Become What You Are


Become what you are, says Socrates. Be what you become. Both are valuable advice. How many stumble! How many fail! How many drag and get lost along the way … It takes time to get there, but even more when you are there.

Become what you are. Assume your true nature and live according to your principles. Don’t doubt yourself, follow your own law.

Be what you become. When life lessons make you another, accept the change and abide by your new rule.

Turn of the tide. Turn of the wind.

Humans are three kinds : the living, the dead, and those who sail on sea. (Aristoteles)


Tat Tvam Asi

Become what you are. An Hindu saying dear to Yogi says: Tat tvam Asi. You are that. Life shows you what you are, but you don’t see it. You don’t know it. You don’t understand it. The signs that concern you are invisible to you. Yet everyone else sees them.

Be what you become. You cannot navigate against the current during the entire crossing. Especially when the current gets too strong. It is therefore important to use the energy of the current to travel. While crossing your boat. Firmly. Letting go is not letting go. And the coxswain is not the commander.

Become what you are. Tat tvam Asi. You are That, says Vedanta. Your true being is the Absolute. The Self is interior and universal, present in each and present in all, here and now, everywhere and from all eternity. (source) This revelation comes suddenly, very quickly for some, after years of meditation for others, or it never happens. This is how. Whether you understand it or not, you are that. Tat tvam Asi. Be thankful. Mitakuye Oyasin.



Be what you become. Letting go does not mean letting go. Ride your boat on the irresistible torrent that carries you away. you must guide, hold the reins, keep your course despite the speed of the current. You are that, you are also this. You become something else, yet you are always the same. Permanence and mobility. Everything changes, everything remains. Question of perspective. Know yourself.

Become what you are. What is your true nature? Who is the other if not yourself? Become you, the real you, the one who reigns beyond appearances, where the other is no longer. Become the god whose seed was entrusted to you long ago, at the edge of the world, at the dawn of creation.

Become the one you’ve been promised for myriads of eons. Finally be the one who has been waiting for you for so long. the one who dreams of living in you. The one who knocks on your door, gently, then louder and louder because she thinks you are deaf. Are you deaf Or is your third ear asleep?


Play your score

No one comes here by chance. There is no room for chance in the life of the warrior of light. If you are here, there is a good reason for that. You have something to do there. Already must find what. And get started. A good warrior does not spit on it. He crooked inside.

If you have something to do here, do it. If you have nothing to do here, go away. If you found what you need to do here, do it. If you don’t change the world, be sure the world has changed you.

Look at a very small child. As he admires. As he hesitates. Suddenly he resolves. He acts immediately. When he hurts, he cries. If you make him laugh when he cries, he laughs at the same time. Become like the little child, you will have the tao in your hands.



Find your star

Do you think you came here to surround yourself with objects? All these things that you gather and bring back to the nest make a mattress out of the veil of Isis. They decrease your chances of lifting that veil. None of these objects will follow you to the grave.

The beyond is not a world of objects. Nothing is for sale there. Money is useless. Nothing is to be hoped for. Power is useless. Where are your fine wines, your cigars, your aged spirits, your delicious dishes, your ladle caviar, molded like your raw milk claquos? Where are your social evenings, your afters, your previews, your openings, your Cannes festival, your fashion week?

The shroud does not follow fashion. No fashion week for heads of bones.

But you who read me, you alive, you who are here below and who don’t know why, you can find. Find you. accept you. This drastic change is not made in the head. It comes from the depths of the clouds. It arises in you from the intimate depths of your being.

The path is lit, not by iodine searchlights, but by billions of fireflies softly dancing with the moonshadow. Until you are able to see the fireflies path, the initiatory Tarot is a good manual in pictures. To become what you are, admirable warrior of clarity, is to accomplish your great work. Leave a trace in the powder that can inspire others.

This stage appears in the major arcana of Tarot at number 17. It is the arcane XVII The Star. The realization of a useful work, which uplifts and flourishes, which is good and true, which will last to benefit future generations. Under what star were you born? Have you given up on picking the inaccessible star?




To wake up is to heal

This star knows secrets that are yours. As soon as you set to work, its secrets will become visible. You will become visible, in turn. Brighter, more compact, straighter. Even your body will change. The energy circulates in you from the awakening to the arcane XVI The Tower.

It swarms in your body and tingles your palm. It is an energy that heals. The great work transforms the warrior into a healer. And the healer, slowly, becomes a sorcerer. Or nagual, if its energy body has the characteristics.

Afterwards, it’s always a matter of assembly point. The ability to move it. The ability to assemble ever more insane worlds. We don’t invent anything, we visit. We don’t heal, we repair. Astral plumber. Super Mario of the subtle body.

All the awakened ones are healers. Their energy heals. They can lay their hands of love on your body, they can hold you in their arms, they can talk to you, whatever the means used, they heal. Their mere presence is sometimes enough to cure an orphan disease deemed incurable.

All the awakened ones are miracle workers. They have hands of love. They have a wide, loving heart that beats in the chest, a muscle of love and empathy. They awaken the inner healer that we all have, but who most often is asleep. It awakens when you wake up, or when you meet someone awake.

Our hidden powers are in us from birth. They sleep like you sleep. If you want to regain the powers that are yours, wake up. Tat tvam Asi. You are that.

The awakened ones vibrate higher. Their energy heals. They can lay hands on your body, they can take you in their arms, they can send you good waves by the scalar route, whatever the means, they heal.

All the awakened are the sons of Apollo. Socrates said it, you have to believe it …



The mind that does not read, lose weight. Like a body that does not eat.
Victor Hugo