The Doormat Effect


This article is dedicated to my deceased benefactor by explaining the strategy he used to capture as quickly as possible the attention of her / his interlocutor and, above all, to make himself understood without any ambiguity. It’s about creating a contact link, and to do that, you have to situate her / his actual level. And in that exercise, he became an expert.


Memory of an Absent

Now that he’s green and upside down, I know the effects he’s had on me. I appreciate his intense influence. He lived as an impeccable warrior, as an implacable nagual, in turn enchanting, charming, high-magic sensor, tamer of allies inside, engrams breaker … I saw Juan Matus in him, I saw Genaro, many enchanters, magicinas, wizzards he’s been. He put in my life the best of his own, rewarding and full, which beautifully illustrates the teachings of Castaneda, here or beyond. His contributions to the struggling warrior on the path that leads center of himself have an extreme impact. May I have the same! Make myself useful as well.

He left very few written traces, a single book in fact, as well as some powerful texts that I am delighted to make available to all. Publisher I was, publisher I stay, but on the web. And it’s free. What I am, what I experience, what I write depends to a large extent on the lessons given by my benefactor during the Rochefort years.

My gratitude goes first to the benefactor he was for me, opening the portal of the astral to me with two wings. Priceless gift that I strive to offer to others, so the path of the passantspassers-by of the Wolf Clan continues. All this, so many happy moments shared by both, the miracles performed by him that I can witness, are forever engraved in my heart.


A demanding master

Companion of the road, friend of always, accomplice of my jokes, He was also an accomplished master, demanding. Severe to the implacable. A hundred times on the trade handing over his work, he made his days a long journey, purging the engrams of many apprentices. How many are still, in the vast world, to keep this terrifying and grandiose image of the mage to the three allies? What secret heirs of his sacred magic still lurk on the tops of the astral, or in the dust of the tracks?

Too soon delighted in their affection, in the gratitude we felt without always showing him, he stayed with me for many months after his death. Twelve years later, I can still see it with delight in the middle of my meditation.

But he can do much more, no matter how dead he is. So I learned to protect myself from him. His memory is a good thing, but his astral presence represents a real danger. The manipulation of the entities of the other world is a morbid exercise and absolutely not recommended. Invoking entities is an absurd practice that can open the door to intense disappointments. Let the dead bury the dead, Jesus said.Gospel of Matthew



Communication strategy

The following interview is from a long conversation I recorded in the Domaine de Rochefort in May 1993.


Jean-Claude Flornoy For a first contact, it is essential to situate the level of your interlocutor. The tarot is a good tool for that. You can draw him a cross or he draws a single card. With the cross draw, the news is richer. You know its past, its future and several aspects of its present. Only one card will give you the arcane where it is. If he pulls the Hanged-Man, well, you understand that he’s there. So you dive back into that energy and you talk to him like Hangman. I call it getting on your doorstep. Not many people bother, so it’s a mess. Everyone speaks at their own level, and since the two are unlikely to be the same, communication is not established.

Xavier Séguin Scientology uses a tool that still serves me. It is the triangle of the ARC. Affinity, Reality, Communication. The affinity is to be open, to create by his attitude a friendly contact. So that it starts as well as possible. The reality is his, the reality of your interlocutor. It’s putting yourself on his doorstep, as you say. And if the first two conditions are met, communication works.

JCF It’s true, you’ve been in a lot of cults. What exactly were you looking for?

XS I wanted to do a book on new sects. I chose to go and see for myself. Infiltration… immersion. I visited several of them, I spent several months in each, and when I got a bunch of notes, I saw a book at the FNAC, Les nouvelles sectes, by Alain Woodrow. He was a religious critic for Le Monde, a well-known and competent journalist. I chickened out, I never wrote that book. I didn’t feel like coming after this gentleman.

JCF Have you kept these notes? I’d like to take a look at them.

XS Good question. I don’t think so. I’ve moved a lot since the ’80s. Can we go back to your doormat? Can you tell me how you get back to the Hanged Man when you’re not there?

JCF You have to remember what we were doing back then. It takes you right back into the energy of the Hanged Man.

