The Zeus Case


The god of the gods, master of Hyperborea, emperor of Terra, the mighty Zeus is summoned by the Great Goddess! It did not take 107 years for her to react. At her express request, Zeus had to go to the mother house, planet Ur, system of Alcor. It is a stupid misunderstanding according to the master of Terra. The Goddess sees everything, knows everything, it is said. But Zeus believes that she is looking elsewhere.


The Decision

“The Goddess wants to see me? Big deal! Thundering shit!”
Zeus is the prey of a violent anger that he barely controls. By the narrowness, he refrains from throwing his deadly lightnings. Ana accuses him of having shot thousands of gods, no need to add more. He puts his nerves on a statue. Not just any. A statue of the Omnipotent Goddess lies on the ground, crushed.

‘I would say Impotent Goddess,’ thought the young Hermes, his confidant, messenger and lover.
“I will receive her at home, you hear me, Hermes!”

Unbelieving, Hermès fixes his lord and master.
-Here? But Mighty Zeus, how can we disobey the Goddess? We have never seen such a thing! It will never come!
“She will come and I will receive her at home,” repeated Zeus. “And rest assured, my baby, the sky will not fall on our heads.”

Slamming his darling’s ass, Zeus adds: Go and fetch me the commander of Hyperborea.
Hermes shrugs his shoulders, lights his dorsal reactor and flies away.


The Plan

In order not to lose face and without disobeying the Most Holy Mother, Zeus will go to Alcor. But not in his subluminic vessel. It will go in majesty in Hyperborea. The mother ship will not land on the astroport. It will hover over Ur, over the North Pole, according to procedure. With the traffic in Alcor, the maneuver will be tricky but the commander is the best. He got the knack flying Atlantis. True, the flying island is less imposing, but Hyperborea handles with one finger.

Come on!‘ thought the commander, a big Titan whose size is close to decameter. Without a word, he bows down. We don’t discuss the boss’s orders. The commander quickly returned to the pilot’s turret. In his path, all departed: men, angels and even gods. His high stature, his build and musculature inspire respect as much as fear.



The Journey

Departure without problem. Voyage without history. Hyperborea has the size of a planet, but is really driven with one hand. At the controls of the mother ship, the Titan rejoices. With one hand, but the maid! He says to himself full of love for himself and for his life.

Hera did not come. Zeus was careful not to insist. His legitimacy is not at ease with the Goddess. She stays on Terra, so her husband gives himself a lot of joy. Zeus the tumbler will travel in his bed.

Approaching Alcor’s system, the god of gods comes out of his hole. Dashing, fragrant, made of fresh makeup, he bursts into the turret. 
“Everything is going well?” he said to the commander.
“Don’t worry, Uncle, I can handle it,” answer the Titan with a wink.

He managed. Through private spaceships and commercial shuttles, he made his way to the north pole of Ur. There, under the great sun of Alcor, he stabilized the enormous machine at 200km altitude. Hovering is managed by on-board computers, such as securing the navigating equipment and unlocking the access locks. The routine. But the best is yet to come, Zeus and his nephew know it well.

Crossing their eyes, they see pleasure sparkles deep inside. Two pranksters who think of the same thing: the face that the Goddess must do now!
The funny thing is that she thinks you’re dead!” said Zeus.
They burst out laughing.


The Invitation

Hermes is dispatched by Zeus to invite the Goddess. He has the habit, the chores are always for him. After an hour of waiting, Hermes is finally received. The Goddess does not seem her age. Her figure and features are those of a mature woman, 45 years old in human age. She is smiling.
-Thank you for your visit, my dear Zeus. I know how much Terra’s affairs occupy you, so I greatly appreciate your speed.
“What can we refuse the Great Goddess,” replied Hermes. “But I am not Zeus, only his messenger.”

The Goddess suppresses a mood movement.
“Are you only a messenger? To rule Terra I thought you were very young …”

Hermes explains the embarrassment of his master. Many witnesses came aboard Hyperborea. It is impossible to bring them all down to the Divine Palace. Yet it is essential that the Goddess hear them before any decision. So Zeus proposes to receive Ana on his wandering planet, Hyperborea.

If the Goddess is upset, this time she does not let it appear.
“So it will be. Tell your master that I will come in three days.”
Zeus’ messenger bowed to the ground and took leave. Finally the mission was easy to fulfill.



The Welcome

The three days have gone by too quickly, with so many and varied preparations. Their implementation requires the utmost precision. It requires a sense of greatness along with manic attention to detail. Finally the ceremonial spaceship sparkles on Hyperborea, which gently lowers its lights to let the Goddess shine in the daylight.

There are also all around the camera a lot of things and people who must remain hidden as the scene unfolds. With the help of Apollo and Hermes, Zeus produced a scenography of the meeting. Everything is planned, planned and orchestrated. Aerial ballets will be danced by nymphs. An army of angels and archangels must sound ten thousand trumpets, horns and horns at the precise moment when the Goddess leaves the cabin.

