Know Thyself

“Know yourself and know the universe and the gods.” The inscription was on the pediment of the Temple of Delphi.Please see the last pix In this sanctuary of Apollo, a prophetess, the Pythia, predicted the future of the pilgrims who came in crowds to receive her holy words. I found a previous life where the inner fire was lit. To consult the Pythia, I braved death ten times, crossed rivers, seas, crossed mountains and deserts, sweat blood and water with my child on the back to the sanctuary of promises… where I did not meet!


Gnothi Seauton

“Gnothi seauton is a Greek philosophical phrase meaning “know yourself”. It is famous for its philosophical use by Socrates.” (Wikipedia) But its fullness is not mental. Its wings only opens in the spiritual dimension. That’s why I won’t tell you here about everything you can find elsewhere: Plato’s philosophy and the supposed wisdom of his master Socrates — in position when he scratches,French: Socrate, en position quand il se gratte  adds the insolent potache. Irreverence is the surest way to believe without believing, I recommend it to all schoolchildren. Never study without the help of irony. At the same time do not forget: before doubting, faith is indispensable.

Gnothi seauton. This simple maxim summarizes all the ancient wisdom, or rather, all the spirituality that comes to us from the terraforming gods. Their legacy has been truncated. If the pharaohs’ Egypt let their light filter without sifting it, ancient Greece only transmitted the tip of the iceberg. Again, we were not born in Greece. The West also has Celtic roots, which act without our knowledge, through our modern languages steeped in Celtic archaisms, through myths that we ignore but that our body still carries, through a whole network of waves of form which come to us from the megaliths, the buttes of Caesar or medieval buttes, which owe neither to Rome nor to the builders of medieval cathedrals.


Hologram of the Self

Meeting yourself is no small task. Very few of us undertake this quest, let alone succeed. Socrates and his spokesman Plato took up this founding theme, while at the same time, in India, Sri Gautama Siddharta, the historical Buddha “transmuted the wisdom resulting from his awakening and the method to access it: self-knowledge, out of all dogma.”  Still at the same time, the 5th century BCE, Confucius and Lao Tzu lay the foundations of Chinese morality and wisdom, which are also based on self-knowledge. 

Beyond any dogma, because dogma is a distorting filter. It adds to the countless categories of understanding dear to Immanuel Kant. It adds to the disturbances and let’s say it, the bugs that the Archons have included in the programs that run our brain. The brain is a good tool initially, polluted by the Archons. Good or not, polluted or not, it remains a tool. And the Spirit does not need any tool.



Tot + Al

It is enough to know oneself to know all that is, for we are the microcosm that repeats the macrocosm, the little world that replicates the great. One can conceive the Self as a hologram of the Great Whole, the Teutonic Al or the All-English. Everything means people in the language of origin. Thus the Tuatha De Dana Ann = the people of Dana, Toutatis = the people of Hades, Toth who is not a person but a people, etc. It is found in the word total, tot + al = people of the great whole.

Each of us, when he passes the little self, reaches the Self. He then becomes a hologram of the whole. He feels that this hologram does not come from his brain, the Self is supra-mental. This hologram at all comes from our database that’s not in the brain but in the aura — in our brightness, Castaneda would say. I developed this idea in another article, the cloud of aura. That’s when knowing yourself takes on an incomparable dimension. A dimension beyond us. The self is silent, dazzled at the feet of the Self.


Be the Self

To marry the Self to love men and gods. To unite with the Self to unite with the great whole. Without losing sight of who you are, accept to erase yourself so that greater than you devour and animate you, such are the first three degrees of awakening. It is the continuation that really engages in the hard of the divine, but well, everything in its time. will read the seven degrees of awakening until I add another seven.

Know yourself without shadow and without deadlock. Accept yourself because there is no other solution. Stop overvaluing yourself and undervaluing yourself. A great step will be taken towards the Self.

What scares you the most is not your weakness or insignificance. What scares you the most is your own greatness. (source) Know yourself as you are, to know men as they are. Not in their innumerable weaknesses, but in their unspeakable greatness. You are a divine germ, thank Sophia who gave the inner seed.

Empty yourself so this germ could grow up, make room for the Self and you will know yourself as you are, from the origin of life until the end of time, in the eternal present. You will love men and also love the gods, because there is no difference between both. I mean, no difference in nature, just a difference in degree. Careful, you’re not god. Not yet. But every human can be. You can be: it’s up to you.