XS As long as you know exactly when I did my hangman. For you it is easy: you remember the day near when this or that arcane began, and when you came out.

JCF Xavier, if you want to help people through Arcana XIII, your first job is remembrance. You must remember that in such a year you were the Hermit. Or the Wheel of Fortune. Indispensable! Otherwise it is a load of bloody nonsense.

XS You’re right. I’m gonna do this job…

JCF Make it a priority.



Astral Travel

I did. Today I no longer need to think, I can dive right back into the energy of this or that arcane. I have acquired the ability to travel in astral on my life line, and even on the whole timeline. It helps me a lot in my work. That’s what allowed me to have such precision to recap the different episodes of my life. Not everyone has a chance as JCF. His life was articulated on the arcana of the tarot, in order, in a systematic and regulated way, without jumping arcana, without going back.

The warrior who travels all along his timeline is a wall-pass that shows us the way to go. (Lao Surlam)


This regularity allowed him to unravel the mystery of the major arcana. It happened to him during a night of insomnia, shortly after his awakening by lightning, at the domain of Rochefort sur Mayenne. He had 22 major arcanes on the table, and all of a sudden, he saw the episodes of his life. He understood that we are the character of every arcane. It was his life path that lay before him.

The tarot tells us about us, who we are, where we come from, where we go. It’s the best way to get to the heart of the matter. The person speaks immediately, and a fruitful dialogue can be engaged.


Look into the eyes

Rochefort was often crowded in the 1990s. All these people came to meet Flornoy. He often held meetings at the mill. There was a large room that could accommodate about 30 people. He would lay the tarots on the table, and he would explain the path of energy, the 22 stages of self-conquest.

As not everyone could see the maps, he had the idea of making enlargements painted on canvas. We all stuck to it on the Conver tarot. It took us a whole summer. There were four of us working under the direction of the Maître Cartier, who did more than half of it. He drew the lines. We were just colouring. He was also the one who made the mixtures in order to restore the exact tone that he had decrypted in the original tarots, consulted at the National Library.

With these card guards, he did exhibits, and he used them for his lectures. When he explained the arcana one after the other, he went through the eyes of his audience. If he caught a dim look in all the bright eyes, he said to himself: “This one has not yet reached this arcane. It becomes science fiction, it doesn’t interest him anymore.” So while conferring he learned the inner state of such to such. It’s another way to use the tarot to find out who you’re dealing with, and what its actual level is.



Body language, word of the aura

It’s not always the eyes that tell you that someone has picked up. It’s the attitude. The gesture. Something that the person expresses. The body has a language that does not know how to lie. Except in comedians. But as soon as an actor lies about himself, he plays badly, we feel it. Flornoy felt it directly, without having to look at the eyes. These are things that cannot be explained. All the speakers, all the teachers are used to it.

A friend came to see me, I didn’t recognize him. He came to the Erquy Meetings, informal meetings that I organized a few years ago. I knew him well. Had he changed so much? Why did I not recognize him immediately? Yes, he had matured, the shy teenager had given way to the assumed adult. His energy was no longer the same. His subtle fragrance had changed. His feeble aura had become powerful and radiant. All these impalpable signs traced the portrait of a perfect stranger. He seemed so happy to see me! I got rid of him like a nuisance. I regret today.

If you read me, Francis, forgive me. And show yourself. I will be so happy to see you again. When you will. Do you know how much you mean to me?


L’essence CielThe essential = The sky essence

I didn’t pay attention to the features of your face. You hadn’t changed that much. But you had such confidence, such quiet power that didn’t resemble you. You had become quite sensational

What matters is not what is obvious. What really matters is not visible. It takes the inner eye, the third eye. Or that of the heart.

-Farewell, said the fox. Here is my secret. It is very simple: you can only see well with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes.
-The essential is invisible to the eyes, repeated the little prince, in order to remember.
-It’s the time you wasted on your rose that makes your rose so important.
-This is the time I lost for my rose,” said the little prince, in order to remember. (source)Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince



The fool thinks himself wise, the wise man knows himself fool.
William Shakespeare