The Seven Rishis


O Sage Rishi, you one of the Seven, you who hear the tempo of time, you who take step by step the cadence of the immense, come upon me. Rhythm is your rhyme, awakening is your breath and order is your rule. Sing for mine your song, make the heart of the world beat in me!

O Rishi friend of snakes, Snake yourself! Come, come down! Bring us light and your peace. Be compassionate and generous as you once were, in the days of the gods before, when the Giants walked among men.



This invocation is not intended to be learned, said, sung, intoned, repeated, recited, thought about, formulated, set to music, played, adapted, chanted, hammered, rhythmic, shouted, yelled, put on screen, adapted into comics, put into a story, put on a submissive index, dismantled, handed in, bagged or any other formulatory and incantatory use, under the Formal Rule made explicit here: No Invocation!!!!



Black Giants

The image below shows us a black rishi. That’s the truth. Blacks and whites came from the stars at the dawn of this humanity. They measured a little more than 4m, as attested by many legends about the giants of before, Gargantua, the giants of Brittany and Flanders, Gilgamesh, the Cyclops, etc.

Black giants, like their boss the Great Goddess, reptilian in addition. But not everyone is of this opinion: many scholars see only superstitions, symbols and nonsense.

“Rishi is an old-Indian word taken up in the Sanskrit language, which applies to all regular movements of the Vedic cosmos. By extension, a Vedic Rishi is one of the crucial witnesses to the cosmic order.” (source)Wikipedia

To believe without believing is my rule and I want to. So I will tell you a new slice of this other story of Man. And Woman! For there were women among the Rishis, of course. Since they were led by a Goddess.


A black rishi is a normal thing considering the seniority of black race.


At the Time of the Veda

The  Vedas are a set of texts revealed by the word (Shruti) to the wise Rishis. This revealed knowledge was transmitted orally from Brahmin to Brahmin within Vedism, Brahmanism, and Hinduism before being written.

The Seven Rishis come from the Big Dipper / Ursa major. Pillars of the Vedic cult, they are reputed the authors of the Vedas.  We will see that they are much more.

Without the all-powerful Rishis of the origins, the Earth would not be viable, no animal would have populated it, the Reptilians would not have ruled over it for millions of years, and the human people would not have seen the light of day. But this reading is not accepted by Hindus, nor any present religion, science or tradition. Wisdom has left this sad world, and the human people have lost the memory of its distant origins.

Too bad. I persist and sign. And gently I translate the gibberish which left us forty centuries of ignorance and stupid pride.


He has blue skin because of anti-Black racism. The blue-skinned nobles were black, because black taught us everything. They belong to the first earthly race created by the former gods.


Logoic Gibberish

But once again, it is difficult to find a scientist capable of confronting such a revelation. The Veda specialists prefer to put us to sleep with their misunderstandings. Read instead:

Let us remember that all the planes of the system (the cosmic order), considered as a devic substance, constitute the spirils of the permanent physical atom of the solar Logos. All consciousness, all memory, all faculty is stored in the permanent atoms and we deal with this consciousness. It is on the atomic sub-planes (however far from Reality) that the logoi consciousness is centered. (source)

Here is the gibberish of a workgroup on cosmic fire in charge of explaining the logoï. If you understand something, you’re stronger than they who don’t understand anything. “What is well conceived is clearly stated, and the words to say it come easily.” (Boileau, L’art poétique, 1674)

These numb doctes see well that their delirium is messing, hence the adorable parenthesis on the atomic sub-planes: (however far from Reality)… Yes, they have a burst of honesty!!

For me, logoi consciousness is wisdom combined with knowledge. To understand what really happened at the origin of our species, we must have this logoi consciousness. To be more precise, I would need the original text, but the academics are united towards Kythera. They jealously guard the original texts, publishing only their absconses and capilotracted analyses.pulled by the hair Their universe? Shut up.

I, the ignorant, speak. The fire that animates me is the one that moves us. The fire of rishis is that of lightning, whether natural or artificial: the gods before had ray spears, and reptilian dragons spewed fire, as attested by the Bible and the Torah.

“The cosmic order is considered as a devic substance”, yes of course, this order is truely divine for it has been planned and fixed by faithful employees of the Goddess of all gods. As for the “spirillas of the permanent physical atom of the Solar Logos“, we understand nothing if we lose sight of the fact that the Solar Logos does not designate our star, but the great and powerful Sun of Hyperborea, which radiated its radiant light night and day over the entire northern hemisphere and even beyond the equator.

