Archon Ways

You could be God, but you were an archangel. A halftone god, your limit is reached. You will act in vain. This day will see your end that will calm your hunger.

Archon, you are no man, no beast, no angel, no demon, no archangel, no god. Those who gave you these names have forgotten where you came from and what your role was. You are nothing, the bark of a force, the farce of a trace. An empty idea. Archon, shadow in the darkness, you are hardly noticed. People of the Shadows, you are known for the evil you do, when you take the living to lead them to your home, to the land of the shadows where the dead are.

You Shadows

When a shadow passes over the light, it goes out. You are the shadow that goes out, the number that fades. You are nothing. You know neither thirst nor hunger. Neither evil nor good. Neither beginning nor end. Neither momentum nor brake. Neither ear nor grain. Neither thread nor strand. Who denies you is denied, yet you are nothing. You are very well for the shadows of the dead. Shadow that bites the one who is not dead yet. Not in body. Soul ether-does not laugh well of your nippes. No flip. A dead dog is no longer lipped.

 Ultimate atom. What have you done with all those who are forgotten? Where are you holding them? When will you release them? You Dark Ones are the shadow of our home. We are roommates, we live together as settlers. Everything goes around in circles. The filthy world has won too many rounds. There’s nothing wrong with it. Baby.

Lizards tales, you archons, shadows of shame, razors of mowing, saddle stools, eggs of laying, dark numbers of darkness, let us go forever. Shame? Take it for honor. Mowing? Finish early. Your dead horses are harnessed, all in the saddle and go. Go back to the Goddess and watch out for her caresses. Said is mass. Quickly confess and save your buttocks.

Fallen Archons

Archons my chosen ones, more sticky than glue, more filant than the flow, who will have known you when you will no longer be? Who’s going to cry over you when everyone disowns you? What are you worth? Not a nail. Not the paw of a louse. Not a knee shot. Without waiting, go. Nothing for sale. Trapeze without net. Without spinning. Put on. Inflate. You are inflated!

I have lost precious friends, no one holds them in the heavens, no one has seen them with his eyes, no passerby, no stroller, no curious. Heinous crime for the gods was the end for both of them. Hideous crime. Shady rape. Poisonous process. Damned bodies, knot rope, convicts taken away have gone too far. Shame on the acrobatic archons, who fall the shadows that fight, the lives that harm the nights, fatal stay of the days fled, eternal rest without respite, without withdrawal, without love or return. Desouded forever by a fate too short.

You whom no one sees, wine which no one drinks, rejects last choice. Who believes you? And you, for whom do you take you? Frimeurs that one disavows. Has-been. Unknown. Anyone. The hand that strikes, the evil that kills, the donkey that walks. These crimes that we confess, admit it, are from you. 



Multiple Prince

In Manichaeism, archons rule the kingdom of darkness. All together they are prince of darkness. The archons are called Weekly. These Seven are semi-hostile powers, the last and lowest emanations of the Godhead. Below them comes the world of truly evil powers. (source)

If they are obscure, it is because they come from darkness. The lower world, the hollow earth, the country under our feet. Jealous of us, they envy us this soul that they do not have. Coming from a plan that we do not inhabit, they want to bring us back to their dark level. And as the age we are in is the age of darkness, they succeed. Many are their followers, others, unknowingly, are their victims. How do they do it, these big empty ones?

They are a hundred, a thousand and yet less than one. Their crowd is as sad as a willow. Their egos in oil rissole. Their pride groans on the ground. They lie in their shroud.


Matter Doesn’t Matter

Princes of matter, they prevent souls from leaving the material kingdom: the dark force they represent opposes the liberation of humans. It closes one by one the paths of awakening that lead out of their reach. At all costs, they prevent the awakening of humanity. They attach themselves to each of us to pull us down, to the dark, to the reign of Absolute Matter. The reign of the Matrix…

Their power is very active at the end of kaliyuga, because we remained for a very long time deprived of love during the dormancy of the Goddess. Without her liberating influence. She’s been sleeping for 4,000 years. She spent the entire kaliyuga in a deep sleep, the dormancy essential to the survival of reptiles. Their body has no thermal regulation like ours. When these cold-blooded beings are in unfavorable conditions, as I explain here: Ama, Rama and I. 

