The Higher Mystery


The greatest mystery is in you. Don’t doubt it. Do not believe it. Be sure. Mobilize energy to leave your armor and leave your fortress. They keep you from living. Contrary to what you think, an excess of protections threatens your survival. You are a prisoner of yourself. And you’re not looking for the exit. Or you are looking for it in the wrong direction.


This is the great discovery that I was able to make due to my visitors and the experiment we make. To lock oneself coldly inside is not to live. Life is risk. A warrior must defeat his first enemy: fear.

Knowing yourself … Yes, it’s a good start. Do you ever reach the finish line?

Sitting on the volcano we contemplate the dawn. The sea is purple and pearly in the distance, we can see dolphins and other cetaceans darting around, it’s pretty great to watch. I don’t want to disturb the beautiful quality of silence that surrounds us. I address him without opening my mouth. “Do you know yourself, do you know your dawn? Your zenith? Your decline? Can you go down in yourself?

In me ? Gee! Of course I can. I know myself as well as … myself! Wow! I can go down when I want. How far ? Until the end. When you want I show you. Right here right now ? Okay. I show you.

We have not exchanged a sentence, a word. I used direct perception, which is improperly called the transmission of thought. He understood everything, his reaction testifies to it – even if he did not react by the same channel.

Bravo l’artiste! Classy he undresses, ​​feline he trots to the diving board – I mean the big one, the highest altar. Then he dives.

Underwater cameras follow his frantic race to the depths of himself. Nothing seems to slow him down. The bright blue waters are adorned with emerald and ultramarine.

The deeper he sinks, the more the darkness gains ground. In the emerging shadow, the ghosts of his childhood terrors move. He ignores them, arched entirely in his plunge, monolithic, superb.

The night of the great depths now escorts the irresistible descent of the inner self explorer. What does he see in all this black? Not the smaller parcel of himself. Not a single bit. Nothing. Nuts.

Only the fireborn understand blue (Carl Sandburg)



Rich as you are, you can do better. Use all your resources. Have you only listed them? 80% of your power is useless, unused. Most of your available energy is immobilized, mobilized by counterproductive tasks.

Rich as you are! You received so many precious gifts, some will surprise you when you find out. They’re all in you. All are you. Why not using them frankly? Don’t be so shy. The most beautiful fruit are waiting for your mouth. Go and pick them all.

Be proud of what you are. That’s all you have, and you don’t know your wealth.

How can you take full advantage of your inner treasure? Mobilize all your energy by saving it, so that it does not fail you at the right time.

Be stingy with energy for yourself. The energy spent on you alone exhausts you and cannot be renewed.

Give love, give the flower of your heart, it is inexhaustible. Everything you give fills you with joy. Everything you receive empties hatred. The balance lies in sharing. Our bodies are forums, hubs, communicating vessels.

Do not close yourself to outside influences; they feed you. Close yourself to external scents, they pollute you. Believe without believing. The warrior is asked for everything and its opposite. The student wonders. How to reconcile the opposites? We can not. So the mind breaks, overwhelmed by events. Without mind, the head is empty, the thoughts are no more, the images either. You become the virgin wax again before the seal of infamy.

Have you noticed how inexhaustible the energy of a small child is? She will however be exhausted before her twenties. Your past is a mine that it is up to you to explore by digging your own galleries inside yourself.

It is up to everyone to get it back, because it is still there, somewhere deep inside us. Awake. Will release the energy reserves blocked since childhood in your unconscious – that is to say in your body.



Knowing yourself is increasing your power. It takes to gain total freedom. You need all your available energy. The energy bubbles frozen in your unconscious depths protect childhood secrets that you hide from yourself. In terms of energy, this false luxury costs you dearly.

These secret bubbles distort your energy pattern. The circulation of vril is slowed down. Some of your chakram are spinning – or not spinning at all. They stop, they leave, like the exhausted heart of a dying man. All of this can be fixed. There are two routes.

Cultivate impeccability. Be focused on your goal, whatever it is. Avoid negative thoughts, troubled circumstances and hostile people. But beware of stigmatizing anyone. Know that negativity begins in you. Accept your share of darkness.

Let there be light

What would light be without darkness? The day without the night? The mountain without a valley? Wherever you go, whoever you are, don’t forget your true nature. Remember that you are that.

Tat Twam Asi
You are that


There are two histories: the official history, lying ; then the secret history, where are the true causes of events.
Honoré de Balzac