Our Seven Envelopes

A few years ago,february 2012 I wrote an article called Three Persons In You. I made a fruitful association between our three “bodies”, ie physical body, subtle body and aura, and the three complementary aspects of ourselves, our holy inner trinity. That article deserves today a serious update.

Since February 2012, major electro-magnetic disruptions have occurred on our planet at all latitudes. Solar storms regularly rain down on us a wave of waves and particles that profoundly alter the biosphere. What was true seven years ago needs to be reviewed and completed. That’s what I propose to do here.

Our physical body represents only a part of ourselves. It is surrounded, I should say protected, by several subtle envelopes that fit into each other in a moving and fluctuating way. In the state of our observations, it seems impossible to determine their thickness with precision. It varies according to the subjects, according to the places and according to the hour, that is all that one can say for the moment. The research and observations are just beginning.

With trainees last September, we were able to count four subtle bodies and three auras. These envelopes occupy a much larger space than our thin body envelope. The third aura is the outermost envelope of the physical body. It forms around him a protective bell several meters in diameter. It seems that this external protection is the most impassable for the invisible.

Genesis of a discovery

Here is how we were led to discover the various subtle layers. They appeared under our fingers. During the internship of September 2019, we were ten companions, all in search of the aura. Our discoveries were fulfilling.

These courses are valuable, so I will continue the practice. They give everyone the opportunity to feel and perceive the envelopes of other trainees and his own, under the external action, and felt inside. But before giving you the opportunity to feel for yourself the subtle protections that surround us, let me introduce them to you.

I have long believed that our three people were composed as follows: the physical body, the astral body or subtle body, and the aura. This knowledge came from the 90s, when my benefactor introduced me to what he called his sleight of hand.

In those years, the practice of therapies on the invisible was not necessarily good press. Flornoy hid his marvelous know-how behind joking names, full of irony and disrespect. That is to say, in his image. Added to this was a hint of self-mockery, which was not in his image, however. Now these things do not shock anyone anymore. We must rejoice.

With my trainees, we could test the presence of three subtle bodies, even four in some subjects. On the first, closest to the physical body, one can feel the energetic pattern, with its central sushumna channel and intersecting side channels, ida and pingala.

We also perceive the chakras that are included. The principal chakram are seven in number, but they are more numerous: fourteen in their vertical extension, and four double chakram in the horizontal extension.

The subtle bodies are perceived with the palm of the hand. But there are other envelopes around them that are perceived with the back of the hand: their polarity is different. It’s our aura, which can be double or triple, bringing the number of our subtle envelopes to seven.

I note that this article is datedsee above and that it will be appropriate, in the future, to check the validity of these data. In the present state of our observations we can not exclude the future extension and multiplication of our invisible envelopes.

Their role

These subtle envelopes are of two distinct natures. The aura –or rather the auras– represent our immortal soul. The latter can not associate directly with the material of the physical body. Between the two poles is created an interface, the subtle body. It participates in both the spiritual realm of the aura, and the material domain of the physical body. It is the link, the hyphen between the two.

It is our aura that leaves the physical body to make the astral journeys. The subtle body (s) can either accompany it astral, or stay around the physical body while the aura – or auras – make their astral journey. There are many more things to say about this vast subject, I will come back to it in due course.

Invisible envelopes play a vital role in protecting us from negativity. There is an interesting fact: their resistance to negative emanations is proportional to their awareness of them. We undeniably exert an influence on these envelopes, at least on some of them.

It is therefore very useful to know their existence, and more useful to feel them. I organize three times a year collective courses on this theme. The next will take place at the end of the year. Register quickly, the number of participants is very limited, it’s voluntary.

These courses are so successful that I was also invited to receive individual courses, which take place from Tuesday evening to Friday morning. For any information about this, contact me using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Some findings

I have seen that the last subtle body, namely the third or the fourth if it exists, merges with the first aura. At least he is very close to it. We felt this last subtle body with the palms of the hands, then, at the same place, the first one will have perceived with the back of the hands.

Hard to say that these two envelopes are confused. If this is not the case, they are extremely close to each other. However, their polarity is different. Their role should be too, although the work on the three auras is currently in its infancy.

Two trainees made this singular observation: the last aura, which forms a circular envelope of several meters around us, is obviously the most insurmountable barrier for subtle beings. In subtle perception, these two trainees have found on my own that this external aura is impassable.

It forms, in my opinion, the outer wall of our inner fortress. By reinforcing this wall, one protects oneself from any malicious or simply negative intrusion. And to reinforce it, one must be aware of it. From my point of view, it is a necessary and sufficient condition.

I’ve never done one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.
Albert Einstein