Squir rel, esquire beacon. Born curious, little esquire explores, looks for and searches. Yes it searches. Be squirrellike. Do what he does. To know yourself is to accept to enter yourself, to explore your self. To try to understand yourself, and what you don’t understand, try to control it. Self-knowledge is the last adventure worth living in this over-policed world. Yet so few of us commit to it! Body, heart and soul commit themselves to it thoroughly, without spirit of return. Know yourself! Even if all the schools, all the films and all the books recommended us to try the adventure, would you go? Would you do it?

There si only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self. (Aldous Huxley)




On the moon

My texts are for the almost awake, who understand without understanding. Those who are not awake do not understand at all, but sometimes their music seduces them. The awake do not read them anymore. The effect is much greater. They perceive the incredible reality behind the words, because they too experience it.

Sixteen centuries have passed since Confucius, Lao-Tzu, the Buddha and Plato. Have we really progressed in this way? Why is it so difficult to undertake this quest? Why is it almost impossible to complete it? “We have been on the moon, we have mapped the depths of the ocean and the heart of the atom, but we are afraid to turn our gaze inward because we have the impression that this is where all contradictions flow together.” (source)Terence McKenna

All contradictions are converging paths. Follow them step by step, you will enlighten yourself and your light will be able to delight others other than you. Follow them with humility, without losing consciousness of your greatness. Albatross of the Self, when you set foot on the ground, your giant wings prevent you from walking. So fly. Go, run, fly and avenge us. The last verb bothers me. Go tun fly and change us? No more. Go run fly and disturb? Yes, but no. Run away and eat us? Oh, that’s a little better. With a touch of Albatross it would be even better.



Go run fly and eat us
Pee in your diapers
Go run fly and get clean
Naked ass in the mud
Half beast and half angel
With no chain with no praise
Under the strange gaze
Of the fools you disturb 

The secret of ultimate knowledge is deep within us. So is the secret of love. Like peace. Who can descend to the depths of Self reaches absolute knowledge, touches ultimate serenity, reaches nirvana, knows the Buddha state. All religions, all wisdoms, all quests are summarized in this one, the most powerful, the most dangerous: “Know yourself”. It is indispensable, which is why no teacher teaches it in any school. It is essential, which is why no major brand develops it. It is free and expensive, yet no multinational has made it its heart of profit. They sell us shit in jars, and we, assholes as we are, we ask for more.

The next time you’re offered one, do as Astier did. Armed with all your tact, you react: Take a shit in a bowl. You’ll feel much better right away.



So chou Souchon

“It gets away
Of these packing cartons
Washed, out of use people
And sad and without any advantage
We are being inflicted
Desires that afflict us
They view us since we’re born
As morons when we’re
Just …

Sentimental crowd
We thirst for the ideal
Attracted by the stars, the sails
Being so far from commercial
Sentimental crowd
Why are they shouting so loud?
shouting so proud?”
(source)Alain Souchon


Advantageous perseverance

To enter in oneself is first to face the guardian of the threshold, and Rudolf Steiner knows that he is not convenient. Carlos Castaneda describes it in a more pictorial way, but the meeting of the goalkeeper, whatever one may say, is a real ordeal that dissuades more than one. This ordeal overcome, the exploration of oneself can begin. The more difficult the discoveries to obtain, the greater the benefit when they are obtained. If no discovery rewards the first efforts, let us keep discouragement.

“It is not necessary to hope to undertake or to succeed to persevere,” said Rudyard Kipling, who was very influenced by Asian thought. The Yi-King repeats it throughout hexagrams: “perseverance is advantageous”.

To seek in itself is to dig a furrow. Straight, deep, stirring everything inside, bringing up fears and buried sorrows, the furrow must not be interrupted. One day, by force of righteousness and continuity, the furrow opens to the sea. Everything is drowned, washed, released. Another awakens in you, his order takes your place, and you become what the divine seed in you promised you. This day will come. Patience and toil.

The first key, the one that opens all doors, is obviously love. To love is to love oneself first.



Then you may change the frontispiece of Delphi, just one word, just a single change to change all: “Love thyself and thou shalt love the humans and the gods”



The spiritual life is the awakening of our essential nature. It gives us the qualities of being so badly needed by modern man: silence, simplicity, serenity, confidence.
Karlfield graf Durkheim