Battle Angels

The Bible describes them as overpowered warriors. Jesus also speaks about them. More does the Jewish tradition, which is their true sanctuary. Islam does mention them too. Always under their formidable appearance. Who are the angels of war?

St Peter said that they outweigh all the men in power. The Greek word for angel became the name of an explosive: dunamos, dynamite. Somehow, the Angels are God’s dynamite. (source)wikipedia Their power is really astonishing. A single angel exterminated all the mighty men of valor of the army of Syria, meeting Ezechias. Another one shut the mouths of lions at the time of Daniel. An angel rolls the sepulcher stone of Jesus without difficulty. An angel opened the prison gates and released the apostlesAc5.19 and Peter. One angel will take Satan and lock him up into the abyssAp20.2. For these feats, we can recognize other primordial powers, Cyclops and the Titans, also half-human, half-divine, also an indomitable strength and a superior intellect. The Bible does not speak of the need for angels to eat to stay alive. She said however that on some occasions the angels in human form, shared a meal. The angels and the giants have in common their indomitable strength, their stature, and their presence on gods’ side.

The Former Gods

 Could the angels be the giants before the flood, troopers of the old gods who brought civilization and technology? Again, impossible to decide between human nature and divine beings of ambiguous. What did they look?


At the resurrection, the angels who appaissent the Holy Women are “white as snow” or “dressed like lightning” when previously there was no description of their looks. Judging from their flight, their power, their flaming sword and suit of lights, “dressed like lightning,” they would say out of Star Wars. Are they mortal or divine? It may be a false debate. We have seen that the former gods are only men like us, who are their creatures. They are stronger, wiser and live longer. Like angels. In the Bible it is difficult at times to distinguish between the Elohim and their servants the giant angels. 

So what? Are angels giants? Are giants angels? I note with silent laughter that the language of goslings, again, can put us on track. A green language that young people have been using a decade ago is called verlan. It is as old as the words. The trick is to reverse syllables. Let undergo this treatment to the French word ange and geant is obtained. Yes, they are the same. They are the orders of the gods, their masters. Hard to tell the difference between Elohim and their servants the angels. Between Ahura Mazda and his flying giants. Between the Anunna and their lower gods. Between the Hindu gods and demigods. Some of these groups got a human appearance and a superhuman strength. A big difference occurs between them all. The former gods, our Sumerian designers, belonged to the ancient Snake People, like Quetzalcoatl and Viracocha, in America, probably at the same time.

Uniting Opposites

Now it seems that the angelic armies are not in the same camp as these reptilians. In the Apocalypse, John relates the vision of St. Michael and his legions of angels who fight and win the final victory of God against ancient snake who misled the world for centuries. It reminds the evil tempter in the garden of Eden, that the poor Eve was weak enough to listen. It reminds the devil, this fallen angel attached to our loss. What an ambiguous character, too! The devil is not the bad guy we were told. With this damn inversion of values that characterizes our end of Kali Yuga, one comes to doubt everyone and everything.  Obsolete is the system contrasting two irreconcilable principles, the force of good and evil, white and black, the Devil and the Good Lord. Naïve. No one is all white or all black. Positive or negative, energy is always energy. Changing polarities is not changing reality. Time has come to surpass the antagonism against each other, that makes us see evil everywhere except in ourselves. The border between the forces of good and those of evil, is it not within everyone?


A Pact With The Devil

To each his dark side: everyone must come to terms with the devil inside. Pact, not destroy it. That is the difference between man and angel. When the Archangel Michael terrace dragon, St. George the human can only keep it away. Man is the balance between the angel and the devil. Man’s origin is divine, as is also Man’s end. Remember: the dark side of Force is inside. The light side too. Man or woman, angel or archangel, cherub, or god, in each of us is the war of shadows and light. And this eternal war is probably necessary. No man, no woman is neither angel nor devil. Who wants to be an angel, becomes a beast. Who wants to be a beast, becomes a beast. 

The question is not what side you’re on, because there is no side. There is only life. No one is proud enough to moralize nature, except gods. And we are not gods – not yet – even if we have been. We are faceted mirrors, divine holograms.  Don’t you know we are the countless reflections of the Woman who created this and that and all the honky-tonk? 

Today they call them angels and demons, tomorrow they will call them something else. (Aleister Crowley)

The human has this choice: let the light in or keep the shutters closed.
Henry Miller