Marianne Is France


“Marianne is a symbolic figure of the French Republic. Having the appearance of a woman wearing a Phrygian hat, she embodies the French Republic and its values: «Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité». She is also an icon of freedom and democracy.” True, but that is not enough to exhaust such a vast, rich and surprising subject.

Her Story

The first representations of a woman with a Phrygian cap, allegory of Liberty appear in Roman antiquity, combining the ancient Greek allegory of Liberty and the Phrygian cap, headdress of the Persian god Mithras or the god of Phrygian origin Atys.

In France, the use, as a symbol of Liberty then of the Republic, of a woman draped in the antique wearing a Phrygian cap, finds its origin at the end of the eighteenth century. At the time, antiquity is very fashionable, democracy is a woman and freed slaves in Greece and Rome wear a red Phrygian cap.

When the Revolution of 1789 broke out, it was quite naturally that Marianne, the «Goddess» of Liberty, wore the Phrygian cap. A cap of this type also wore on the sailors and galleys of the Mediterranean and would have been taken over by the revolutionaries from the South. Marianne symbolizes the change of regime, highlighting the symbolism of the “motherland”, of the mother-mother who protects the children of the Republic. Under the Revolution, Freedom and Republic were women, often warriors. (source)

Her Look

Let us observe the different representations of Marianne, which flourished in the decline of the 18th century, as described and showed.

A young woman in a Phrygian cap and white Roman toga, girded with a red sash, with a bare breast.Hint at the cut-off breast of the Amazon warriors?

The following picture must be decoded. To this end, it has been modified by Stef Kervor the polisher. This is not gratuitous privacy, but explicit decryption.

The following one has been modified by this scoundrel of Stef Kervor. It is not a gratuitous privacy. Stef makes the unspoken clear. Look at the Marianne on the left, the authentic image of the period. The masonic square placed, we do not know why, on a beautiful log decorated with laurel, is what Marianne leans on. Perfect phallic symbol, as Kervor only pointed out. The forfeit is signed by the three-point brothers –nickname given by derision to the freeFrench: franc, ie sincere or free but also Frank (?) and honest (?) masons.

Nor Free Nor Mason

Don’t see any irony in my question marks. It’s official. The Grand Lodge states: “A Freemason must be without any reserve possible an honest citizen, a follower of Virtue, a woman or a good and loyal man inclined towards universal charity, emancipation and progress without any distinction between humans. In no case could Freemasonry be assimilated to a business club or a society based on materialistic values. There can be no Freemasonry without spirituality.(source)

Well said, but too quickly said. In fact, the F:. M.: is the opposite… Hence my questions… Why are they called Free Masons since they are neither one nor the other?



Reason and Lingam

The French revolution turned away from Christianity, which was considered too reactionary. It tried to establish the cult of reason. The image above is eloquent enough to dispense with comment. However, I will make several, so that you do not go and question its obscenity. It is not in the least obscene.

It must be seen as an allusion, a reference, perhaps an allegiance to the Shivaite cult of the lingam, the phallus of Shiva. Some scholar will object to me that in the writings of the revolutionaries there is no reference to Shivaism and its cult of the phallus, symbol of Shiva.

What is hidden

That’s true. And I would say that the Freemasons knew him very well. They are said to have instilled in the shadows the innovative momentum of this revolution. In this context, they were able to suggest the phallic symbol in homage to Shiva.

And the artist — I’m not talking about Kervor but the original painter — couldn’t help but add his grain of salt, the square/acorn gently caressed by the beauty’s hand. Kervor just dotted the i’s. Everything that is hidden must be revealed. The times have come.

Here our Marianne wears an antique toga and a Greek helmet. The reference to Mithras is obvious, even if the fashion of the time glorified antiquity.

Franks and Gauls

On other representations, like the one that opens this article, later, under the brush of Eugène Delacroix,with the pixels of Stef Kervor her toga in the antique matches the Phrygian cap. Here too I see the masonic influence. The Phrygian cap is the traditional headdress of Mithras. And Mithras is one of the historical models of Jesus, who had many others. This same Jesus whose historical existence is discussed.

The revolution and its theorists systematized the use of the Phrygian cap, worn by the fighting people. I’m sure it’s in reference to Mithras, just to knock down the caquet of the counter-revolutionary clergy. This leads me to consider the phallic cult as an allegiance to Shiva.



Her Style

On the picture above, Eugène Delacroix did not name Marianne, nor the Republic. He titled his work La liberté guidant le peuple.Liberty leading the People Yet this freedom has republican accents. It represents a scene of the barricades erected by the people during the Glorious Three.

