The New Auras


Made of pure spirit, the soul is nothing physical. It is a halo that surrounds us, the aura, which is the other name of the soul. Do you know that the soul has three eyes? The third eye is invisible like the soul. But to see the soul, you only have to look into the eyes. To cross a gaze is to embrace a soul. Our eyes are the mirror of the aura. They show what we do not see.



Each of us has several bodies. One physical body and three more or less wide envelopes. At least three. Some people have more. These envelopes are called subtle bodies. Around them, a luminous aura that Castaneda calls luminosity. The whole is assembled in the manner of the Russian dolls, the matryoshkas. The physical body is the smallest matriochka. Around it, the energy body. Then the astral body. Then the etheric body. And bordering the whole, our aura illuminates the whole. And its light is seen in the gaze.

The names of subtle bodies, as well as their order, are subject to caution. I give you my terminology, which I have always used, and which I agree with as long as there is no consensus. Similarly, I recently discovered an aura feature that is recent. Some have a double or even triple aura. Two or three decades ago, the aura was unique. Its shape is that of a large almond, or mandorla, as we call the almond in Oc language.

The warriors, according to Castaneda, manage to compact this aura until giving it the shape of a bar of soap. The warrior’s aura is flattened in front and behind. I have never seen this feature. If it exists elsewhere than in the imagination of Castaneda, the chancethat does not exist! did not allow me to cross one.


What chance?

I cannot mention chance without adding that it does not exist. This conviction was forged in 75 years of self-observation. I always found on my way what was useful to my journey, my quest or my development. This is one of the things that led me to think that we are piloted. Something or someone is guiding us in a positive way. The indications we receive by chance are likely to improve. Hence the article Gratitude for my pilot. Today I tell myself that this kind pilot is what we call the double, our personal god who incarnates during awakening and then becomes the inner god.


Light In the Eyes

Material, our eyes see matter. If the third eye is opened, the aura becomes visible. If it isn’t, you can guess it by looking at the eyes. The contact of two looks is a wonderful experience. If someone can’t stand your gaze, you immediately wonder what’s going on. What’s happening to this person. What is to hide …

Yes, the light of the aura is seen in the gaze. Yes, our eyes can emit light. When the scientists saw this, they marvelled. They said that our brain produces light. The proof: our eyes shine. I thought like them first, I even wrote an article. Today I’m not so sure. It could be that the light in the look does not come from the brain, but from the aura. It could be that the brain is only a stupid and disciplined computer, charged with putting in order the powerful intuitions that arise in our aura. It could be that the soul is the immaterial source of our thoughts, and the brain its simple physical translation.

Let us go further. Our aura, which is the soul, is impressed like a film by a multitude of signals from nowhere. Gods? Aliens? From the rest of the universe? Our brain picks up its signals through a satellite dish, the dura mater of the brain, an envelop covering the neocortex.

The neocortex is not present in the whole animal kingdom. The first animals had only 3/5-layer cortex, archicortex and palaeocortex, specialized in memory and smell. Later in evolution, the 6-layer neocortex appeared. Only mammals have it on the surface of their brain, the other cortex being buried in the center of the brain.



Long Live Madness!

The dura matex covers the whole neocortex. It is more or less the shape of a parabola like those of our roofs. Reversed, of course, otherwise our skull would have a funny shape. A satellite dish is used to pick up distant signals. I have reason to believe that the neocortex does the same.

Such a speech is inadmissible by current science. Already I see the circle of scientists spraying me with holy water. Vade retro, Satanas! Back, Satan! they shout. How dare the puppet that I am, who does not belong to their venerable cenacle, utter such insanity? The craziest is not what we think. Is it unreasonable to think that we are not just matter? That our incarnate mind can survive the death of the body? For science, this is unacceptable. And those who support these untruths are asylum seekers.

Materialism, how strong is your grip! Our dark age is that of matter and their prince(s), the Archons. They are the ones who lead the game, in the absence of the sleeping Goddess, plunged into her reptilian dormancy. My readers, one way or another, manage to extract themselves from the material matrix, otherwise they would not read me. I encourage them to continue this extraction, the ultimate bulwark against the contagion of idiots. They are all around us. And they are getting closer!


Everyone has a secret. We all have at least one, right? And pretty well kept, too! Which is a shame. If we all stopped lying to each other, if all our secrets came out, the world would be better off, believe me. But we’re afraid of scandal. We do not want to make waves. It is all the more stupid because the waves are already there. Look outside: waves of scandals, waves of violence, waves of trafficking, waves of flooding. Revealed or not, our secrets have nothing to do with it.

The eyes are very indiscreet, however. The way they get confused, fogged up, turned away, stooped down when approaching a secret! Physiognomists make the best detectives. Sherlock Holmes was physiognomist. Hercule Poirot was physiognomist. Inspector Maigret was a physiognomist. Inspector La Bavure, much less.

