Shiva Shakti

“Only when Shiva unites with you, O Shakti, does He become the Lord Almighty. Left to Himself, He does not even have the strength to lift a finger. (source)Devi Upanishad First of all, who or what is shakti? A real woman ? A goddess ? Or a pure symbol? The feminine energy that allows male creative principle Shiva to achieve its completeness and operativity.

But shakti is also a real woman of flesh and skin. The union of Shiva and Shakti is a carnal, sexual union, which aims to generate as much as in search of pleasure. So we must understand the hierogamies, the sacred unions between a god and his partner, his sexual companion, his complement.

All hierogamy is sexual, but it also takes on the color of other centers. It is a sacred union which takes the color of all the subtle centers. It is therefore at the same time basic, sexual, tripal, emotional, magical, visionary and transcendental.

“Shakti is the principle of energy or the power of manifestation of consciousness. In the energy system of the Kundalini, Shakti is first represented by the Prakriti tattva. Prakriti is the nature of the universe and of individuals, that is, of all that appears. It possesses the three fundamental qualities or three gunas: Sattva the centripetal force, Tamas the centrifugal force and Rajas the orbiting force. It generates the sensible world: in it all the other tattvas unfold and it is in it that they resorb.” (source)

Shiva is the oldest god of India. He embodies the masculine power. He is represented in different forms like the ascetic, the cosmic dancer or the Yogi. He has universal knowledge. Deeply immersed in a continuous meditation in immobility and perfect concentration, he prepares the transformations of the world and of man. He leads a wise life in his paradise on Mount Kailash. Shiva also represents destruction, but it aims to create a new world, a better world.

This is what we usually hear about Shiwa Baba – so his name is said in India. You know like me that this site will not be content with generalities often flawed, if not completely false. Shiva is not motionless standing on Mount Meru or on Kailash ad vitam aeternam. He resides aboard a gigantic mothership that has come to terraform this planet, to sow it, to develop organic life and finally to conceive the human, master after the gods of all that lives on Earth.

He did exist, not as a god, but as a living being that resembles us – so true is it that the gods created us in their image. It is so true that the Hindu story of his marriage shows him as an ordinary man, but much more powerful. A man with his two very different faces, one pushing back, the other attracting. We recognize tamas and sattva. Rajas, the orbiting force is lacking: it is embodied by the meditation of Shiva. Three people in one: we recognize the eternal trinity that summarizes the essence of our condition. Embody these three aspects of prakriti, you will know the awakening, you will be the equal of the gods. But please, don’t take it for granted.

But in this case, what is Shakti doing in the story? Shiva seems to be doing very well. Yes and no. Without his Sahkti, without the feminine energy of his consort who completes and sets him in motion, Shiva is only a poor devil. We can see that when he went down to earth he took a wife. In heaven he took a wife too. Elsewhere he probably took a wife. It is Shiva’s nature to be operational only when fulfilled by feminine sensuality. It is also our nature to all.

Is the complementarity of the sexes necessary for the being to be fulfilled? In other words, what about homosexuals? In my opinion, the question does not arise. We all have the energy of the other sex in us. Many girls have all the dude, I even knew frankly macho! Many guys are more feminine than many women, and vice versa. I say that, but there is no vice at all. Neither of versa. Of reverse maybe? Forget it.

It is only by habit that I speak of the other sex. It would be more accurate to speak not of the other sex, but of complementary sexual energy, which would have the advantage of not excluding homos.sexuals and sapiens This beautiful sculpture entitled The kiss at the source expresses this necessary union . Is there anything sweeter than this kiss? No. Nothing. Is there anything clearer than the message she gives us, including her title?

If you want to become fluid, spread without counting your beautiful energy as the river spreads its water for everyone, well, do not forget to give the kiss to the source. In metallurgy as in love, a beautiful alloy is made in total fusion. Not in confusion. I know where you start, you know where I finish. You are not my mistress, I am not your master. I listen, you receive. I take, you use. I open, you accept me. You give yourself, I abandon myself.

One can have a symbolic reading of the shiva-shakti couple. They can be represented as principles. As the basis of all interactions. Like push-pull waves. Attraction-repulsion. And the wheel turns, because it is not a question of forgetting the orbiting force! That’s right, this shiva-shakti couple is the base and the top, the alpha and the omega, the aleph and the tau, the beginning and the end. But I maintain it: Shiva knew a terrestrial existence, a parenthesis in his very long celestial life. Maybe he lives again?

Shiva is or was a living being, so death is his program, as for all living. The most powerful of the gods before him can not claim to escape. He can delay the inevitable expiry by any means possible – and the gods before did not deny it – in the end death takes it. And his Shakti, his beloved, many women have played for him this role. How could it be otherwise? We do not spend an eternity with the same consort. She the first will get tired of her beloved, was it Shiva. Futile Shiva. Frivolous parvati.

When I love you, I have to embody Shiva. My lingam gains in power, my body in fire, my hands in firmness. And you will be satisfied. I always want you. At every moment I desire you, day and night, evening and morning. And at noon I love you too. No problem. I loved you, I love you and I will love you. Until ?

“I have come not to bring peace but to bring war. I have set fire to the world, and I will stir it to flames”