The Three Glorious Days were three revolutionary days that took place in July 1830, in Paris. They led to the establishment of a constitutional monarchy, headed by the King of the French, Louis-Philippe. It was the second French revolution, while waiting for the third, that of the Paris Commune. And the fourth one, May 1968.No, I’m kidding, it’s my sixty-eight side

Even if Delacroix does not call her Marianne, we recognize her. No possible doubt. Phrygian cap, topless, antique drapery, the painter wants to draw us patriotic tears. Whatever his excess, he uses the common image, that of Marianne, because every Frenchman knows very well what he is talking about. To those who would consider our national symbol too focused on gauloiserie, I would say this: frankly, the values that Marianne embodies are well worth those of her US counterpart, Uncle Sam. This fiery preacher, a nightmare-face, a dollar-popper, recruits endlessly for his slaughterhouse. No thanks.

Her Name

The origin of the Marianne appellation is not known with certainty. Its use as a symbol of the Republic goes back to a revolutionary song of the Albigensian country, the Garisou de Marianno (Marianne’s Healing) written in October 1792, ten days after the foundation of the Republic. (source)

Bullshit. A fake to mask a lack of vista. Needless to say, I don’t believe a shred of it. The only Marianno I know is Luis. The girl of the song was named after Marianne, whose coded name was already circulating under the mantle of the Sans-culotte. Let’s see how much I love this phrase and I abuse it, forgive me what Marianne’s name looks like when we look at it through the microscope of the language of origin.

We can break down the first name into two others, quite interesting on the historical level: Mary, like the mother of Jesus. Marie, as the main female figure adored in our regions. And Anne, mother of Mary for the Christians, but especially Ahn, Ana, as the mother goddess of the origins, the one who commanded the hypership above the North Pole, as the goddess of the Tuatha of Ireland, (D)ANA – AHN, Ana the ancestor. It is of course from this second sense that Marianne comes. The mother of Jesus was skillfully added by the first bishops to Christianize a little this name so venerated still in our campaigns.

So, in Brittany of mine, Anne is much more used than Marie. And this Anne is Ana, is Ahn. Thus Marianne would be Mary the Ancestor, the Mother Goddess. This is why her image must constantly rejuvenate, actualize, like the eternal feminine.



Her truth

The reader may be surprised by my stubbornness in wetting the Freemasons. My two best amishomme and wife are or have been. I know a few others according to my heart. So it is not a matter of relentlessness or a whim. A glimmer has shone in the darkness of the past. She showed me the hidden role that the F:. M.: played in this mess. And deductive logic took over.

What drives me to attribute the origin of Marianne to them is their taste for the Old Religion, their supposed heritage of cathedral builders, with this paradox: the straight line of their anti-clerical convictions. I hear them protesting. But I remember, nothing escapes me. Times have come when what is known is due. What is understood must be said.

The real reasons for revolutionary anticlericalism come from a distant source: the persistent nostalgia of the Druid religion. The F:. M.: of the 18th century had antennae. I bet they were worried about the place taken by Marie in the Western imagination. They saw her substitute for the Mother Goddess.

So they wanted to associate the pseudo-mother of Jesus invented it, with the true goddess of origins, Dana Ahn, Lady Anne of Bretons, Our Lady of the cathedrals. And not in a religious symbol, but in the revolutionary imagination of the French people. Marianne, the Marianne of the origins, thus becomes the heiress of Mary, mother of God. Skillful sleight of hand that can only be Jesuit or Freemason.

Her Mystery

It should be noted that most French cathedrals are called Notre Dame.Our Lady And only four are called Sainte Marie. Notre DameOur Lady looks strangely like Notre Dana. Dana Ahn of the Tuatha. Notre Dame Anne. Ahn the ancestor. The most famous of the cathedrals of Saint Mary is the Good Mother, the Cathedral of Saint Mary Major of Marseilles, with the curious addition of the major adjective, as if to emphasize that it is not the second, mother of Jesus, who would be Mary Minor, but from the first, the Good Mother. The Mother Goddess.

The horrified Catholic clergy sprinkles me with holy water and shouts that the greater wants to differentiate the mother of Jesus from the other two evangelical Maries, Mary of Magdalena, the supposed wife of Jesus invented it, and Mary of Bethany, sister of Lazarus the living dead. Let the priests stick to it if they want to, I give up converting them — but not them. I wish them good luck…

Note on Lazarus
Jesus raised him up, he was a good pal of his. For the trouble (?) the Catholic and Apostolic Church made him a saint. So (?!) Paris gave him a station.


My Conclusion

If I was right, and I might be right, the proof would be that there was a time when there were still some? – a few Franks who are less dumb than the others, sincerely fond of sacred studies, introduced to something other than weekly agapes, able to remember time immemorial, able to distill their knowledge before the eyes of all — and well hidden! Just for that, the F:. M.: deserve redemption.

Help! The Savior’s Coming Back!

Precision: this is not special cronyism. I am not a mason, nor operative nor speculative. I’m unlabelled, I’m subjected to nothing human, no one corrects my texts or censors my images — except, I guess, the ones who teleguide me up there, in their subluminic and paranormal devices. These people pilot all of us.Even the haughty F:. M.: who want me to be like them.

So duck, you sucker. Danger for a stranger.