Counter Initiation


People have a marked taste for the normal, they only validate the banal. They see that the world is shaky, they find it normal. They see that the slope is fatal, but for them it’s banal. They play. They touch everything. They don’t care: they’re crazy. They don’t like the big one. They see themselves very small in their pocket mirrors. They post their emptiness on social media. And we encourage them.

Trust Yourself

Not to think. Never. To devour desire. Always. To spend without thinking, like a rat skimping: in both cases to go wrong. Crash to start again. Why get better? There’s no point in changing. Castigate. Gnaw. I like to have fun. Desiring smokes, nonsenses, a grain of nothing in the mist of the evening that comes. Divert pleasure. My money, my hobbies. No more dreaming about anything, living with my grief. Thief.

At the other end, desiring the happiness they think they feel here. Frankly wanting our paradises.

And you are there, you swing, stupid thing. The world is immense, but in us it is deep as the sea. You are unique like every living being. Even clones are unique. In you no bug, no manufacturing error. No decalogue, no order of mission. You are not alone. You are unique. You are all alone. You are numerous. It comforts you. You are happy.

When you lie to please, you are an agent of counter-initiation. Oh yes. Only the truth makes people free. Stop lying to yourself to start with. You are unique, do not imitate anyone, do not try to look like this woman or that guy. Always be you.


Let us play with words, they miss us so much, banqueting and ripping once with the sound-makers, masters of beautiful language and flowery speaking that enchanted the salons of our distant ancestors, from the time of Molière, from the time of Sodom, of the time when the gods walked among men. Our friends the words play leapfrog, silence, listen! Exceptional potion against the disease that wins and degrades. It’s called global degeneration. The only replacement we have is the bottom of the pool, and so the end of the road. The decline is accelerating and spreading. One step closer to the death of a world. The end of an era. Soon the disappearance of our little fellows, and us with, eh, no jealous!

Do you have to cry? Do you have to laugh? Do you envy or pity them? I don’t have the heart to say it. You don’t see time passing. (Jean Ferrat)

The decline is everywhere, gnawing at everything like an army of termites, it mines, it moths, it breaks, it flows, it dynamites, it disinherits and everyone looks elsewhere. The decline eats us alive, who knew? Everything is so different that our leaders decline all responsibility for the programmed decline of an already dead world. It smells like the end. Seraphim are on the scent. Cherubim are in the bath. Rifles without rifles. Bath briefs are debasing. The concubins in the scheme, the doves in the cabin.

Exit Homo

Holy shit! When Adam arrived, the angels sounded their trumpets, they shouted Ecce Homo! Here is the Man! Joy burst forth in fragrant puffs. But there it floats. We hear the trumpets in the distance. Already! The heavenly army is back. It is there. In the yard. And we in the poop. Already the archangel of death has come out of hell. Immortal Frakacel Archangel, Death is afraid of you. On the threshold of your forge, heroic and brutal, you sharpen your gun, load your katana. A piano of bastringue beats a hosanna.

Rome is no longer in Rome. The archangel was a man. With all due respect to Rochefort, the apple-green Death reeked of pineapples. (source) Jean Rochefort in Le mari de la coiffeuse. Exit homo ad vitam aeternam amen. And don’t you come back no more (listen)



Stop It Now

Stop believing, stop following, stop blind trust. There is no system, no safeguard. In a flash of heat and light our planet may disappear and the next second will be the first of a world where ours never took place.

No one knows anything important. They pretend, they put on airs, they shut up and what’s best when you have nothing to say. Those who speak take the risk of speaking too much. Those who remain silent run the risk of not being heard. If they have nothing to say, they don’t care. The one who knows is not born, the one who doesn’t know has been naked in front of you for 13 years already. The harder it is, the harder it is.

Those who know do not speak and those who speak do not know. The wise teaches by his actions and not by his words. (Lao Tzu)


All the world’s speakers spread the same lies. Don’t listen to the world, listen to your heart.

Listen to your body. What you don’t know, your body knows. (Jean-Claude Flornoy)


The conspiracy of well-thinking

Think soft, think fuzzy, think right, never direct. True for us, true for all. Science pedals in sauerkraut and researchers hang themselves in their sighs. The scandal is enormous, well hidden under its own shame: well-thinking. We refuse to give credit to assumptions that are too out of the ordinary. We are making an ordinary world for ourselves. No need for Illuminati, clandestine or visible, to precipitate this civilization into error. No need for conspiracy, the lie is self-produced.

