Being Sensitive


SENSITIVE adj.: Which belongs to the senses, to the sensibility. noun:  A person having occult or psychical abilities
Who can perceive waves, receive subtle sensations, see invisible things. Sensitivity is the power to perceive sensations so tenuous that they escape normal attention.


There are several ways of being sensitive, here I am concern with this particular sensitivity that certain beings possess, for which the perception of the different subtle bodies is as simple as touching solid matter. A sensitive being is able to perceive waves that others do not receive.

Sensitivity is the power to perceive sensations so tenuous that they escape normal attention.

To make the most of the neoreki sessions, the ideal is that you can feel the action of a hand a few centimeters from your skin. Like the lady in the picture above, you will receive care without direct contact. The work of neoreki is exercised on the different subtle layers that surround the physical body. The chakras, in particular, appear on the first layer, where the therapist’s hands are positioned on the same image.

Micro waves

Fine sensitivity, fine hearing for example, is a first step towards sensitivity. A fine palate allows the gourmet to taste ineffable delights where others would feel nothing special. We do not all have the same acuity in our perceptions. Between fine hearing and total deafness are a thousand different qualities of hearing. Not to mention the oddities, like those people who pick up the radio in their heads, or those mystics who hear voices. Don’t laugh, I’m one of them.

This great diversity of perception is not reserved for hearing. So it is for each of our gross senses, which are five, and our subtle senses, which are thousands. We are unequal in our gross senses: some are better for smell, others for sight, others for taste. You can have a piercing view and not hear the piercing screams. No need to put on glasses to listen like it stinks.

This disparity is amplified in terms of subtle-senses. Some have dozens, sometimes without their knowledge. Others do not feel a pressure exerted a few centimetres from their skin, on the first layer of the etheric or subtle body. The latter are not fit to study Erquy’s reki. They may experience the beneficial effects, but are unlikely to become a practitioner of this discipline. It is important to check these points, and to make sure that we have understood them, before embarking on a neoreki course.

The space is infinite where you fell asleep, but the space in your body is much larger still. (Lao Surlam)


Perceive or feel?

Sensitivity is the power to perceive sensations so tenuous that they escape the majority. A sensory has to be perceptive, meaning sensitive to subtle things — and receptive, meaning open to external vibrations. Without these two conditions, nothing will happen in a neoreki session.



Perceptive: A characteristic of what is related or related to perception, the ability to perceive through its senses. What I want to talk about is not perceived by the senses. At least, by none of the five recognized senses. Some beings are perceptive by birth. All animals are perceptive, which is why they are our masters in this matter. Their sensory universe is much larger and much more piercing than ours. Their survival is at stake. The comfort and security of so-called civilized life has deprived us of this precious indicator.

In a survival situation, how many of us could survive? Without these subtle senses, we can develop them. How? The method is simple: training. You put your intention on what you want to get, smell the microwaves for example. An assistant will heat a liter of water. He fills three glasses, and heats three other identical glasses in the microwave. In the presence of these six glasses of hot water, means those that come out of the microwave.

With exercises like this, you will be able to measure your progress. They are obtained first and foremost by intention. One fine day, you discover that you have new senses, which are new powers over the world and your fellow beings, in order to deepen your intimate knowledge of the only mystery that really matters: yourself.

The need raises new organs of perception. Man, increase your need to increase your perception. (Rumi)


Receptive: -Open, sensitive to something or someone.
                -(medical) a subject whose body is particularly sensitive to the action of certain pathogens.

If the perception has to work, the reception is given to all. Just be open. To pay attention to everything, to record every detail of your environment, to note what moves, insect, mammals, birds, plants, reflections, living water, and a whole host of mini details that you would have passed without seeing, hearing, humming, without enjoying this infinite beauty.

Now you can feel it, penetrate it, admire it for what it is: a sumptuous spectacle.

