Plain electricity did the deed. By stimulating his central nervous system, the electric discharge has boosted his vibratory rate and powers came. Yes, it is that simple.

The facts are on the table, their analysis seem obvious. Besides, I’m not the only one to think about: the US Air Force uses electrical impulses to improve the performance of drone pilots. And that is not surprising. Our nervous system is comparable to a wired network, such as the power of a home or electric beams installed in a car. Our body is often icompared to a car by contemporary mystics. But not only. The material aspect has always the same organization because physical laws are universal. Please remember our physical body is only the third of ourselves:  it is not our person/self, which is triple as we have seen. Just increase the natural -ie extremely low-  voltage of your nerve impulses and you’ll get enlightenment. While increasing also the risk of being grilled with all the major drawbacks proven today by Alain Laurendeau.

The question here is not whether an electric shock may cause enlightenment. The evidence is eloquent enough. The question is: what voltage? what impedance? What frequency must be used to awaken without burning or hurting ? This has been the true knowledge of the ancients. They used lightning not under the deadly form, ie high voltage, but under the form of harmless lightning balls. 

Healers and clairvoyants have a higher vibratory rate than normal. The result of this type of baptism can often be seen in Brazil, in India, wherever the miracle workers attract many followers. These crazy guys truly heal, they are no crooks. They heal the ailments of the body and the bruises of the soul. They restore the brightness of subtle bodies. They darn the snags in aura. They give back the desire to live.

But most of them will stay “silly Buddhas”. A “silly Buddha” is both fabulous crazy person and dangerous mythomaniac. Unable to guide him/herself, he/she is a danger for the others too. He/she may think he/she is a guru but actually he/she is the complete opposite of a spiritual guide.




This evidence doesn’t prevent unfortunate innocent people to be seduced by his/her tricks and volubility. After all, that kind of miraculous survivor has just taken a short-circuit. The shock has not made him/her smarter at all. For him/her, the feat is not to perform miracles, but to be still alive. And yet freaks like him can truely heal people. Of course. Doing miracles is nothing miraculous. It has been forgotten because for ages, our schools and our elites has been telling us the opposite. And for decades, the TV turns us into cockroaches. Our distant ancestors, filled with power from feet to head, knew how to remove the largest stones without shedding a single drop of sweat. Some authors think they have giant minions to do the job. It would have been much easier then.

Other authors mean they do it with their mind, or rather with their soul. For the mind has nothing to do with it, on the contrary: logic kills the spirit. When Archimedes pronounced his famous: “Give me a lever and I raise the world” he invented the rationalist excess. His damn lever sent us into the wall. In his time, the tremendous secrets of the former gods had already become myths. Archimedes had forgotten that the people of Atlas raised the world without any lever. The Atlanteans have achieved this by the sole power of their Spirit. Their intention, in fact. Opposite, the reason is no match.


With their mind and soul? Or helped by giants? In both cases, have a good night.

May Intention be with you.


The man who can make the difference between soul and spirit reaches supremacy over all conditions and becomes omniscient. (Yoga Sutra Patanjali)


Two men watch through the bars of their prison. One sees the mud, the other sees the stars.
Idries Shah