All consciousness, all memory, all faculty is stored in the permanent atoms and we deal with this consciousness”  Simply put, it means that memory is not stored in our brain but in our aura. Captured by the cerebral dura, it is translated by the neo-cortex to be assimilated by the mind. For me, logoi consciousness is wisdom combined with sacred knowledge. To understand what really happened at the origin of our species, we must have this logoi consciousness. To be more precise, I would need the original text, but the academics jealously guard the original texts, publishing only their absconses analyses.



Star Wars

Specialists don’t explain a thing. They just pass reality in the reducing filter of reasoning. It gives but academic nonsense like this logoic gibberish.

The cosmic order is not the celestial mechanism that turns with the regularity of a clock, as is generally believed. It designates the ordering of the planet Earth thanks to the Rishis from the Big Dipper. It is also quite different as we will see later.

Mystical, magical or symbolic interpretation should not replace the ancient testimonies that describe an unacceptable reality for our academics. They release their dicos, PCs, programes and creeds, calculate algorithms and lay logorrhea. Instead of going quietly to Star Wars where George Lukas tells us the same thing as me.

The Vedic civilization is the daughter of the Rishis, visitors of Ursa Major, who came to seed this planet, straighten it, purify it. Thus they turned a wild planet into a paradise for the enjoyment of little humans. Who were quick to mess it up as soon as the gods returned home.


The Spirit of God

The Eternal Father-Mother, wrapped in Robes forever invisible, had slumbered again during Seven Eternities.
The reptilian Mother Goddess is subject to dormancy, like all reptilians. She must regularly go through long phases of sleep which, on earth, correspond to kali yuga. The Dark Age is deprived of the lights of the goddess, only the Archons are here to watch over the grain. In their own way…

The Seven Sons were not yet born from the Fabric of Light. Darkness alone was Father-Mother in the Darkness.
The Seven Rishis had not begun their earthly work: to establish the Cosmic Order there. Why these capital letters? Order means two things, regular ordering, and sacred or spiritual association, such as monastic orders or the Masonic Temple order.

I see the same confusion in this sentence of Genesis: the Spirit of God hovered on the surface of the waters. It is customary to see the Divinity, God the Father or the Holy Spirit, put order in the chaos of the world in its magical, divine and miraculous way. What a miracle? We remember that Lindberg made the first crossing of the Atlantic in a plane called Spirit of St Louis. The Spirit of Saint Louis was hovering over the Atlantic. Believe me, the Spirit of God is the name of the divine seaplane.

There is the same example in the tale of Adapa, taken from Sumerian mythology. The south wind over Adapa is simply a divine aircraft.



The Cosmic Order

The same is true of the Cosmic Order, which designates the innumerable troops charged with bringing harmony to the ten thousand planets they have terraformed for the Great Goddess of Alcor in the Great Dipper. From this perspective, the following stance becomes very easy to understand:
The Cosmic Order applies to all the regular movements of the Vedic cosmos.

And the Vedic cosmos is the part of the Milky Way that regents the Goddess.

Then the Radiant Essence becomes Seven within and Seven outside.
Appearance of the seven female rishis (internal sex) and seven male rishis. (external sex) Exactly the same description is found in the Bible, where the Seven Elohim (=men-women) are fourteen, seven females and seven males.

The Luminous Egg, which in itself is Three, coagulates and spreads in white clots like milk in the Depths of the Mother, the Root that grows in the Depths of the Ocean of Life.
The Mother, a reptilian goddess, can reproduce by parthenogenesis, without the help of any male. That is why she is a virgin mother, and that is also why Mary cannot be, as a mammal. We see how the inventors of Christianity borrowed from ancient texts without understanding them. As for her luminous egg, it can designate Hyperborea, this big Egg of Light which brought life on earth.



The shamanic, or magical, aspect of the Vedic civlisation is confirmed by a thousand signs that delight the Hindus. Thus the letter R, the initial of the name Rishi and all the related qualifiers, happens to be the seventh letter of the Indian alphabet devanāgarī, seventh as the seven primordial Rishis. 

This letter R is “one of the rare Sanskrit lexemes without initial or final consonant, pure vocal rolling that manifests the dynamic power of a universal vibration without beginning or end, open, boundless, impersonal, eternal.” (Wikipedia)

It is also the final letter of one of the seven stars of the Big Dipper, Alcor which illuminates the planet Ur(prononce your) also spelled Our, your origin and the origin of our holy mother the Great Goddess. Contemporary sexism has nothing to envy to that which reigned at the origins of patriarchy. Hinduism succumbs to it like all wisdom burdened by kali yuga.




