The Snake and the Vulture



Some millenia ago in Mexico, the red-skinned Indios attended the landing of giant white gods who came to civilize. They wore feather headdresses and a serpent was engraved on their metallic belts. Native Americans called them Quetzalcoatl, Feathered Serpents.

Curiously, on the other side of the Atlantic, at the other end of the Mediterranean, in the mountains of Kurdistan, a similar legend put down roots. Transcribed by Senacherib and Assurbanipal, the kings encyclopaedists, this seems a very ancient Sumerian legend. It evokes the Annuna, or Snake-vultures, the people inhabiting the divine heights, hence their wings to get to the men.


serpent-faucon-stele-du-roi-ouadjit-688po Like the Quetzalcoatl, the Annuna are peaceful, educated, and great scientists. They teach men all kinds of expertise. The Sumerian tradition presents the Serpent People as beings of power and knowledge.

They were inhabiting the  high mountains of Kurdistan, from where they descended to bring to men the blessings of civilization. They taught them math, astronomy, agriculture, metallurgy, architecture … and cosmetics! Pre- Sumerians held them for gods.

The Sumerians as the Assyrians were feared and respected. 


They are the ones that Genesis calls the Elohim, that the ancient Greece calls the Titans, among whom appears Zeus, or God, which one day will dethrone the Elohim-Titans; and his nephew Prometheus, who one day will create the human species. The Elohim, the book of Enoch calls them the Watchers, or Watchmen, depending on the different translations. They are sometimes described as gods in that book, probably because of their powers who appeared supernatural for primitive populations.




Like the Watchmen, the Snakes Vultures of the Sumerian tradition created the first man by mixing a little of their blood with clay. These supermen gave birth to the first human civilization, the Garden of Eden. In Eden, the Edenites (or Adamites) lived together with their much more developed creators the flying gods and the angels who accompanied them. “In the Rig Veda,A collection of sacred writings of the Indian Vedas, composed between -1500 and -800 the Angels (Devas) and the Titans (Asuras) are similar.


If the Angels are represented in the guise of men and birds, the Titans are in the guise of dragons and snakes.” (Source)Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, The Doctrine of Sacrifice, Dervy Books 1978. p. 24. Once again, one finds the idea of bird-men and snake-men. But this time, at the other end of the world. We may wonder if those snakes -some of them being giants, these Titans who were the old masters of the earth-, would not simply be the ancient people of the dinosaurs. Man would have been living with them for milleniums … Traces still remain in everyone’s mind.


At the same remote time, bird-men and snake-men would have appeared in IndiaMesopotamia and America. If all these people have named them the same way, there must be an obvious reason. What does the bird? It flies. These men knew how to fly. What does the snake? It crawls, but he also swam on the surface of the water, or just below the surface. These men knew how to sail on and under water. Their planes were also submarines. As the Swordfish of E.P. Jacobs.

Another thing that is not irrelevant: the snake and the vulture were the hallmark of the first pharaohs of Egypt, and their successors have kept through all the dynasties. According to Sri Mataji, this symbol means the awakening of kundalini. The snake is the kundalini, and the vulture is its raise. This implies all pharaohs were awake, as well as all those who adorned the title of Snake Vulture. Why not? I readily agree.

In the ritual of the foundation of the temple, the king wears the title of Snakes Charmer. The bird is the animal that is closest celestial forces. “I’m a hawk hovering over the country, which arises on earth, determine its borders. I’m a reptile seeking shade, hiding in the protective enclosure” wrote Queen Hatshepsut.




Sovereign of Egypt hitherto governed by men, she reigned 21 years, from 1479 to 1458 BCE. After 7 years, she gave herself the rank of Pharaoh.

Kundalini gives us our second birth. As the snake, the bird is an animal that is born twice, first as egg, then as chick. This idea of rebirth through the power of subtle energy is expressed in the symbols of the cobra and vulture, both born out of an eggshell. The vulture is the fate of being “re-born” free to fly and be closer to the sky. In India, it is called “dvija” the twice-born. (source)



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