Dragons of Hades


Ana awakens to love. Wherever she goes, the light accompanies her. She is extremely gentle and powerful. She is all powerful and radiant beauty. “This Zeus is to my liking,” she told her ay. It is a magic mirror: ay or oy, depending on her mood. This mirror is a major dragon’s eye, draconis rex, which allows you to change your appearance as you wish. Note the sound similarity between ay / eye, like that of oy / œil.


Galante Gown

Zeus has been unjustly accused of wrongdoing he did not commit, she thinks. On the contrary, he avoided the catastrophe on Terra, at the cost of a floating island. A cheap victory. He’ll come, he’ll lie on a litter box for an intimate supper that I want without a false note. As perfect as the opera he made me, Alcor’s second opera.

Ana remembers the beautiful Enoch and the few centuries she spent in his good company. At that time she was named Hathor. It was a few eons ago. Like yesterday for Ana. –Stop dreaming, she thought. I doubt that Zeus could leave his Terra’s business for long. He is in charge, with his sister Hera who is his wife. A female mistress, they say.

The Mother Goddess returns to her dressing interrupted by a flood of nostalgic thoughts. Meanwhile, her ay has not stopped offering her costumes of flesh and feathers. Ana scans the female most likely to seduce the golden-eyed titan — how noble and attractive! This titan must have seeded a job lot of female. The Goddess trembled, dreamed, enamored. But no sex can alter her virginity. So she must borrow an ephemeral body, which will protect her for a night, a year, a century, as long as Zeus wants to love her.

The major dragon ay is coupled with a sensory computer scrolling 20’000 images per second. 20’000 females who could please the titan.

-I must be the most beautiful of his conquests. I need an admirable body for my soul to slip in. Thus I shall be able to appreciate the fleshly union by interposed body. Where is it written that the greatest Goddess must avoid the most succulent pleasure? I gave birth to a thousand suns, ten thousand empires and billions of creatures to populate them. Never had a male known me to lighten my task. This has to change.

Her only thought interrupted the scrolling of the images. A small female occupies the ay screen. Fragile and powerful at the same time, this beauty has much to delight the senses of the most jaded seducers. -It is this body that I will live in. Zeus will know me in this one appearance!
Ana observes herself one more moment in her magic ay: -Unless I change my mind, of course.



Carnal Knowledge

When Zeus was brought into the empress’s private quarters, her heart beat faster and stronger than usual. He had also taken on another appearance. That of his young lover, Hermes the quicksilver, had seemed appropriate to him. The looks the Goddess gave him said a lot about his appetites. At the neck of Zeus, a changing necklace will allow him to change his look, in the unlikely event that the Goddess would taste it less than he imagines.

-Your master could not come? she said in spite. Zeus clicks his necklace and becomes himself again.
“Do you like me better? Or do you prefer Hermes?”
-I like your young messenger very much, that’s true. Let’s change!

Ana again becomes the young beauty who agrees with Hermes. What a superhuman couple! Twenty times they change body and passion, but divine lovemaking will not be described. My purpose is different. When the flesh is appeased, Zeus reports as a war chief.
-Do you want me to change too? she asked.
“As you wish, Goddess, I will bend with good grace.”

Miracle of magic ay! In just a blink of the eyelids, the Goddess changes her appearance. She becomes a reptilian. Zeus follows her. -Beware, she says to herself. This pretty heart guesses intentions. He is as lively as an ay.

As they make a toast, Zeus congratulates her for her rare elegance. She smiles. Zeus wears the same. 




“Let us come to your account, dear Zeus. I am all ears.”

“You remember, O Goddess, that you first populated Terra with giant reptiles, the dinosaurians. They learned to fly, to fight and even to spit fire. Over the eons, some of them acquired a tyrannical ferocity. They have developed a whole war-oriented industry. Their terrifying weapons could destroy a city, a country, even a continent.

“The most powerful of them, a dragon named Typhoon, set his sights on becoming Emperor of Terra. With unparalleled belligerent ardor, unparalleled strength and boundless cruelty, Typhoon devastated the most beautiful lands, transforming the glorious cities of the Cyclops into a mountain of smoking ashes. The Cyclops know how to defend themselves. They also have a powerful armament. However, I had to help them with my best Titans.

Dans la mythologie grecque, Typhon est une divinité primitive malfaisante. Fils de Gaïa et de Tartare, ce dragon survient au milieu des vents violents et des tempêtes, comme Hachem le dragon d’Eden. Serait-ce le même ?


Beyond the Protocol

“Together, we fought them mercilessly in an endless war that some will call the Gigantomachie. Against us, the old tyrants. All-powerful monsters covered in feathers and scales that have ruled by terror for hundreds of millions of years.”

-How many years in local time?
“Allow me to say: two hundred millions earth years are about two thousand years for you, O goddess. The gigantomachy took place 66 millions years ago from Terra, which makes 6 centuries for you.”
-Seems to be yesterday! Go on, Zeus, continue your story.

