Do You Want To Live Longer?



Once upon a time life lasted forever – quite! The Patriarchs of the Bible lived many centuries. The ancient gods could live so old they seemed immortal in the eyes of simple men, whose ephemeral life was fixed 120 years, as te Bible says.


In the Sumerian epic, Gilgamesh engaged in an investigation on these immortal gods. He discovered that they all were mortal like him, but thanks to a secret potion, they enjoy eternal youth and a long lasting life. God is a big joker and a nasty secretive.

And naive man believes his god without flinching, despite the hugeness of the lie. The secret to their longevity was not only a magic potion. I think their huge life went hand in hand with their gigantism. In a world where gravity is much lower, the cells, less stressed, have a longer life.

On the other hand, these outstanding geneticists certainly had the genetic means of prolonging their life expectancy.




It is possible that the gods have deliberately reduced our life duration, their talents in genetics allowed them to. Some Biblical and Sumerian texts talk about it. But it is also possible that our life is short due to the great weight under which we live. Before the disappearance of the previous moon, it was quite different. How long was the gods’ life? Three centuries or more, as for elves? The endless biblical genealogies talk about five hundred years. Methuselah even reached six hundred years. These numbers are not delirious.

Happy Watchmen, who possessed what men were intentionally deprived of, an earthly life long enough so that each man and each woman, divine co-creators, have time to enjoy the fruit of their efforts. Rumors say we will soon live four centuries long, thanks to a quantum leap in Genetics.

The followers of trans-humanism relaunch the debate, without providing adequate answers, philosophically and spiritually. Living longer, yes, it is surely possible. And live forever, why not?
But first, why?
“Is eternal life really interesting?” Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google, developed a theory that we would be immortal by 2030. Pure science fiction or real prediction, the subject remains fascinating.”  (source)Le Temps, quotidien suisse

Perhaps, times are close where the youth will last more than a century, and adulthood two other centuries, without plastic surgery nor any therapeutic device. Simply thanks to genetic manipulations. Tomorrow, the return of GMO man?

Here is a scoop: geneticists seem to have isolated the gene responsible for ageing. According to them, the longevity of man is clamped. So ageing would be a disease implanted in us! According to research, our body seems designed for a far greater lifetime, that genetics could bring back. A team of scientists has made a discovery of the most surprising. By modifying the genetics of a certain kind of worm metabolism, these researchers were able to multiply by five life expectancy. They believe their findings could enable humans to live to 500 years. (source)dailygeekshow




 Might our designers have voluntarily reduced our life expectancy, by modifying our genetic program? Might these ancient gods have delay their own cell ageing, enjoying a much longer life? A bunch of searchers are asking the question.

“Could it be that the Watchmen have crossed ‘mortal’ generations, like vampires did in the popular mythology? Which date did the last one die? Would have some of them survived until nowadays?” asks Andrew Collins. Good question, when we think that these famous Watchmen are our creators, whom we afterwards took for God. The confusion was however carefully kept alive by the so-called gods, who made the most of it.

It is interesting to compare this view of Collins with the affirmations of Juan Matus, the mentor of Carlos Castaneda. The old sorcerer explains that the Old Seers, whom he calls the generic name of Toltecs, are “defenders of death”.

All their efforts during their whole life were directed solely to this end: to prolong indefinitely their terrestrial life, not in a physical body, but under the appearance of ghosts, invisible to most human beings, but real still.

The mummies of these Defenders of Death are still here, they are the indispensable vector for their enormous survival …

So what? Are the Watchmen still alive? Are the Former Gods still lurking in the shadow? Did they put probes in our brains to direct our evolution?




Another thing, my dear friends. We might have been dead for a long time. 

Who knows?

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle ; or you can live as if everything is a miracle. (Albert Einstein)


If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.
Rene Descartes