Brothers Of Lightning



For Indigenous Australians, the first time in the world was the Time of Dream. This ancient world is still very present in their culture and in their daily lives. Every Aborigine can join  this time in his dreams when he wants, re-entering the original dream where everything was created. Here is the frame of this beautiful Southern myth.

First, the Dream has created the Lightning men or Brothers of Lightning, who are represented with lightning at their fingertips. Coming, as lightning, from the gigantic “rainbow snakeˮ, they went down to plant the land by creating plants and animals.

This snake recalls the tail of the comet that appeared to men as a fiery serpent. The rainbow is associated with many traditions about the flood: no doubt has it appeared when the Earth’s axis tilted on the ecliptic plane. These lightning men are a memory of the former gods, the masters of lightning. They descended on earth, like the Elohim, whose name means“those who came from heaven.” As for the gigantic “rainbow snakeˮ, it can be the memory of the comet, which undulating tail divided the sky into two near the Earth. (source)Worlds In Collision, Immanuel Velikovsky

The Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec equivalent of the Brothers of Lightning, also arrived after the Great Flood, when the comet nearly hit the Earth.The Aboriginal tradition claims that these Lightning men or Brothers of Lightning are dormant in the depths of the Earth, beneath the sandstone blocks of sacred sites, like that of Uluru in the center of the Australian continent.

They will sleep until the world’s surface is again favorable to their reign, and until then, they use telepathy to direct the thoughts and actions of their creatures.  (source)Message of the real men to the mutant world: An initiation among the aborigines, by Marlo Morgan Giants, brothers of lightning, former masters of the world and sleeping under the ground, it is word for word the Greek myth of the Cyclops




You can find here the familiar themes of the “gone but coming backˮ gods, as Quetzalcoatl or Viracocha, as Merlin or Jesus

You can find the underworld too, abode of the gods, as in the myth of the Abzu, of the hells, of Agartha or of the underwater Atlantis. There is however a more original idea, the idea of a remote control of men by their creators. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, gods have left the free-will to men. Aborigines are less naive. Or better informed. We could take it for paranoia. It is indeed.

The key lies in the particular nature of the Dream, described as a time and a place, as the aborigines have the option to go there for their inner fulfillment. What a beautiful description of the “left side” or nagual evoked by Castaneda. In the nagual, there is this way of dreaming, ie to exercise control of his dreams by waking consciousness. The warrior must learn to wake up in his dream. To stop the world, is to allow the Dream to assemble another world, which becomes as real as the first one.

With “tracking yourself”, the “controlled dream” is the main tool of the warrior, according to Castaneda. These similarities between the traditions of so distant countries can be explained only by a common source, the former civilization, the civilization of Pyramids, when men were serving supermen ingenious and powerful they worshiped like gods.




The Dreamtime, or the time of the ancient clairvoyants, the time of the former gods, the time of Eden, paradise on earth, it looks so much like the Neverland of Peter Pan, full of Indian princesses, of lost boys and cruel pirates. Bad news: the adults have lost the key. Good news: no need a key, it is always open. And if by chance you have forgotten the way, just ask Alice. Or ask children who know it so well, that other world. They spend their lives over there.Time of Dreams, Eden, Paradise on earth, they all have existed. They still exists to the magic peoples

Eden has always existed, it will always exist, free of disaster in this level of reality, since Eden is a place of consciousness. A particular place inside you, where you are free to go whenever you feel like. Meet yourself at the long last. See you there.


We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep. (William Shakespeare)

History is an agreed fable.
Napoleon Bonaparte