Thus qualifies us Zeus. We are ephemeral, created by gods who live very long. But whether long or short, all life knows death, such is the law to which no one evades. If Zeus had been immortal, he would have named us mortal, not ephemeral. The gods are mortal, all traditions converge on this point.

Yes, the gods are mortal, like all the living. They are all mortal, even if they live for several millennia, like the ancient gods. Even if they live several hundred million years as the Goddess, or even billions of years as the heavenly bodies, death will take them. Life involves death, no living being escapes this golden rule.


The Royal Road

Where history declares forfeiture, where the gaze does not bear, opens the royal way of myths. Their familiar music creates hallucinatory realities. That’s why we like them so much. It is up to us to decode them, Plato tells us that they are made for that.


Deciphering, decoding, translating, interpreting, I have been doing it for more than twenty years and that is why so many of you read me. The first version of Eden Saga was released in 2008, after years of preliminary studies, research and order. I have not ceased to pursue this work, coupled with an exhilarating inner adventure. This dichotomy makes me an unclassifiable animal that is as much an eagle as an ant.

Wherever they come from, myths are sacred since oblivion has spared them. They are recorded in holy books, in wise books, in the memory of the ancients. Nothing comes to us from the beginning but our precious mythologies. It would therefore be light to sweep away the myths with a lapel. It would be equally irresponsible to think of them as mere fables: they overlap with troubling accuracy. A concert that is true. If we ask them about our origin, from Chile to Kashmir, from Italy to Easter Island, all the myths answer together:

“Our species was created by GODS.”




Whether one studies Greek mythology, the Assyrian encyclopedia, the Vedas, the Popol Vuh, the Kalevala, the Cath Maighe Tuireadh, the pyramid texts, the epic of Gilgamesh, Cuchulainn, Enki, the Inuit, Dogon, or Aboriginal geneses, they are each singular and yet unanimous. Each with the colors of its culture, precious, beautiful, six hundred traditions we content the same story: that of the gods who came from heaven to make a paradise on earth and to shape man in their image.

You read correctly, we were not created by God, but by gods. Unease. Strictly monotheistic, the new religions did not mention the fact. And yet…   The Bible is formal, Seven Elohim created man, not Yahweh or Hashem or Adonai. Elohim is a masculine AND feminine plural. Seven hermaphrodite gods. It could not be clearer. We were created not by the Source, not by the One to whom we speak in the secrecy of our heart, we were created by an ANDROGYNOUS PEOPLE. The term “gods” should not abuse us, as we see.


Sophia, Wisdom

First, instead of the gods, we should talk about the Goddess. We ephemeral remember our divine creator. It has sown within us a divine potential that belongs to us to develop. Buried memory of an ephemeral – which I write mother-effect.French: éphémère, effet-mère And the mother of flesh who carries us in her belly strengthens each time this mother-effect.

After giving birth to so many species, races and individuals, our Living Mother remained a Virgin. His messengers the ancient astronauts served him as a relay. They cloned, raised, educated us but they are not our creators. The Goddess is our creative mother. It is found at the origin of everything that lives on this planet Terra, which is his, since it has made it its home, it which lives in its depths. It is found at the origin of everything that lives in its interstellar empire, which at last count not less than six hundred thousand stars and several million planets.

Long before us, the goddess had created the former gods, the Elohim of the Bible. They are the ones who cloned us, with the help of the Goddess called Sophia, Wisdom. The Archons made our material body, Sophia gave it a Spirit that inhabits it. If we believe the Gnosis, we come from co-creators. The gods seem ephemeral to us compared to the Goddess who seems immortal to us, as her shining star confines to eternity for the sparks that we are.

The Elohim and their angels terraformed this wild planet. Cyclopean task that took them billions of years. They had to divert rivers and dig others to irrigate the arid expanses, move mountains, drain swamps, develop fertile plains for crops and livestock, and build. Build hundreds of cities, thousands of homes and bridges, until their students, our ancestors, can do all this work without their help.



From Elsewhere

On both sides, the terraformers looked a lot like us… but in a gigantic version with all the options. Coming from a technological civilization whose memory numbered in billions of years, they had nothing wild and did not live naked as the great painters of Quattrocento represent them. They were all-powerful, they knew everything, they were (almost) immortal. The gods possessed firearms, cluster missiles, nuclear bombs, aircraft and spaceships. They observed the stars in crystal tubes, so they were called the Watchmen, or Guardians. Remember the comic book, they are the ones. 

They could fly and sail under water, so they were called Snakes-Birds. They travelled on land, under the sea and in the air with their underwater and flying craft called UFOs. Stronger still: they went to visit the stars from which they originated. They are associated with Sirius, Orion, the Big Dipper or the Pleiades.