A silver laser spot lights it alone. The imposing silhouette of Great Mother Anna turns into a precious sculpture. The precise light slowly widens its focal length, here it barely illuminates the darkness around the Goddess. The trumpets are silent. The laser glow turns golden. Other spots of golden light illuminate gold helmets, horses harnessed with gems, a crowd as invisible as it is silent.

Suddenly the ground lights up with a peaceful light. Ana sees dozens, hundreds of armed soldiers, legionaries, knights, engine pilots, all lined up ready for battle. She cannot hold back a gesture of stupor.


The Opera

Then everything comes alive. Celestial music envelops the vast plateau, while one after the other, legions of fierce warriors come to lay wreaths of flowers at the feet of the Goddess. A choir of virgins sings the most suave of arias. A thousand petals with intoxicating scents descend in slow swirls from the crystal vault. Hyperborea has never known so much beauty. The Goddess, transported in her distant past by this music that she recognized, cannot hold back the tears that roll over her cheeks.

Without knowing it, Zeus and Apollo composed the replica of Alcor’s Opera. While they thought they had created something new, something new, while they were refining verses and songs, some clever genius was blowing them the ancient melodies written by Enoch for the Goddess Ana. The traveling patriarch did not know the true name of the Goddess who was called Hathor at that time.

Seeing the Goddess crying, Zeus and her son are afraid to go too far. Raising his hand, the god of Terra interrupts the music and dances. Time for the story.

My Queen, sublime sovereign of a thousand stars, you who have reigned in the firmament of the world for long portions of eternity, the rumor accuses me of many unforgivable sins. So I would have killed, they say, my brother Poseidon and his son, the giant Atlas. See how they go!

In an explosion of light, Poseidon appears riding a flying triton. Zeus’ nephew accompanies him in a large commander’s uniform. For it is indeed the splendid Titan who led Hyperborea to Alcor. This double turn of events leaves the Goddess speechless.



The Chant

To the sound of harps, lyres and zither, the god sings a song of unparalleled sweetness. Her vibrant and full voice, sometimes torrent, sometimes sigh, gently seduces the beautiful Ana. Zeus has conquered so many beings on earth and in heaven. The Goddess is full of tenderness.

And these valiant gods, these angels, these innumerable troops that I would have drowned on Atlantis, look at them, they are all around us!” Behold the eleven Titans, my beloved brothers, who are doing wonderfully! Behold the 13,000 local angels and gods as they healed quickly! No one, none of your men, no local god or not perished in the waves. How could Poseidon drown, he who commands the liquid element? The waves would have made an air bubble for him to live there without any other inconvenience. How could I, who am responsible and accountable, have destroyed my troops, my cohorts, my legions?

“None has perished but your enemies. For their part they have succumbed in great numbers. And to rid Terra of these perverted invaders, I had to sacrifice the flying island fallen into the hands of these evil masters. From this stronghold, they ruled for too long on the two continents that surround it. Atlantis was lost body and good, but neither these bodies nor these goods are yours.”

For Ana, the show that continues becomes more personal, more real, and so touching! Zeus approaches her as a child who goes to her mother. What else is she to him as to us all?

“I have harmed my most treacherous, cowardly, unworthy adversary without shedding a single drop of the precious blood that is yours, O Ana, O Mother! Without you, Great Queen, Heavenly Mother, none of us would have been born, whether human or divine. You are the first, your power amazes the Immense, your reputation has conquered our galaxy up to Grand Central, and your servant, very modestly, composed this opera to celebrate your glory.”

Zeus bows.


The War

Now the Goddess remembers. A long time ago, a dispatch had reached her from Terra. This same Zeus — sexy man indeed –showed him the great battle he was waging against gigantic snakes. He had called to his aid the First Sons, those great reptiles whose Goddess had populated Terra when the planet was young. This dreadful war against the Reptilians, the first masters of Terra, ended with the brilliant victory of the new masters, Zeus and his allies. The victory was probably not complete since some dinosaurs survived. The Cyclops had fought valiantly alongside Zeus, Typhon, and other monsters had been plunged into the bottomless abyss of the Styx, and it was the end of this plague that was called the Gigantomachie.

The bottomless abyss, Ana knows it well, she thought she plunged there when she was small. This is the Great Black Hole that animates the entire spiral galaxy. It is very close to the end, she believed. But she risked nothing at all, except ridicule. The Black Hole was just an illusion, a carnival ride created by the Immense de Grand Central to test the courage of little Ana. The test was conclusive since here it is, adorned with a thousand splendors that are the thousand stars of its empire.

So the war against the Hydras, Dragons and Snakes was still going on? She may have received memos about it, but she gets so many!
-This sexy Zeus deserves all my attention, she said to herself. I will invite him tonight. In privacy.


The Gigantomachie, war of the Olympians against the Reptilians — hydras, dragons and other dinosaurs — who were the former masters of Terra.


“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
John Lennon