Seers and seers translucidesgag! are forced to be. They hunt down body language: all those involuntary movements that we do not repress and that betray us like dogs. They also look at the eyes a lot. The color changes. A shadow that passes and iron and without worrying. Everything that animates our eyes tells a story that we would like to hide. But there are worse.


Armored eyes. Empty. Impenetrable. Even wide open, we believe them closed. When you can’t read anything in a look, there’s every chance that its owner has something terrible to hide. These eyes say nothing, or move! There is nothing to see! These are the eyes of the great banditry, the ugly, the mafia, serial criminals and actors in I’m kidding In short, the beautiful world! Beautiful cocoons! Sad lords! 



For those who, like me, see auras, these cocoons have it black and slimy. What their eyes hide, will show them and it stinks, believe me! Big cities are full of them. When I lived in Paris, I often came across them. I quickly looked away. The mobsters are paranoid, so they were after me like crazy. How many times I got shot in a dark street! It’s a good thing they’re aiming badly. But I have more than one bullet hole. Twenty-five years ago I came to Erquy. So far, so good. I’m healing.

Morality: Always beware of eyes that say nothing. The malicious, hostile, aggressive eye is much less dangerous than an empty, cold eye. You see that eye, it’s like it’s gone. And that’s right. The spirit’s gone. Only the material body remains, the physical eye, as dead as a camera lens. The person who has that look is totally subservient to the Archons. He has chosen the side of matter. He is wrong. I pity him. But I change sidewalk…


The Affair of Colours

There are two widespread aura colors: blue and gold. I put aside the new aura indigo, crystal and rainbow whose number keeps increasing, but which remain very minority.

Knowing for a long time the susceptibility of the clairvoyants on this thorny question, I had so far refused to address the color of auras. I already see the mountain of complaints and protests that these lines will raise. Every awakened, every meditator with the third eye wide open has his opinion on it, and none converges. Anyone who talks about it is inevitably exposed to complaints, sometimes vehement, from all sides.

In the small group of researchers that surrounded my benefactor in the hamlet of Rochefort, we were able to achieve almost unanimity. Thirty years have passed since then. A lot of water has flowed on the dams of the Mayenne. No doubt this fragile unanimity no longer exists, in which case I will be informed in the coming weeks.


Reflections or Variations?

However, it is my site, a space for free expression. I will not give up my point of view as I have always done. Before the appearance of the new auras, there were two main colors, blue and gold. This does not mean that the auras appear blue or golden. I specify for those who do not see them. All aura is light, a more or less bright light. In all luminosities, white-yellow dominates. A third open eye distinguishes reflections, nuances. The so-called blue auras have blue-dominant reflections, the gold-dominant golden ones. It’s as simple as that.

In addition to reflections, our aura expresses mood variations. The approach of death appears to me in an aura like an opaque black band that revolves around the face. Anger translates into a red veil that passes before the eyes. The negative green coil expresses jealousy, envy. There are many others, these colored variations are transient, but it is they that semi-clairvoyants take for the color of the aura. At least I guess so.

The reflections are fixed, they can fade and relight but always in the same place in the aura. While the mood variations are colored ribbons or sashes that move. Generally they turn in ascending or descending spiral inside the aura, all around the physical body: head, trunk or limbs.

The indigo aura

Then came the new auras: indigo, crystal, rainbow. First indigo, several decades ago. Indigo children are now teenagers or young adults. The older ones are quadras. I must say that their arrival astounded me. Indigo vibration has nothing to do with blue auras. Indigo appears in the rainbow spectrum, it is distinct from the blue that also appears. There is something vibrating, almost electric, in the indigo aura as in the crystal and rainbow auras.

Indigo children are curious about everything, but not necessarily open. Without being frankly suspicious, they know how to be cautious and do not throw themselves in the arms of the first comer. As adults, they are sensitive and perceptive, even with subtle senses. Gifted for psi phenomena, the indigos are passing by, ie they open a passage to the other world, the real one.

Matter concerns them little, they are naturally out of matrix. Voluntary, even stubborn, when they set a goal, the indigos go to the end.



The Crystal Aura

Then the crystal aura. Its reflections have no particular color, they are transparent like crystal. Crystal auras are naturally clairvoyant. Sincere and generous, they are able to do the impossible to help a friend, even a simple acquaintance. Their help is not sought in vain. I observed the first crystal auras in very young children about 20 years ago. I was amazed. These beings are even more powerful than the indigos, I could feel their energy with almost enjoyment, as if I were in friendly territory, at home, near a relative.