But openness implies a precaution. It is indeed important to protect yourself from the invisible, who love to venture without being invited into the open. The danger is to catch viruses or other invisible pathogens. This falls under the medical definition mentioned above. This category of invisible could be called: invisible to the naked eye. Armed with a magnifying lens, you could see them.

It is not the same for the invisible Little People. To see them, no glass, no pair of glasses. Those who see them have their third eye wide open. For proper functioning of the chakras, it is important that the channels ida, sushumna, pingala are clean and in good working order. Rising energy — or rising kundalini — is the best way to develop subtle perception and reception.



Bare skin

Man is unquestionably, sentient beings who inhabit our globe, the one who experiences the most suffering. Nature originally condemned him to pain by the nakedness of his skin. (source)Brillat-Savarin, Physiologie du goût, 1825, p. 170

Brillat-Savarin uses here the first sense of sensitivity, which the Petit Robert considers aged. Indeed this quotation dates from 1825. Languages are fashionable. Their elegance becomes obsolete and ridiculous. My neologisms will suffer the same fate tomorrow. Today they are indispensable. Psi powers are a novelty devalued by intellectuals. Who said that these pedants must shape the language with their fancies?

Everything that has become excessive, narrow, conformist and reactionary is perfectly expressed in the present refusal of bare skin. Half a century ago, nakedness was experienced much differently. Expression of pleasure, harmony, symbiosis with nature, nudism was called naturism. This honest and sincere attitude was inspired by an ancient, just and wise tradition. Less complex. Less superficial.

Thirty years ago, if the normal techniques of the reki were not enough to restore an optimal energy pattern, it was enough to remove one or two layers of clothing from the patient for his fine perception to be established. Today it is almost impossible to achieve this simplicity. What was once commonplace has become shocking, if not aggressive. So I’m not asking for it any more. I’m just suggesting, if it’s buggy or sulky, I’m not going to insist.

Other times, other customs. The sexual freedom of the Romans or Greeks of antiquity is only a distant memory. Not that we are more chaste for some, but we hide. In every sense of the word. Hypocrisy must not be confused with virtue.


In the initiatory tarot, the nudity of the characters expresses nothing but purity.  The major arcanes offer nudity from the arcane XV The Devil. The arcana XVI House God represents awakening, when the god who watches over us incarnates and becomes the inner god. We are still the title character of the major arcanes. In arcane XVI, we are the flesh-colored tower. We are also the sky dotted with spots of color, the lightning that unites the sky and the fontanel. The crown chakra is uncorked, one is sucked into the white light of awakening and one is spit out with the astral double, one of the two twin characters who land on the hands.

From this arcane, the characters are naked, without cap or hat, unlike those of the lower arcanes. In the practice of Erquy’s neoreki, I recommend or suggest to my trainees the possibility of becoming naked, but today few are those who can do it spontaneously, without any gene. The outfit of Eve or Adam requires the greatest simplicity. This is why nudity used to be considered the simplest device. It is clear that those who refuse hide. They use their clothes as a protective shield. I’m just offering, and the intern’s ready.



Why come to see a magnetizer with a coat of mesh and armor? It’s better to hide in an armoured vehicle. I’m talking in sixty-eight hours. Who else can understand Jane Fonda bathing naked with ten thousand protesters as naked as her, in the White House basin, to protest the war in Vietnam?

I am told of the collective demonstrations of naked people organized by a photographer for social or political demands, all over the world. So much the better, even if it remains an isolated case.

The foolish modesty that has befallen us comes from the land of children. The USA weary and weary. They impose their falsely chaste dissolute morals — mostly hypocritical and stuck — on the rest of the planet that has cowardly abandoned moral leadership. What a blunder! This country is the most immoral in the world. Edward Snowden agrees.

Sensitivity and spirituality

Spirituality that does not first pass through the body is pure hypocrisy and denial of evidence. Signs of a decadent time. But what can I do? I must accept this dizzying spiritual degradation. 

