Slaves Or Gods



Are we children of Light or children of dust ? For some reason, the Bible says both. Lots of facts told in the Bible are contradictory. For the Bible is just a copy of much older legends as Sumerian Genesis.

The Genesis of the Bible as well as the Sumerian Genesis tell the same story. A strange and terrible story. Ours. There is every reason to believe that is not a fiction. Sad to say, we were born slaves. Our species was created to alleviate a shortage of manpower. Men especially, as it was even worse for women. Geneticists have gifted us genetically programmed to make us love the work. They have even created seven human prototypes genetically adapted to their future work.

Eventually, Aldous Huxley did not invent a single detailOf course not. He pick it all out of the Akashic Memories in his Brave New World. This brave new world, eugenic and planned, Huxley took it for the future. Who knows? If anything, it’s a terrible reminder of the past. A terrible burden we still unconsciously carry on…

That’s what we were, men-machines, hard-workers, hardly numbers on the listing. “Work for the Gods, good boys, good girls ! You see how good it feels to sell your soul for those you love!”




Our line, the human race of all time, has often been manipulated, not by gods, but by bad masters. I can see it’s not over!

These pseudo-gods are quite disconnected from the Source as experienced for example in the Amerindian or Shivaic traditions. They are the barons of industry and trade, members of a rogue intergalactic guild of profit dedicated to unscrupulous exploitation of wild planets. That is what happened to us. Since they had to put Earth in value, they produced our prime ancestors in their high-tech incubators.

We’re born to work hard! After all, who cares? Athena gave us enough gloating, in this life and forever : an eternal soul! Indeed, when Prometheus shaped the first man out of clay, he made him in his own image and likeness, but he did not give him a soul, because he needed only a beast of burden.


athena-dd-200poGood girl,  Athena interposed: “Give him a soul anyway,” said the goddess. So we had one minute of luck in this slave saga. Thank you who? If Athena had not intervened, we would have stayed apes … like our cousins Neanderthal.

The goddess Ninhursag / Athena took pity on the fragile and sensitive creature of Enki / Prometheus. She equipped us with a divine soul, a seed that we can make germinate or stifle by the lack of care. Thanks to Athena, the Great Goddess, we are potential gods. 


We pocket the ticket to eternal life, let’s take the right train.Do you hear Satchmo singing This Train? Those of us who devote their efforts on this front will never know death. This priceless gift, this sublime gift, you owe it to the Great Goddess, whatever you call Her, Isis, Athena, Kwai-Ling or rather their original model Ninhursag of Sumer, the head nurse. She was not the highest in the hierarchy of lesser gods who created you, but she had a heart of gold. Her heart gave you a soul. Thank her forever. Her light, if you  want, will shine on you to provide the perfect mind.



Certainly, it is EnkiPrometheus who created us from DNA clay. But thanks to her divine manipulation, Ninhursag-the-healer turned ape into a burst of light. That we kept in our hearts to this day. Some of us manage to shine their light strong. Others prefer to cultivate their ape part. As seeds of gods, Athena has given us free will, in addition to the ticket to eternal life.


We Are Light …

 … thanks to Head Nurse Ninhursag-Isis-Athena!!!!

Unlike animals, which have no individual soul and are united by a core group, man have an individual soul, gift of our creators, say our designers, the Anunna Gods.

 “Primitive man called Adam was created as a mammal-reptile hybrid. Genesis says that God’s image was imposed in “clay”, the basic genetic material, the very stuff of Sumerian tablets. The essence of God is mixed with the malleable clay of the earth – the ape-man. In cuneiform tales clay is mixed with the essence of the gods and with this creation, they “introduce the image of the gods”. In both cases it should be noted that man is created in the image of his god.” (source)R.A. Boulay, Snakes And Flying Drago

Facing what the reptilian vultures look like, we have been lucky enough that they did not create us in their image!



At the time the reptilian astronauts created us, it happens that another Homo Sapiens was on earth for hundreds of millenia: Neanderthal.