Short Life

Under the orders of the Goddess and not of Zeus, they created intelligent beings with too short life, “ephemeral”. In artificial matrices, they created us by cloning, one batch per specialty, everything was strictly controlled.

They educated us, giving us everything we needed to live, provided we obeyed them, worked hard in the mines and fields… including the battlefields. Mythologies depict successive generations of gods who truly resemble us. Thus Mayan mythology teaches us that bearded gods came when men were still wild. It may have been believed that they were the Spanish conquistadores, but the study of the codices shows enough that it happened at a more remote time.




Yes, we come from two very different creators: the Archons created our animal body, and the great goddess Sophia gave it a divine soul. The fusion was made by the envoys of the goddess of Alcor, the terraformers who were also terratrainers, our educators, our masters. These are the Feathered Snakes or Quetzalcoatl, Peace Gods, Civilizers, and Technology Masters. They are numerous, consist of different races including blacks and whites, and do not always agree with each other like the Greek or yoruba gods

The Elohim created man, says the Bible. It is a guided interpretation. Better translated, the Bible would say, “The heavenly androgynes created Man.” Or rather Woman because women were made first, for the pleasure of celestials. In the human race, matriarchy was originally and remained the rule for a long time, even after the appearance of the first males, who were also mistreated by the Amazons, elite troops of the planetary matriarchy.

The only trace of these facts that the Bible preserves is the enigmatic first “wife” of Adam, Lilith. By herself, the semi-divine Lilith sums up millennia of terrestrial matriarchy. She is a black giantess, with very marked reptilian character: no wonder little Adam did not find his account. His recriminations with Zeus already strongly feel the advent of patriarchy.


Ra Ma

But the male revolution went through there. The brand-new patriarchy wanted to eradicate all traces of female domination. At the same time, it also eradicated Rama, because his name and his work were too reminiscent of matriarchs become suddenly hateful. Feeling the coming of the destructive patriarchy, Rama became the herald of the cause that seemed to him the most just, the reconciliation of the sexes. For him, it was necessary to avoid that a male and macho dictatorship defiled the matriarchy and tarnished its memory.

With several millennia in advance, he wanted equality for women and men. He did everything to, going so far as to impose his law on all the earth, so that the Druidesses all powerful and willingly cruel do not raise the hatred which served as a base for the new patriarchal power. In spite of the two millennia that lasted his life, Rama failed. The time for reconciliation and equality had not come. Is it only today?

Tensions and oppositions are everywhere. Israel and Ishmael remain more irreconcilable than ever. And yet, a single syllable separates them, and not just any:

Ra, the Sun of Hyperborea, original masculine principle.
Ma, Terra the Mother, original feminine principle.

This is what had to be killed in the Western memories. This is what has haunted our collective unconscious ever since with the force of an original sin, an inexpiable fault.



Descended From the Sky

Ignorance or calculation, everything the Bible tells is disguised. Facts are distorted by countless interpretations over the centuries. It is about flattening, labeling and reassembling the antique mechanics.

The result may surprise. How can one imagine that the earthly paradise, the wonderful garden of Eden, was not of this world? He was for a time in this world — or more precisely just above this world — but he came from elsewhere, from far away, from the Great Dipper – Ursa Major in Latin.

The Garden of Eden was a gigantic spaceship, a delightful garden with a middle mountain and four islands separated by four rivers. On board of this vessel the people of the planet developers, under the direction of their king Anu — or their queen Ana? — came here below to seed the land and boost the genetics of our species. I suppose the famous hanging gardens of Semiramis in Babylon were a very small replica of their flying paradise. Very small but so fascinating that it was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, of which only one remains, the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

The terraforming gods manipulated the genes of plants to create cereals, the genes of wild animals to create domestic species. One can reread the cuneiform texts of Sumer, or the biblical Genesis: their work is detailed. Yet it was necessary to interpret. Forget the myth of the one god. Introduce the extraterrestrial hypothesis, anachronistic yet logical: do we not say of God that he is in heaven? And Paradise too? In your opinion, why?


Arc HonteFrench: Archons

But eternal war tore our masters apart. Gods and demons hated each other to the highest degree. Gnosis calls them Archangels and Archons. Rivalry, jealousy, stupid pride, all the defects of the ego tortured the enemy brothers. So much so that nothing and no one could separate them. Neither in the early days, nor in the times that followed. Their quarrel continues unabated until now, still it can last for a good while.