A clairvoyant has taught me I am myself a crystal aura, when I had always thought myself golden. I, a crystal aura? The oldest crystal must be about twenty years old, and I’m 75!
“I do not see what surprises you. You have passed the arcanum XIII to many crystals. If you were simply golden, how would you have done it?” The necessary energy would have been lacking to give them this initiation, the clairvoyant told me. And he added this evidence that troubled me: To make the new auras work, it takes masters. You were born long before your future students. Everything that happens is wanted.


Everything that happens is wanted. I am experienced enough to work indigo and crystal, it had to be so. I was troubled. In astral, during a working session with my dear Devic, we noted this disturbing fact. My benefactor Jean-Claude Flornoy had a rainbow-colored aura. I had never seen one like it before. The first ones appeared later. In fact, I’m not surprised. Someone had to be able to get me and my level to work.

There is no chance. A rainbow was needed, the Living One presented it at the right time. I admire this impeccable sense of timing. Such perfection is sparkling in the unfolding of our lives. We deserve all of our meetings, they’re long-planned. And I don’t see anything negative in that. I will be challenged that we are driven by more powerful than we are. Where is our free will in this case? If our pilot acts for our good, what does free will matter? If this free will makes us make the wrong decision, thank you to my pilot! Saving me every moment…

The rainbow aura

So Flornoy was rainbow. Suddenly it’s obvious. The rainbow aura is that of exceptional beings, with atypical experiences. Explorers of the future as well as the past, they have a superior ability to interpret the signs of the Living. They record everything, understand everything, remember everything. Rainbows are undoubtedly the most powerful humans on Earth right now.

What is worrying is their appearance. It’s like we need super defenders to increase our chances of victory — or survival? In a conflict that is coming.

Something queer –no connection– is my astonishment at writing these lines. I have just reread the definition of the three new auras, and I realize that I hold on to all three. Everything happens as if I were both indigo, crystal and rainbow! Or rather, it would prove that rainbows bring together the qualities and psi powers of the three new auras. And probably all auras, old or new.

Jean-Claude Flornoy (1950-2010)Listen to your body. What you don’t know, your body knows. (JC Flornoy)



Flornoy was a rainbow, so am I. Rainbow auras bring together all the colors, all the lights, all the gleams of the visible and invisible spectrum. The warriors of the rainbow are not only the warriors of light from all peoples, with all skin colors, first and foremost they have rainbow auras.

Their presence in large numbers will be necessary, vital, decisive in the upheavals that await us.


The Rainbow War

The extreme power of the rainbow is a guarantee of victory against any aggression. Their protection against any form of intrusion is impassable. They represent a considerable asset in case of war, not between humans, but against Aliens or Others. I call Others earthly peoples whose existence we have not yet considered, because our subtle perception was not developed enough. It begins to be, and the first Other contacted are the Archons.

They are not aliens, since they have lived here for much longer than humans and all other mammals. Archons were present long before dinosaurs. When the Great Goddess first came down to Terra, the Archons were there. They were waiting for her.

The help of the rainbow auras will be decisive in the war against these psychic predators. Aliens, those who have helped us for so long, will fight alongside us for our freedom, as they did in previous eras. Before the kali yuga, the dvapara yuga ie the Bronze Age was a perpetual and fierce battlefield. Heroes, Giants and Gods clashed in epic melees where no one could recognize their own. The blood of heroes and cowards mingled in the holocaust.

The gods are always thirsty, never get enough. (Georges Brassens)



Exceptional Humans

The next age, the kali yuga plunged us into darkness, the domain of the Archons. Suffering the insidious power of their mental suggestions, guided by irresistible hypnosis, humanity fell asleep. She has forgotten her greatness. Her originality. Her eternity. She has lost sight of her soul. She believed herself mortal, animal, material as the archons wanted, themselves mortal, animal, material.

Nothing should ever make you forget your exceptional character. You’re worth a billion times more than the menial jobs you’re being forced into. Whether you are at the bottom or higher on the social ladder, none of the trades of kali yuga is worthy of the human. Repetitive, mechanical tasks fall to robots that are only good at that. Assigning them to us proves the omnipresent influence of the Archons.

The more we are mechanized, computerized, robotized, standardized, the less chance we have of remembering who we are. That’s why the masters of darkness preach sleep and endlessly throw bullshit into our heads.

Over the centuries, some exceptional humans have overcome this slimy torpor. They have awakened and filled us with wonders. But they are too rare in our past. Let us wait for their coming.

I woke up and I saw that everyone was still asleep. So I went back to sleep. (Leonardo Da Vinci)



Their numbers and determination are increasing now. The dawn of a new day is coming. Valour is growing in our hearts. The hypothesis of defeat is excluded. So we wake up. We remember the obvious. We know that neither hope nor prayer is worth the action. We understand that the only god is the human. We don’t worship him in a place of worship, but in the fray, with our fellow men.




Reason is intelligence with an office; imagination is intelligence with an erection.
Victor Hugo