The Way To You


Wretched warrior who burns to commit yourself to the inner path, please think twice. Before entering into you, hesitate. Do not go. Think it over again. Yes is for life. Whoever says yes can’t change his mind. Before engaging in the inner life, look at the visible world, its gadgets and its pleasures. If it’s stil attracting, give up that warrior life. It’s not for you.


In the sign of yes

The yes is a powerful mantra. Thus the fearless warrior who descends into the infraworld is not in danger as long as he avoids saying yes to the creatures below. As soon as he says, he is finished. He signed the pact with the devils with his blood. He committed himself for life to stay in the lower planes, enjoying material ease, fortune, luxury, voluptuousness… But never deprived of himself, of the possibility of growing, of rising to the summit of himself, he cannot develop the divine seed that germinated in him before the fateful yes. The god in power is no more than a handsome devil.


When my benefactor gave me my Arcane XIII in the ’90s, he put that deal in my hands. Either you pay me for my time, or you commit to passing arcane XIII to others when the time comes. In that case, you shouldn’t owe me anything.

He had received this initiation a few years earlier from a gypsy from Lyon who had told him the same thing. Thus turns the wheel of Passing Companions of the Wolf. It is necessary, it will be necessary. In this way, there will always be.


I already knew I wanted to do that. That was my way. My choice. I committed to do it later, when I’m ready. My benefactor did not ask for more, I paid him anyway. I was rich at the time.

He wasn’t.

For more than 15 years, I have been turning the wheel of time. I have received, pampered, delivered dozens of companions anxious to achieve mastery. Strangers come by word of mouth grace.

At first I practiced the ritual that my benefactor taught me. I don’t offer it to just anyone. When I am asked, you have to be ready for the leap. This is one of them.


You must be fed up, said Flornoy. And that’s not enough. You got to be at the end of your rope. The moment you’re tired of being fed up. Ready to do anything to change your skin. Change your head. Change your family. Change your home. Change your life. Change your sex. Change your country. Erase the wrong choice. If any.



Fire From Within

A warrior burns. His life is on fire. Alive and dead, he is fire.Feu in French means fire and dead It is sometimes the devouring fire that throws its escarbilles at the stars, sometimes the campfire that dances with the brave, sometimes the tamed fire that cooks food. What burns today is no longer the fuel of yesterday. There is only one major arcane that needs assistance. All the others cross themselves, said my benefactor.

He was talking about the arcane XIII. It was true 30 years ago, it is no longer valid. The living is constantly evolving, everything is perishing, everything must be renewed. The arcane XIII now crosses without pain, or even without consciousness. The energy blocked by the engrams is released without the warrior having knowledge of the engrammic content. It is a real gift. In the old days, we had to eat her engrams with a spoon, tantalum torture. Ten times if necessary, the passerby made you go through the twisted paths of your past, first to erase the pain, then to forgive. To forgive the executioners and above all to forgive oneself. The victim is first a executioner who ignores himself.

I no longer give this initiation, the little mysteries reveal themselves. The engrams are cleaned, the unconscious does the cleaning and the self continues its way without spectacular catharsis as was the case yesterday. But we recover the same amount of energy, that’s the important thing. Physics teaches us that there is no energy without information. I guess the memory will come back slowly, smoothly, over time. I see it coming back to the people I work with. I am only a spectator of an initiation that is lived alone, without witness, without din. And it is better that way.

Today it is arcane XVI The Tower that asks for an external boost. I wonder why it now takes weeks, even months, to enter its inner light, ignite like a torch and burn with love, energy, power, knowledge, magic and enthusiasm. We were more expeditious. The Tower has lasted only one day for me.

You are more methodical and less rushed. Less resolute too. You like to observe, question, grope, smell, take five, come back and suddenly leave. It seems that these straights block many light searchers. It is however so easy to cross the border when you know the way! I have developed several formulas of initiatory courses. See main lines: The assemblage point.



Sketch of an applicant

Unlucky who commit you on the path of yourself, do you have any idea of the obstacles that are piling up on your path? Forget it. Renounce this madness, this enterprise doomed to failure, unrealistic delirium, absurd, impossible. The quest for oneself? Bullshit! Words, the wind!

Do you really believe?

You are between 32 and 42 years old, you feel a weight in you that oppresses you, too many unanswered questions, little listening around you, besides who could you talk to? Who could understand you? You have always felt so different from your friends and acquaintances. Even in your family you don’t say anything about your real concerns, because nobody talks to each other, and anyway who would understand what you’re talking about? It would quickly turn against you.

You are afraid to love, to show your love to those you love, to utter these simple words “I love you“. You are afraid to live in the song of the sun. In the light of the heart. I can show you easy paths, difficult paths, difficult cliffs. You will climb them or not, each one chooses his life at every moment — the warrior first.

Do you want a warrior life? Seeking light in the midst of demons? Can you overcome fear? Master clarity? Curb power? Could you push back old age? What else ? Do you want your life to be a devouring fire? Would you blow your life in the wind? Could you stand to the repeated assaults of doubt? Do you feel the hunger that nothing satisfies? Have you the hard desire to see, to know, to understand? Would you overcome the fear of love?

Refuse, accept, it’s up to you. No blame. No judgment. No critical look, no harsh remark, no preaching — everything is forgiven. Come in, welcome you my brother, my sister. You don’t come ? No sweat. Who’s gonna know? I’m not.

One ultimate space still stands where adventure still thrills. Where multiple risks always unexpected have to be faced. No road there, no map, no GPS, no markers, no trace. Alone and nude, poor thing! Holding your life between your hands. Staring your death in the face. What is this place ? Take a look inside.


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I woke up and I saw that everyone was still asleep. So I went back to sleep.
Leonardo Da Vinci