The Archons are seven, like the Elohim. Are they the same? Described as demons, the Archons did not only harm us. Overall, their help was real and very valuable. The part they took in the gigantic terraforming work would be enough to devote to them a cult… what some people do, attracted by darkness and fascinated by demons. These perverse worshippers thus fix the Archons in the most glaucous layers of the infra-consciousness which is theirs.



The Noble Race

There is only one human race according to geneticists. We cannot talk about several races or ethnicities by skin colour. You can’t do it without being racialist and looking racist. We have to talk about lineage, so the fashion is not to call a cat. For the sake of clarity that is always mine, I do not refrain from returning to the term race that everyone understands. After this clarification, no one can suspect me of inaccuracy or worse.

The gods are pros of terraforming. I said that the Great Goddess ran an empire of ten thousand suns, I think today it is much more. His emissaries created several specialized races, immediately identifiable by their skin color. The first was the black race, adapted to warm regions. Destined for work in the mines, Blacks had great resistance to life underground. Particularly capable of combat, their warlike temperament made them conquerors and civilizers, following the example of the most illustrious, the great Rama, who was emperor of the world. The ancient Celts and Vikings were black.

This first race was that of the giants. Black skin, fierce warriors, they were semi-divine like Lilith, the fearsome first woman the Bible censored. Neither the Bible nor the Torah kept the Book of Enoch, which was considered too explicit: Enoch clearly said that the gods come from the stars and that he went there in their company, which did not suit the Jews any more than the Christians. These lies by omission became betrayal by vocation. And their sin devoured them.


The Other Races

After the Blacks came the Whites, specialized in engineering, mechanics, abstraction. Then the Yellows, gifted with arithmetic, commerce and crafts. And that’s it. Only three races.

The red race is not the work of terraformers, it results from the mixing of other races. I have already addressed this question, one day I will tell the story of the Amerindian people, made up of refugees from all countries in very remote times, to occupy a continent once again virgin, America long deserted because of the radioactivity that made it uninhabitable. The ancient Egyptians remembered the destruction of America. They called it Amenta, the land of the dead.

The blacks who had settled there also lived with them in good intelligence, until the arrival of the white settlers, who, as we know, made a mess with lashes and snags. The beautiful harmony that reigned there disappeared in a few decades and is still not restored.



The Blue Race

The blue race is often mentioned in ancient texts as the noble race par excellence, the primordial race. For me, no hesitation: the noble race par excellence, the primordial race, is the black race. I do not believe in the existence of a blue race, although in many countries the nobility is represented with blue skin, like Osiris, Krishna or Rama. There were never any blue-skinned humans. Rama, Krishna, Osiris, Gilgamesh, Abraham and the other long-lived giants were black. They belonged to the very first race of the gods, which is why they are noble among the nobles.

But when the whites became dominant, there was no question for them to praise the blacks, as they think they’re sub-men. So they invented the blue race, a device that lasts a long time and hardly proves credible, as the reader will judge. The invention of the so-called blue race is the expression of a world racism that I consider totally abject. It is easy to imagine that the artifice of blue skin was invented to hide a truth that racists considered intolerable. Some white or yellow elites will always refuse the nobility of the black race that they consider unworthy and close to the monkey. It is high time to dispel this odious comparison.comparaison.



Neanderthals with low foreheads, prominent eyebrows, protruding cheekbones, and drooping shoulders really sound like monkeys. The legends present them as idiots. Yet the first studies on their brain volume showed that it was more important than ours. These old studies are outdated because they only covered a very small number of cases. More recent research has shown that the Neanderthal brain is no larger than ours. 

Neanderthals are no dumber than we are, their coarse features make them closer to our simian cousins. I am talking about them now because it seems that these pre-humans are still with us. We are not done with them, for sure.

The most recent genetic research attests to the presence of Neanderthal genes in human blood. Reds, yellows and whites are concerned. Neither Asiates, Aryans, Semites, nor Amerindians are spared. Racists immediately assumed that the highest proportion of Neanderthal genes were in black blood. However, the opposite is true.

No Neanderthal genes have been found in the black genome.

However, misconceptions are persistent. The more obnoxious they are, the more vile they are. So I will repeat it all my life, even if it means proclaiming it on the rooftops. One day soon, archaeological and mythological evidence will prove me right, and this time forever. We can now be convinced of this with the evidence that the black virgins and black buddhas give us.

The black race is the first race created, the blacks were our masters, they taught us everything, as evidenced by the Odyssey of Rama, the black-skinned Celtic giant who became the first emperor of humans. He watched over the whole world as a good administrator and wise prophet, having civilized all its parts.


Since its publication in December 2014, this article has undergone 54 changes. Deeply revised, this version has been enriched by 70% unpublished.



Science without conscience is a soul’s decay.
François Rabelais