They are not the enemies of mankind, since they have been our educators. But they are far from having the omnipotence that is attributed to them. A deity dominates them with her overwhelming stature: Ana of Alcor, the Great Goddess. She created neither the universe nor the multiverse — no one knows where they came from. Ana is responsible for Terra. It has made our planet habitable. It has concocted the human species through genetic manipulation. Our first ancestors, the Adams, were born in vitro. Perfect clones. Several categories, each adapted to a specific task or function.


This prince of darkness is but a pale echo of our childhood nightmares.


The Grand Lottery

On top of the sky, above the north pole, Ana d’Alcor reigns over an empire of a thousand suns. She has set up many planets, both on the surface and inside. Of course, she did not do all the work without help. His assistants are the gods of the past. Ambassadors, legates, educators, trainers, they are the gods of before, missioned on Terra since the dawn of time. Delegated by the Great Goddess, they are the authority. They are called archons. Their number is seven digits. Among them, some are cool, others less. 

If the first version of this humanity was published by in vitro cloning, it did not last. The specialization of clone series was super convenient for our administrators, and to help them even more, each category had a different skin color. This specialization was lost with the arrival of the great lottery: reproduction in utero.

The gods before — the archons — tried to stop the miscegenation. A taboo has been promulgated: formal prohibition of rubbing with another line. Inbreeding marriages have been encouraged. They are at risk of malformation and deformity, whatever? Everything was better than wasting genetic data. We had to stop the big lottery.

Castes are a survival of the original cloning system. The prohibition of inter-caste marriage comes from the same origin. Racism, too, comes from there. Paradoxically, the pride of belonging to this or that caste has been carefully orchestrated by our cynical educators. The current education is a distant legacy of these practices.


Lords of Karma

Whatever the method, the archons had only one obligation of result. One had another stroke of genius. To strengthen the caste system, he invented karma. Thus humans would endure without flinching the fate to which their caste intended them. This karma strategy has served them in other places, under other stars. It imposes the unacceptable. You suffer because you are guilty. Your crimes of yesterday will be expiated on Earth. Too convenient, this salacious invention turns you into a slug. You lose your own trace.

But these secrets I reveal here have never been told. So, in view of the facts that I state, and for lack of explanation, observers have developed different theories over the centuries. They had to explain the inexplicable. For that, their imagination made up for the lack of credible information. Evil perversion: they forced humans to believe in it. Holy pseudo-books have no other purpose. Hats off to the archons! Faith was born.

The whole system of religious beliefs comes from this abyss: when the simple man encounters the inexplicable, he invents causes and evil beings. Seeing this behavior, the archons could have fed us all the bullshit that we swallowed all round. Keep this in mind to understand what’s next. Not just this article. Think about it all the time. This demonic key will open many doors. Countless tyrants have used it. Many bastards still use it.

Them Lords of Karma! And my ass is plain brass.



The Flyers

For several years now, I have been receiving calls for help from people who have been struggling with these forces from below. I had to carry out several emergency interventions, cleanings by the reki or the trance which are similar to bowel movements, not to say exorcisms. Words are scary. The experience is even more scary. Some of you, right now, may be dealing with these disturbing entities. Castaneda calls them the Flyers. He describes them as large manta rays of black color, a deep black.

These Flyers hover above the cities where they feed on the brightness of the inhabitants. Only the sighted can see them with their third eye. But everyone can feel the effects. When all the brightness has been absorbed by a Flyer, the aura is dull, grayish or metal-colored. The person is deprived of his soul which fled towards the heights of the astral. Under these conditions awakening becomes practically impossible in the big cities where this new type of energy pollution reigns.

Castaneda’s descriptions are chilling. That was the reality decades ago. Now things have gotten worse. The Flyers occupy most of Earth’s lower astral. Their battle with other entities rages there. What is at stake is the possession of this planet. We are for them only an economic asset, and incidentally a subtle food. The two go hand in hand. By destroying our brightness, they prevent us from reacting against their psychic attacks.

If you have reason to believe that they are attacking you, contact me immediately.


