In A Garden Of Eden


Everything started for the Bronze humanity in an idyllic setting called the paradise on earth. Or the gardens of Eden, which are probably not detectable in our current geography. Here are the facts. 

Thanks to their control of energy, the previous giants used lightning energy, nuclear power, and vril. The season cycle, in our temperate latitudes, took the place of an eternal spring. It allowed two or even three harvests a year, instead of one. In all regions controlled by the Atlanteans, we can see the hunter-gatherers, all of a sudden, mass converted to fields working. Who taught them? How did they domesticate wild animals? For what reason? Why did they stop gathering food? These questions, among other, are far from answered. This food abundance is the source of the myth of Eden’s garden. The sudden lack of food is the origin of agriculture.

In the orchard of the Hesperides, Hercules found golden apples. In Mahabharata book, we can find almost the same description of the gods offering golden fruits from trees of abundance, and all sort of heavenly food. That is also the source of the famous myth of the Horn of Plenty, inexhaustible source of wonderful fruit: the more you take, the more it comes again. Abundance is found unchanged in Chinese mythology, before Yao, the first emperor of China. Many other myths paint the same rosy picture. And each time, the ancient writers omitted to report that the abundance was mainly for the gods.



Because for the humans, after the flood, the sweet Garden of Eden was more like a prison than a beach resort. Let us imagine what kind of life was the former life of hunter- gatherers. Constantly torn by hunger, constantly moving, and constantly suffering the Ice Age‘s precipitations until then, the ex-hunters found the joy of having a roof, a dry layer, the food galore and almighty teachers. No hunter-gatherer did regret the freedom of open spaces, and even less the glorious uncertainty of hunting. A full belly always worth supporting a collar and chain. For a dish of lentils, men have then endured blisters and aches. They even worked harder to forget that their wifes were fooling around with their bosses.

That is how the myth of Eden was born. The tablets from the Assyrian encyclopedia give us an original version of  Genesis, very different from the Bible’s version. It really takes your breath away! We can see in them, that the Garden of Eden was named after a geographical location, up Karadag, summit in Taurus mountains in Turkey. Other authors tried to locate the garden of Eden either in Egypt or in South Africa or in Meso America or in the Andes, or on the island of Atlantis, wherever it was. All these places were undoubtedly gardens of eden in their own way. Eden is not only a place, it is a period of time. Eden describes the weather conditions and gravitology conditions of a different world. This is our planet, but in a different era. The one where the gods lived among men, gods kind and patient.

Blessed era when the time seemed motionless, too soon followed by another era: Adam and Eve expelled from paradise. Humans became a slaves’ labour force who was working tirelessly for odious false gods. Worse still, came the time when divine bastards devoured the children of men… All this happened, this drop is engraved in the collective unconscious. The Bible gave a flowery description of it. Reality is more prosaic. The lost paradise, the golden age, is nostalgia for an ancient past, a brighter and more magical past. Perennial images of a vanished garden where trees of abundance gave lots of fruits througout the year, where streams of milk and honey were flowing, where life was easier, longer and better than today.




We can see there the exact description of our planet, when it was still perpendicular to the ecliptic plan. Seasons were unknown then: everywhere on Earth, the same climate lasted all year. In our temperate latitudes, it was an eternal spring. Hence the abundance of fruits all year, and crops galore. As another consequence of its perfect balancing, our planet was producing huge amounts of a subtle energy, the geo-energy or Vril. All the stars are giant gyroscopes. All the stars, by their rotation, form a rotor-sator system which is more productive when the planet is in perfect balance. What became the case on Earth thanks to the Atlanteans. Streams of subtle energy were circulating throughout the world, creating optimum conditions for life: increased vigor, longevity, eternal youth, strength and size tenfold etc… Agriculture started at that moment, and the crops were boosted by the sacred streams.  Hence the effect of abundance felt by half-wild men.

For them, moving from scarcity of hunter-gatherers to the rich harvests of the farmer, was like entering the  paradise. And thanks to natural fertilizers  produced by geo-electricity, geo-electricity, crops were quite rich. Ancient Egypt kept the memory of Osiris’ weat, whose spikes were as large as corn’s spikes. Of course, such spikes were not due to the wonderful climate, nor to a selection of seeds. There is little doubt that such spikes are not only due to the climate, or a selection of seeds. The effect of shape of pyramids may have played a role, as shown by farmers sacred community of Findhorn. But there is something else. The former gods made a series of genetic manipulations.

These giant spikes were GMO corn. Under the Atlantes’ civilizing influence, the new farmers learned to domesticate animals, starting with cows and bees, hence the streams of milk and honey. Graham Hancock thinks that these are the shamans of the painted caves who have domesticated certain animals. For me, these animals could be the result of god’s manipulations on genes of wild beasts. The buffalo and the cow look hardly similar. How to switch from one to another in such a short time, without an intelligent intervention? The selection of breeders is not sufficient to explain this quantum leap

The natural evolution of species, as described by Darwin, is a lenghty process. But in this case time is too short. So what? Biologists are mumbling unconvincing and vague generalities.  It took a ‘scientific’ boost given by people, Earthmen or not, in any case extremely advanced. It took the same treatment to switch from wild plants to cultivated crops. Or to switch from ape to man, when we are about it. No longer seek the missing links, there is none. The evolution is due to genetic manipulations.

And this is the work of the reptilian gods of Sumer.



In 2009, when I wrote this article, the Eden Saga website was still in its infancy, and since then my ideas have evolved drastically. Today, in 2018, I would be tempted to rewrite this article quite differently. What if the gardens of Eden were not on our good old earth, but on a neighboring planet? Which one will you tell me? Well, I think of a very close planet, so close that the ancient texts have called it the terrestrial paradise. An artificial planet. A gigantic mothership, the dimensions of the planet Venus. The mothership aboard which the astronaut gods once came to terraform this beautiful blue planet. It was in stationary orbit and its enormous mass occupied all the northern sky, so that it was long confused with the sun, whose light was eclipsed by the dazzling reflection of its hull. This mother ship has taken dozens of different names according to the times and cultures: Eden, Terrestrial Paradise, Celestial Venice, Nibiru, Domain of the Gods, Olympus, Sidhe, Gwenwed, Tlalocan, etc. I have amply described it as Hyperborea.


It a beautiful harmony when doing and saying fit together.