“The huge dragons have given us a hard time. All the Titans were at our side, those of Hyperborea, the Olympians, but also those of Earth who had fought alongside us during the Titanomachie, the great war against Chronos and his brothers. With us were the people of the Cyclops, who are the masters of Lightning, Lightning and Thunder. Their powerful weapons have provided us with precious help. The eye radiating on their forehead can destroy an entire army of dragons in one flash. My friends the Cyclops are descendants of the first humanity, as you know, O Goddess.”

Call me Ana, my Zeus. Protocol no longer exists between us. How could I have forgotten the Cyclops, those splendid creatures that rejoice my heart? I populated this planet shortly after the first terraforming. Their size is that of the largest trees they uproot while playing. I know all this. Tell me more about the Emperor of the Dinosaurs, that mountain of hatred. Did you defeat him, that famous Typhoon? Did he perish?



Stormy Ocean

Behind the smile of the Goddess, Zeus feels the irony, if not the mistrust. Without giving up his calm Olympian, he gives back his smile.
“If he still lives, it is a wonder,” he replied. “After having chased him across seas and continents, we cornered him on the Himalaya. These are the highest mountains in Terra whose name…”

-Whose name is Hymn Al Aya. Don’t add insult to ignorance, Zeus ! I am the Aya, the prodigious sign. She who performs miracles. Continue!
Zeus is destabilized. Looking for a replica, he vainly explores the nooks and crannies of his memory database. He has the unfortunate feeling that the Goddess blurs his intuition and blocks his memories… The god of gods finds nothing but a late definition: Aya : miracle, commandment. This Koranic term refers to a prodigious sign and sometimes a verse of the Koran. He thus designates these passages as “prodigious signs”.

What are you waiting for? Ana the Aya ironically. What happened to Typhoon? 
Zeus recovers and resumes the thread of his story.

“He was blocked by the highest peaks of the Aya Hymn. You know that dragons cannot fly so high, the air is scarce and their wings cannot support them. Typhoon whispered in our nets. With four Cyclops, my Titans dragged him to the Stormy Ocean, the one that humans will call Pacific. A misplaced name. They spend their time too short to change the old names of all the seas. So the Boreal Ocean became the Arctic Ocean and the Atlantean Ocean became the Atlantic.”

“At the heart of the Stormy Oceany is one of the entrances to the Underworld. Hades named it the Styx. Its depth is matched only by the darkness in which it plunges.”
-You mean Mariana Trench — precisely Mary Ana Trench, Ana says. Named after me again.
I still call it Styx, Zeus adds. I don’t take the point of changing names” Facing the icy silence of the Goddess, Zeus understands his blunder. “Shut up your face, he says to himself, you don’t make her day.”

Styx is one of the rivers of Hell in Greek mythology. Styx literally means “hateful” and expresses the horror of death. At Homer, when the gods swore by the water of the Styx, they committed themselves in an irrevocable manner; if a god adorned himself, he was deprived of breath for a year, then he was banished from the society of his fellow men for nine years.


Earth Core Dragons

All these changes inspire the Goddess to change herself too. In a flash of the oï, she becomes another. Zeus is barely slower. Now they are kissing other things of flesh and fabric. They have chosen to match the first humans: same type, same complexion. It suits them. Ana approaches her lips. Zeus watches her do, he distrusts. What does she do? What does she want? Does her desire come back? Will she finally talk?

No. She’s gone away. Forget the effusions. It’s a dangerous game. Ana is Athena when she’s believed to be Venus. She can change in the blink of an eye. The flash of anger quickly arrived. In war as in love, even an immortal can give his life.

“Struggling in vain in a net of iron and brass, the Typhoon monster is thrown into the Styx. If he is not dead, he is no better.

“Some dragons look dead when in fact they are in a state of deep meditation” (Lewis Trondheim)


No one will hear from him, except Hades, god of Hell. We can count on his vigilance, my cousin is on guard and Typhon will not deceive him. His anger is harmless, nailed to the fact that he is on a cross of iron. If dragons love the gold on which they lay their layers, the touch of iron burns their scales and skin.”
-For lack of luck! cried the goddess with a playful tone.

She also makes rotten jokes, says Zeus with a half smile. Don’t irritate him. Stay on his guard.

“Typhoon did not fall alone in the kingdom of Hades. His close guard followed him as one man. The bravest and most ferocious of his dragons are prisoners of the depths from which we never escape.”
-Never say never. What hasn’t happened yet may happen tomorrow. Look!

Ana reveals a large mirror that comes alive. First two Draconis Rex play hide and seek in a familiar sky. Where did they come from? Then the chaser spits out his deadly flame. The chaser flies in zigzags, one can believe for a moment that he will get away with it. But the fire reaches him, it burns. Soon a piece of coal falls into the ocean. Zeus makes the mouth. It recognizes the shore of Mare Nostrum.Our Sea, the name of the Mediterranean Sea for the Romans. Doubt is no longer allowed, it happens on Terra. The dragons have escaped from the underworld.