Religion is for those who are afraid of going to hell, spirituality is for those who have already been there. (Lee Stringer)



The medieval builders knew that true spirituality comes from a carefully chosen place, from a rigorously built building and not from an indefinable faith. This one is different for everyone. While the power of a place, the geobiological perfection of a covered alley, a dolmen, a Romanesque church or a Gothic cathedral are noticeable by all. Provided you don’t feel numb. Henri Vincenot gave us a perfect description of how a sensitive person feels when entering such a place.

On the eighth day of their stay in Fontenay, he dared to enter the church. The nave appeared. Vaulted in a cradle, naked and pure. He entered through the great door, and was so seized and transformed that he took only two steps and stopped, as if petrified. Something penetrated him through the soles of his feet and rose up along the inner side of his thighs, surrounded his sex and base, then invaded his loins and neck, and it seemed to him that a flood of warm blood was flooding his skull. (Henri Vincenot, Les étoiles de Compostelle, p.184 — translate by XS)

It is the precise effect of a kundalini rise that Vincenot describes as a jeweller in his simple and efficient language. Test, on the occasion, whether the cathedral of Chartres does you that effect, or the basilica of Vézelay, the abbey of Fontenay, the crypt of Saint Benoit sur Loire, to name but a few. Any religious edifice built from the year 1000 to the year 1400 will give these exact sensations, as long as the essential underground stream still animates it.



Very few people are truly sensitive. I have no way to test this gift remotely, and therefore can offer no guarantee of effectiveness to those or those who have very few subtle sensations. They will have to take my word for it, and my practice of neoreki will be heavily affected: the results are weak when the feeling is absent.

Now, before coming to see me, meditate on this page. Ask yourself the right questions, and if you still hesitate, ask me before coming. Neoreki is of variable effectiveness: for beings endowed with subtle sensitivity, it is a treat. There is clearly a before and after. Life can change for the better. The frustrations, the vulnerability to aggressions, diseases, depression, the disgust of living etc. will be greatly reduced — if not completely eradicated.

Weigh the pros and cons. Prepare yourself for the best, chase away your dark thoughts, relax: there is a way for each of you to move on. It’s time to get up. A good time to raise. The best suits you. A better mood is the best treatment.




In a sentient being, there is no need for naked skin to perceive what must be. My neoreki is reserved for them. For those who do not have this gift, I suggest other treatments, holistic massage, naked reki, massage of the skull or hands, etc. Many other techniques are possible to acquire the opening of the heart. It is she who bears the gifts. An open heart, an open world. The world and its unknown wonders are within your reach.

Before wanting gifts, seek yourself. Instead of seeking sensational, work on your sensations. Be perceptive, receptive, sensitive.

 They have eyes, let them look! They have ears, let them listen! They have a spirit, let them use it! They have a mouth, let them shut up! (Lao Surlam)


Remember the leitmotif of the friend Jean-Claude Van Damme: Be aware! Pay attention to what is around you. Pay attention to everything. Observe. Be present. Be active too, here and now. Before you get at the end of your rope, make yourself a longer rope — it’s your dope, Bob, it’s your job.

The warrior acts. Always he acts, he knows his actions will have no effect, never mind, he’s acting on. Castaneda calls that acting without waiting for the result of one’s action. No interest in gain — gifts or money. Thanking the living for what you receive. For the rest, do your best, bomb your chest, leave your nest, leave the rest, son of dest … Yes you know you’re the son of your destiny. Don’t be whinny teenie. Get older dear. Dare the open door.


Remember yourself

All that does matter
is to remember.
Ending the story,
if you believe me,
consists in knowing
what place you’re coming.
When you remember
great is your power
your destiny takes
you where no one aches
at the heart of now
people in a row
help you remember
the person you were
why you’re living here
so harsh and so dear
for whom you’re sowing
with whom you’re living
not a shade is due
there’s no room in you
for this golden rain
falling in your brain
when you reach your goal
you offer your soul
like an open door
be happy and more
weaving brand new links
to the former kings.


Jean-Claude Flornoy (1950-2010)Listen to your body. What you don’t know, your body knows. (JC Flornoy)