Our Lady Anne


Blessed Virgin, Mother Goddess, Ana has been alive for so long that only one birthday per century is celebrated. Her reign began over a hundred million years ago. Our Lady Anne stops time. In turn giant, animal or plant, Anne changes her appearance in the blink of an eye. From the height of her 22 km, the Goddess respects us all. Even though we are twelve thousand times smaller than her, the beautiful Anna sees us.

Ann, Ana, Anne

We remember little Ana who had only one n. She was not 22 km at that time. That was before she was invited by the super gods of Grand Central. The galactic capital is the ultimate bulwark against the voracity of the Major Black Hole. This big shadow eye makes the Milky Way spiral without turning into cheese.Halleluyah! Our holy Mother of God was received by a Great, but then really very great. More than that. You can’t imagine.

This earned him immediate prestige throughout the galactic belt. Since then, his natural authority has never been challenged. Its empire is among the largest on the galactic periphery. It includes several hundred terraformed planets and 1500 terraforming. Our empress is famous for this success. The whole galaxy calls it Our Lady of a Thousand Stars.

She could be proud of it, but no. Anna is ego-less. It gave her the idea to create the Order of a Thousand Stars to reward the vain who come to see her. Given her great age, Anna moves little. I’m fine at home, she says. The whole world knows Alcor’s way.” And it’s true.

The Great Goddess governs her vast empire with great wisdom and great humanity. Shall I say divinity? Why not? Like humans, divines are capable of both the best and the worst. But when the gods are worse, they hurt much more. Our Lady strives to follow the path that has heart. It is her duty as an impeccable warrior. All her subjects cherish her as they admire her luminous beauty.



Via Lactia

The Empress has installed her capital on her native planet, Ur of Alcor in the Great Bear. Dizzying palaces occupy almost all the land. On 100 levels, wooded and flowered buildings rival those of Grand Central. The luxury, the refinement everything is made for the pleasure of the senses and the enjoyment of the body. It is said that the hanging gardens of Semiramis in Babylon were inspired by it. These gardens of ancient Istanbul were one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Ur’s astroport is of a size and capacity comparable to the largest astroports in the galaxy. There are the latest models of spacecraft, from the two-seater to the mother ship, all from the imperial arsenals.

Anna’s empire is part of the Via Lactia Federation, like all inhabited planets. The Earth is also part of it, even if Earthlings don’t know it. Poor planet Earth cut from the Great All! Everywhere else, the colours of the Federation are worn high. Brilliantly, it manages and harmonizes the development of several million local empires. Some have only one star, Anna’s empire has a thousand. Via Lactia respects it for that.

A knowledgeable manager, she manages thousands of incredibly complex problems. Simple problems are dealt with locally. Her assistants clear the ground, and when the case is heard, Anna decides. Her decision has force of law. Thus works Via Lactia, which Our Lady of Alcor takes as a model. It uses its fastest and safest artificial intelligence module: XzV=iZ§? 2WxWyA26s. His name is unpronounceable here, let’s call it Prout! GPT.Prout! I fart When a case comes to Anna’s attention, it had to cross more than a hundred dams, not to mention the Prout! GPT lock. It takes force majeure.


Major deicide

Like the famous deicide committed on Terra. The local tyrant allegedly rigged eleven Titans and some 13,000 minor angels and gods. Even if tyrants have all the rights, major deicide remains taboo. It is not done. This tyrant, a certain Zeus, was the official representative of the empire on top of that. He has failed in all his duties, and Our Lady must make an example. Strike hard. For that, she will go to Terra. It’s boring but not the choice. It has to score and last. But it’s still very boring.

I will go next month, she concludes. In fact, she will go 107 years from now. Well yes, the time does not have the same value depending on whether you are 22kms high or less than 2meters. I have to explain. There are a couple things you don’t know down here on Terra. The Zeus case, we’ll come back to it, no hurry. Anna won’t drag 107 years. Let’s talk about her.

Anna is worshipped all around the earth as well as in hundreds of planets. But who can say: I know her? I know who she is? Whatever your religion, you have often prayed to her. Whatever you call her, she has heard you. She has answered your prayers time and time again. If you do not believe in God, that is your right. But be sure the Goddess believes in you and you, be sure, believe in her.

Let’s talk about her. Whether you are female or male, superior or jack of all trades and whatever your skin color, you turn to her when you have no pot. She is your support. Your rest. At least as long as you pay your taxes. The empire needs your support. Be its pimp. Our Lady has room in her heart to ease your pain. 



Divine Genealogy

It is said that Mary Mother of Jesus is the daughter of Saint Anne. The Goddess was made holy, she deserved it. Anne is Anna. Dana Ann of the Tuatha. Ama of the Chinese. Anne is your mother. Mother of your brothers the men. Father of your sisters the women. All these dwarfs have come from his flesh. However small we are, let us be men. In the face of the worst, the infamous, we will remain women. Love has chosen us, let us give it back a hundredfold. Happiness is love. Give and you will receive. Open up, reach out.

St. Anne is Anna, the first of the great goddesses, and perhaps the only one. She came to us so long ago, see, she’s still here.

I have listed some of the Great Goddesses who succeeded the beautiful Anna. I think those are other names. There is only one Goddess and when her death comes, the Living will end.

You are sorry because the new age is still awaited. Will it come soon? Is it there? Don’t hurry. Next golden age can wait. Ours is over long ago. We are on probation. At the end of kaliyuga, this humanity will go away. Where? Ask the dead. And the new age to come will give birth to another humanity. The sixth is said. To be verified. What is certain is that your fate is linked to Anne’s more closely than you think.

The golden age is like happiness: it is recognized only when it is past. (Lao Surlam)



Anna is the Goddess
Creator of Terra
Our beloved planet
Nicely damaged

Ann is the fortress
Head of mysteries
Hidden parent
They left apart

Yet without Anne
No Jesus, no Mary
Dana Ann and hers
Wouldn’t go to Earth
Where we wouldn’t be

Can you imagine
The void without her
Time with no years
Sky without wings?



“All in all, I won’t go,” said Anne to her orderly officer. “I’m tired of moving around.”
“But Your Holiness has not travelled for ages, and this incident…”
“Why change such a good habit? The world comes to me, this Zeus can do the same. Call him, it’s easier!”
“As Your Holiness desires,” said the officer, bowing to the ground.

The officer goes away grumbling in the corridors. He is worried. This Zeus is powerful. How will he take such a summons? Evil, surely. If he ends up coming, he will be difficult … Oh there there!


I teach you the Superhuman. Man exists only to be surpassed. What have you done to surpass him?
Friedrich Nietzsche