Ursa Majorrrr

In Indian astrology the seven rishi (sahprishti) are the seven stars that form the Big Dipper. (source)Vedanta, «members of the Veda» after primitive veddism The word that designates them, sahprishti, evokes another, sapristi, which has no relation since it is a disguised curse. It is used to replace sacristy, the holy word of Catholicism. In Quebec, sacristy is a dirty word, the curse of disbelievers. The language of the Goslings plays us a trick of great magic, realizing the euphony of the Rishis and the sacristy.

The seven Rishis are the regents of the seven stars of the Big Dipper, of the same nature as the Angels of the planets or the seven great planetary Spirits. They are as mysterious as their supposed wives, the Pleiades. Vibrations reach our solar system from the seven Rishis of the Big Dipper. Large waves of energy from the seven stars of the Great Bear cyclically sweep the entire solar system.

Our solar system forms with the Pleiades and one of the stars of the Big Dipper, a cosmic triangle. When the celestial triangle is balanced, when the force circulates freely through one of the stars of the Great Bear, the Pleiade involved and the planetary scheme involved, then the cosmic evil will be neutralized and a relative perfection completed.

In Egypt, Ursa Major was the constellation Mother of Revolutions, the seven-headed Dragon assigned to Saturn, called the Dragon of Life. In the Book of Enoch, Ursa Major / the Great Dipper is called Leviathan. (source)



Sacred 7

According to the very ancient Book of Dzian, the seven Rishis are the Prajapatis, the Progenitors who give life to everything on this earth. The seven Rishis of the Great Bear are the guarantors of the cosmic order. Their equivalents are the seven Sephiroth of the Cabal, the seven planetary Logoi of biblical esotericism, the seven super luminous Archangels of Christianity or the seven Kumaras, spirits of cosmic fire. And many more seventy…

The Rishis are not human. Talented reptilians from Alcor, they do not belong to our lineage. “The name Oûmas given to the Rishi distinguishes them from the Pitri, the Ancestors, with whom they should not be confused.” (source)Langlois quoted by Wikipedia

Above the men, but below the Source, does it remind you of anything? The Elohim, these planning entities, as the Sumerian texts call them. The Elohim are also seven males and seven females.


chakras-pixabay-200poThe Seven Chakras

In our energy body, the seven chakras are the guarantors of the physical order. Seven centers that regulate our subtle energy. Seven points that emit a colored vibration, each chakra according to its own color. Seven administrators of the seven human bodies, the physical body and the six subtle bodies. Seven transmitters that broadcast a sound vibration, a fa dièse on this planet, each with its own tone and texture.

The chakras are the magical imprint of the seven primordial Rishis on every inhabitant of this planet, who is indebted to them for this gift, as we are indebted to Athena of our immortal soul and to Isis of the perfect spirit.

This number seven being more “magic” than arithmetic, the chakras are fourteen, eighteen, twenty-one and much more. Similarly the actual number of Rishis could well be much higher. Most of the hymns of the eighth reading of section eight of the Rig-Veda are indeed attributed to very numerous Rishis.

Most of the Rishis are related to it using the expression “sons of” and are therefore masculine, like Atri son of Sankhya. Some Rishi are female, such as Satchi daughter of Puloman, Indrani, or Sraddha daughter of Cama.

We have seen that it is also the case of the Elohim, who are much more than seven, who have wife and children, but who are not of our race. Singular and familiar Rishis, in which one recognizes in turn the Watchmen of the Bible, the Elohim, the Viracocha or the Nordic Ases. For sure, they are witnesses of a world that is no longer, where science and magic went hand in hand, where the Spirit, not vice, hovered on the surface of the waters.

Remember? The Spirit of God was but the name of a seaplane…





Went home

In his major work, The Fantasy of the Gods and the Human Adventure, Alain Daniélou insists on the shamanic and prophetic aspect of the Rishis. “Certain aspects of the physical or metaphysical world were revealed at the maturity of the human species. These revelations are the work of the Seers, the Rishis, who are intermediaries capable of perceiving the reality of creation. They are both subtle beings and incarnate beings.” (source) Alain Daniélou, La Fantaisie des dieux et l’aventure humaine, éd. du Rocher, 1985 

Let us understand that if the Rishis manifested at the maturity of the human species, we are no longer there. The present humanity is at the end of life.

The Rishis left, died or went home to the Big Dipper. The Vedas are not understood, yet many Hindus revere these texts and what they evoke. There is a profound truth in this enigma. Meaning matters less than music, rhythm, produced effect. The singing of the Vedas, the Vedic stanzas offer a glimpse of this forgotten world, that of the former gods, which belongs to a separate reality.



Soon the continuation in The Cosmic Orderbe sure to read it!




If you let someone control your destiny, this is the end. The end.
Jean-Louis Aubert