Only the small secrets need to be protected. The great are kept secret by public incredulity. (Marshall McLuhan)


Well-thought is not a conspiracy, but worse: complete fiasco, fiasco that pleases. Defense to get out of the tracks. It goes of the lives of others. Watch yourself, you embarrass your neighbors, passers-by, your cousins, people. What bothers me is hatred, crime, fear, vice. Not people. Not even those who have dogs to protect themselves from others. They become gods for their beast, very stupid gods. We do not dare mock them, they are too good a market share, society must respect them.

This is counter-initiation. Respect even the absurd. Deny it. Pervert. Yes, there is perversion in becoming the god of a mutt for not being a brother to humans. We do not love each other, so we hate everyone. We don’t know ourselves, so lots of doors remained closed.




It is the censorship that each of us exerts in the frenetic mass of information that reaches us at every moment. Not only the news in the journalistic sense, my brain has to deal with much more. All the messages of my senses are news. Probably the most valuable. All the information collected represents my image of the world at the moment T.

Each of my senses, at every moment, sends me several raw messages, information that I must interpret immediately to make the right decision. In many activities, the slightest error can have serious consequences. Yet few people are willing to increase the amount of information in order to obtain a more accurate and faithful painting of the situation. Most people say to themselves that there is already enough information that they don’t need to add to it. The law of oblivion comes from that kind of behavior.

The need raises new organs of perception. Man, increase your need to increase your perception. (Rumi)


This error, attributable to laziness alone, deprives the majority of people of an image of the world quite different from the one, banal, whose faith they cultivate. Their landless world exists only because they believe it. Let them stop believing it and their world will collapse. Our thoughts create the world. The problem is that by thinking the same, we have created an ordinary world, without greatness, without adventure.

It is common to seek out the dead adventure in the virtual world. Video games fill that expectation. But the adventure without risk is only adrenaline in chocolate. A bit like Jesus, the pious image. A sweet young man in a long dress with a blonde beard. And when you have ten pictures, the Catholic cathedra lady who does the catechism exchanges them for a chocolate Jesus.



Wake Up

Conspiracy against oneself, self-nourished by each one of us as long as he reproduces the dominant thought by his words and actions, as long as he denies his values of heart for passports of conformity. Yes, well-thinking puts us in a little more shit every day. This evil, like many others, comes from the land of children. The Zétazunis. President, Chairman, King of Things, Emperor of Horror, they cumulate the titles. World champions! They have won, we are imitating them, we are not the last in the faux-cutage. Thanks to globalization, evil is spreading everywhere. This is the plot of counter-initiation. A self-perpetuating crime by thousands of soft followers.

What risk for the warrior except his life or death ? (Carlos Castaneda)

Nietzsche, help! The mind gets bogged down, it has lost its wings, its zeal, it freezes! Any society that allows the spirit to shrink is a society condemned in the short term. The power of any kind is due only to the fragility of the weak, the powerlessness of the excluded, the martyrdom of the valiant, lives its last moments. The people who wake up don’t give a shit anymore.

Powers, on the other hand, have nothing to do with it. They are more subtle …

They pretend to have, those who direct you. Pretending to know, pretending to understand, pretending to direct, pretending to love. They don’t know. They don’t run anything, not even them. So weak, widowed, unsolved, jaded, disgusted, snobbish, outdated, hollow, old-fashioned, plain, fake, what strange voter can they envy? The civic duty in the face of these sad asses is abstention.

Who cares?

Counter-initiation is suppressive. It exalts negativity, selfish instinct, possession, exclusion. The counter-initiation is therefore the main character of this sad end of era, the iniquitous and cruel iron age is coming to an end. And we to ours. In this dirty time, everyone wants money, money, money and millions. The two-three acquaintances who seek enlightenment find it under the footsteps of a horse. No one wants it. No one believes it anymore.

Especially the awakened themselves, lost in sordid environments, rowing like galleys in the heart of horrible families or evil clans. They’re everywhere. They’re everywhere. You don’t see them — who cares? But the less you see them, the more they gain. Far from the elect, far from the parties, they have come. They listen. Who is it? They dedicate themselves. For whom?

For all the poor people who have been ignored for too long, who no longer see, who no longer listen to die, who die and who die, who no longer vote, that is the minimum. No more pretending, no more playing the calf that goes to the slaughterhouse, no more seeing the world that ignores them, it is their daily bread. It’s just a matter of survival. Is there any other way to act — just before the global revolution?



Uniting our inner divinity is the ultimate purpose of human existence.
Aldous Huxley