The Lightning Way



Flipping lighted far-out blogs, I came across this brilliant article by Stéphane. Unlike my usual, I publish it almost entirely.

The author explains what he calls the way of lightning, a quick but dangerous way to get awakening. The way of thunder “was rarely practiced because of technical difficulties in its implementation as well as its dangers. Although well known, few actually alchemists have practiced or even pierced through …” (source)

It should be added that the way of the lightning was long and widely practiced in the highest antiquity, and the author did not specify this fact. Perhaps he does not know? On the other hand, many practitioners of the path of the lightning did not care about alchemy, they are just candidates to awakening, anxious to recover their lost powers“Surrounded by an impenetrable secrecy, the way of lightning will yet transfer all its mysteries to the brave researchers today. As for you others, yellow livers and cowards, get lost, by Jove!” (source)


Fire from heaven

A staunch supporter of alchemy, the author put this branch above all other fields of research. Throughout his article, however exciting, he mentions alchemy when he should mention awakening. Alchemy is only a way of awakening among others, as lightning. Apple and strawberry are both fruit, but their differences are obvious and no one can confuse them. So I allowed myself to replace alchemy with awakening in the following text, in order to facilitate my readers’ understanding.

“The immediacy and power of a lightning flash would have allowed them to get by an incredible amount of natural light in a very short time. The way of Zeus is therefore one of the fastest ways of awakening and the most dazzling.” (source)


The power of forms

“It’s using a kite that the followers of Zeus channeled lightning, following the logic of the lightning rod. Well before this invention, the Chinese had already noticed – at their expense – how dangerous it could be to indulge in this game when a storm is on … Later, some alchemists were picking lightning using geometric solids such as metal or icosahedral dodecahedrons. The power of forms is sometimes used in alchemy as Fulcanelli shows in terms of Sundial Edinburgh.” (source)Fulcanelli, Philosophic Residences, Volume 2, Page 305 

“In Concarneau where I lived for 12 years, the Keriolet castle, that belonged to a 19th century alchemical brotherhood, has a tower provided in its glory of a starry solid which was used as a magnet for Olympians operationsThe solid has fallen some day and is currently ranked in the cellars of the castle. We still see it on old postcards.” (source)

The solid the author mentioned is what I call a lightning sensor. It differs from the lightning rod for this important feature: the sensor captures and uses lightning, its light, its power, its energy. While the lightning rod simply get everything back to earth, wasting valuable energy source – a free, clean, renewable energy –  for the simple reason that this energy, unlike nuclear, does not mark the meter. Our age does not care about what does not make money. This tower of Concarneau is unique in its function as in its form, and Stéphane does not fail to note. “The kind of tower, not like Babel‘s, but like one that beautifully adorns the arcana XVI of the Tarot de Marseille: I appointed the Tower, in French The House of God.” (source) 

This comparison is clear evidence, not just on the form. The Tower is the arcana that represents awakening. No need to add alchemical connotations, awakening is sufficient in itself, it exceeds all technical. Anyway, congratulations to the author for this eloquent comparison!




A manufacturing secret

“Now that we understand how it is possible to condense in a very short time such a huge light dose, the question is how to retain and capture it in a dedicated receptacle.  This is the mythology that we address ourselves again, and in a very simple way. The Greek God of thunder and lightning is Zeus and Jupiter is the Roman corollary. If we remember that the metal associated with the planet Jupiter is tin, we have solved part of the puzzle.” (source)

The author absolutely wants lightning to be an element of alchemical science, and therefore assumes that the awakening factor of lightning consists in light. I don’t agree. Lightning awakened by the implosivity it communicates to the central nervous system ; awakening comes, enlightenment too. The flash of light is only a consequence.

We must capture lightning without retaining what kills. The sensor and especially the spark gap play a key role in this operation. How to keep what in lightning awakens, and what in lightning kills? The solution may be in the use of geometric shapes, the kind Stéphane calls solids … Capturing lightning using a form whose geometry has the power to break and separate the écalir its destructive force of his arousal strength and wonder. Transforming the deadly flash lightning balls, safe for organic life. This was probably the role of these enigmatic solid.

But Stéphane is not conscious of the fact. Not yet. With this exception, the kinship of his research with mine is strong enough to saw me. The Akashic records are open to everyone …


The Language of Goslings

“What relationship between Jupiter, tin and lightning? This is a very small word that will tell us the language of the better say Goslings You know that lightning is static electricity that manifests itself through specific weather conditions.

You also know that lightning is nothing less than a big spark. If we break the word, we get the formula sparks – that is meant tin – seals and by extension, tin – salt.

The secret is freed from its matrix. For the tin salt it is possible to isolate is the receptacle or magnet (in alchemy they will say a mercury) most appropriate to retain the wrath of Zeus and seal the same time. The tin (or off)in French tin is étain, pronouncing étaint, which means “off” is now on, this is the least we can say!” (source)

Now I am hallucinating. This brilliant author does not only develop ideas of my own family, it also uses my investigative methods. In a nutshell, I love it !! The language of Goslings, wrongly called the language of birds, could be the key to many very ancient mysteries.

The former terraformer gods, these pranksters educationalists, have engram in all languages ​​words-images, word games, countless encoded winks made to those who have neither ears plugged nor sleepy head. The language of Goslings or language of the children of Mother Goose, comes from the coded language of the builders of medieval cathedrals. It is initiatory, funny and exciting.

Now, my friends, now the gates of Eden are wide open. What are you waiting for rushing in?



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