Spiral First

On the paths of high solitude
Go the warrior with uncertainty
Screaming at night
Shadow among the tombs
It drools
The snail is hot

It animates it orients
Its emptiness is its momentum
It scales it referee
In the carousel of worlds
And its course is unsettling

Spiral 2

Our generation must have broken
Opposing parental laws
We have turned the tide
And for comparable reasons
Our children will break up again

Our parents were no longer guardians
We will not be the authors
Of the new world
Our children don’t have to follow us
The spiral has gone up a notch

With no endless desire or grudge
None of them can join anymore
The troop in line
And if they deny the good apostle
Whose fault is that?

By a span the walk is higher
Their solution is no longer ours
But our victories are one



Spiral 3

Turn your life around
In your opinion
Who is deflecting you?
My love
How I wish you!

Divine spiral

On the square
Of immense ordalia
Allah is allied
To Yahveh son of Elijah
Jesus re-reads
His gospel in bed
Tickles Madeleine 
Full the dove
From the fruit of her love
Her laughing love
Making games of alcove
C’est la vie
And the knob
Shocking God
Means envy
For Levi



Spiral 4

The twisting of the vase worms
The light on the skies of Van Gogh
The snails of the girolles

The spiral of incarnation
The rise of an incantation

Pure innate order form
To the appetite of a greedy ogre
The spontaneous distribution
Particles in the void

To the absolute
No one is bound
Toth has come
On the Avenue
Everything is hairy
To the quota everything evolves

Next Spiral

And the blunder
Stops at the heart of your corsage
To show off your forbidden fruits
Unsettling my sight
Visiting your slit skirt
Poorly defended

Oral spiral
More naked than naked
O Rail
Moribund in the unknown

Spiral followed

My loving goose
A month to loose
To me do it
A single bit
In slow motion

After two months
Of emotion
My Lady Goose
Is out of use
As she drowns deep
I fall asleep



Vital spiral

A member of the orchestra
Got in your ass
Sing of the evil goblins
At the lectern of the cocus

When I write I use
Especially my unconscious
Conscious I unlock
The suitcase
I’m just getting confused
Words from garlic time


Spring spiral for comfort

Of mist and wave
The sling
The wanton madness
And rumble
The filthy crowd
Moved by the way
Of elected women from Gironde
Round and blonde
As they find
Some ruby love to buy
Blondes they ride
Opening their world wide
As the waves go by


Spi rail

Chimneys of the zine
Maximum Magma
Coffea Melusine
Evil or Torah




And the world will be as one.
John Lennon