Draconis Rex or Dracorex is a genus of dinosaurs that lived at the end of the Upper Cretaceous, approximately 69-66 MaMillions of years ago. The Gigantomachy is supposed to have exterminated them all… The fact that they could spit fire is not scientifically proven. Who knows?


In the mirror’s eye

Look well, said the Goddess Ana. The seasons pass, the years spin, the magic eye aligns dozens of dinosaurs, here and there, on the ground of Terra. These monsters must take advantage of Hades’ sleep to take the air from the surface. Everywhere the great dragons sow desolation. They burn the cities, destroy the farms and trample the crops, destroying everything in their path. Over the ages they grow bold and attack armies. Zeus can see their fire devouring villages and villages. Incredulous, he witnessed a future war where tyrannosaurs served as mounts to humanoids. When they see their deadly squadron appear, the humans go astray. They have no chance.

As an interlude, Zeus can laugh at a nice lake monster, shy as a little girl. Nessie shows her snout on a Scottish loch. As soon as a human looks at him, he quickly dives. Where does he come from? What does he want? It’s too easy for him. When he feels like it, he leaves the inner sea of the center of the earth. He slips through a long channel that leads to the bottom of Loch Ness. No one in sight? Soon he emerges. The caress of the sun on his scales is an incomparable enjoyment.

All this makes Zeus wondering. “The gigantomachy is not over, far from it. Hades’ vigilance has too many flaws. He’s getting older every century … So do I!” thought Zeus who made another toast to Ana’s health.
-To you, my Zeus! To your health! Still fine but take care! Your health is more fragile than you think.

“What a change!” Zeus mumbles.
Take my word. You’re changing too.


Love to Death

With the Goddess anything may occurs. Leaving her clothes in one move, Ana throws herself on Zeus. The claws of a tiger tear the tissues that still cover the body of Zeus. God knows what to believe. Has his last hour come? Must he eat naked beauty? Here she insults him by covering him with kisses. Here she throws it to moans by throwing it on her bed. Her strength multiplied by desire, she twists him, she bites him. Behold, he takes her, behold, she gives herself, with her cries the chamber resounds. Forgotten the dominant male. Facing the ardor of the beautiful, facing fleshly fury, an unrepentant seducer discovers himself as a little child. Zeus trembles. The god of the gods becomes an object man. Under the shaking, he is only a rattle. 

Every moment the game can get bloody.



The Kings Below

While Zeus and Ana spin the perfect disappointment, the magic mirror goes wild and spouts damning news. The saga of the fire dragons unfolds in all its phases, and its viewing has enough to freeze the blood.

In the Underworld of the ancients, in the time of the Roman Empire, dinosaurs and dragons were acclimatized. During our Middle Ages, they took possession of the immense cave that echoes their deep cries. Far beneath the feet of the Renaissance men ruled the Dragons. While Robespierre climbed the scaffold, the Dragons flourished. Far beneath the shells of the World Wars, their numbers and power have become irresistible. The mirror makes us see these beasts roasting Hades and his own to devour them cooked to perfection. Fellow cavers, be careful not to go too far down. The Earth Center has fallen into the clutches of the Reptilians. Don’t look for gods there anymore, demons are kings.

Ana will have to send two armies of exterminating archangels to purge Terra of this filthy vermin. The dragons of hell have polluted the earth center with their filth and the flesh of the decaying corpses has corrupted the so pure waters of the inner sea. The paradise of the center earth became uninhabitable. The Greeks and Romans called it Inferno.Hell Now it deserves this cursed name.


Dead and God

As for Zeus, he will not recover from his wounds. The most deadly is that of his self-esteem. -Too much ego to reign, decides the Goddess. It’s time to put my first kingdom back in order, the very first planet I terraformed.

Zeus, comatose, bloodless, looks at the Goddess. Sublime. So tempting. He knows he’s screwed. Ana disposes of all her creatures, whether divine or not. Man or god, plant or beast, kingdom or planet, who can stand up to him? In truth, no one is safe from his blows, no one is above his revenge, no one is unworthy of his love, no one can refuse his gifts. In good as in evil, no one escapes from her decrees. The love she inspires has earned her the name of mother throughout the Thousand Star Empire. Only her love remains. The terror she immediately inspires evaporates into the sun of her grace.

The god of the gods is no more than a shadow of himself. He will leave his throne of Olympus vacant. Nailed by agony, what good can he bring to humans? He cries. He complains, he who has so often betrayed them. Without scruple, he used them. He delivered them to the demons below as well as to the tyrants above. He gave power to the cowards, to the incapable. He let them destroy lives and countries, plundered wealth, defiled temples, emptied reserves.

As his elect threw the world into chaos, he had fun. His laughter covered the sound of bombs and the cry of dying. Now comes her turn. The Goddess has put remorse in her soul and infinite love in her heart. A song comes back from his childhood: Ana awakens to love. Wherever she goes, the light accompanies her. She is extremely gentle and powerful. She is all powerful and radiant beauty.

“It’s all over now, Zeus thinks. She put the rope around my neck and she spills the stool.”



Of all those who have nothing to say, the most pleasant are those who keep silent.