Prisoners of Nothingness

We are in kaliyuga, the Iron Age, the Dark Age. Obscurantism is born from the dark. No wonder. The opposite would be true. Big ideas have shrunk. Crushed for centuries, all notions are meaningless. We take myths for pudding. Understanding slowly fades away. Beliefs become lost or exasperated, turning to obscurantism. That’s why I’m embarrassed to instill a semblance of order in this chaos. I’m just being an enchanter. I am a Passer-by of Duty, I must clarify what is not understood. This is the way my clan has laid out for me.

It is said that the Archons are the Lords of Karma. It is believed that they decide incarnations. This is false. We also believe that they guide our way of life. This is partially false: true for the asleep, false for the awake. False to say that they choose our parents. Karma is only a weapon, an excuse. Not all beings submit to it.

A good tip: wake up. Sleep is a drag on the world. Their negative action comes from matter, so heavy, so uneasy. But to the lucid eyes, matter does not exist. In all matter there is more vacuum than atoms. When the microscope is strong enough, you can see the waves. They are the Spirit. They animate rare particles separated by large empty expanses. Such is the matter, within which a beam of waves is called the Matrix. We can get out of it, we can leave nothing, free ourselves from nothingness as did Morpheus and Neo.


Why are Morpheus, Neo and all those who flee the Matrix demonized? Changed into shadow people, they who are the light? Supreme cunning of Matter’s Masters?



In Revelation, Armageddon is the place where archons and god fight. Translation: where are the kings of Terra and the Goddess Almighty. Their battle, however terrifying, does not concern us. When the Goddess wishes, we will understand. Patience!

Karma does not exist. It is nothing but an attempt by the dark forces to keep us in the shadow of matter, in the orb of the matrix. The Lords of Karma are lords of nothing. They have nothing to do with the Ascended Masters, who are human and spiritual, two qualities that archons will never have.

In dvapara yuga, the planetary conquest of Rama, his teaching on the four colleges of human activity gave satisfactory results. This teaching has maintained the order desired by the archons, an order worth another. And which is not bad in itself. Everyone found support and fulfillment in his college. In the system taught by Rama, the balance between the four colleges is ensured by a layman who has only temporal power. This is the role of His Vanity the Dalai Lama, but he cannot help but overstep his duties by taking himself for the Karmapa, the only religious leader. Everything declines…

With the fall of kali yuga, misinformation agents have infiltrated the mystery schools in India. The system of the four colleges was perverted by shadows. This counter-initiation of the bad archons caused the decline of the four colleges of ancient India. Instead, a deeply unequal caste system has developed. A fifth college was invented, the Untouchables. All the lower functions are reserved for them. Worse still, each caste was divided into a multitude of sub-castes. the whole was hierarchized, which was not the case for the four initial colleges.

The beautiful harmony has given way to the darkest mess. This has created unbearable inequalities and further strengthened the belief in karma.


Masters of War

A future article will shed new light on archons, the material authorities of this planet, by presenting extracts from several codices belonging to the Coptic library of Nag Hammadi. According to John Lash, an American specialist in comparative mythology, archons are one of the extraterrestrial powers that compete for our planet, its monetizable matter and all the living entities that reside there, plants, animals and humans.

It seems that the archons are the most invested in this endless war, awkwardly evoked in the first episodes of Star Wars. The new ones are so low that they seem to be produced by the archons to increase the mental confusion of humans.

This is part of their arsenal, just like dividing to reign, blocking awakening, acting during our sleep and if necessary, falling asleep even deeper. While waiting for this next publication, sleep well and above all, do not have bad dreams: beware of archons to sleep standing up.

To digest these revelations, here is a text of another color, from Hinduism. Soothing, it teaches and comforts. Feast.



Tat Twam Asi, You Are It

1- If you desire liberation, flee as poison the objects of the senses and seek as invigorating water charity, righteousness, compassion, contentment and truth.

2. You are neither water, nor earth, nor air, nor ether. In order to free yourself, know that you are Atman, uncreated spirit. Know that your nature is Intelligence.

3- If you can remain in this intelligence, having broken your mental association with the body, you will immediately be happy, enjoying peace and free of bonds.

4- You do not belong to any caste or social category, you are not perceived by the senses. Eternally free, he who sees all things, that is what you are. Be happy!

(source: Astavakra Gita)



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